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Chapter 1261: 1261

Chapter 1261: Meeting old friends

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They settled Nalan Lan, even the Heartbreak Valley’s side was settled . As Sima You Yue had a spatial lock, so this time, no one ran away this time .

When Sima You Yue brought a bunch of beasts back, that side had already cleared all the corpses .

“You killed them?” Bei Gong Tang asked .

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

Bei Gong Tang could feel people’s heart, Nalan Lan was considered the longest they knew in this continent, but it was a pity she wasn’t a friend .

Sima You Yue kept all the Blood Fiend city members back, in a flash, there were only a few of them left .

“Old Bi, this time you can just collect the interest, wait till the things here are settled then we’ll seek revenge from them . ” Sima You Yue said .

Bi Sheng’s Adam Apple moved, then took a while and finally with a deep voice he said, “Alright . ”

“Let’s go to Fair Eastern City next . ” Sima You Yue was worried that Ximen Feng and the rest would get into any trouble there, all these people prepared to head to the Eastern Ridge after packing up .

They couldn’t get back into the city, everyone knew Sage Pavilion and Wu clan members were chasing after them, if they went back and Sage Pavilion and Wu clan members didn’t go back, what did that show? If others found out that they were missing, they could evade and said they didn’t know where they went . No one saw them killing anybody, wasn’t it?

Sima You Yue and Sima You Lin set up a transportation array together, when they came out again, it was already a hundred kilometres away from Armament city . They looked for a spirit beast and asked where the nearest city, just right there was a bigger city nearby, there should be a transportation array to Easten Ridge .

Barren North and Eastern Ridge Fair Eastern City were millions of kilometres away, if they were to make their own transportation array, then how much resources would they use up, the most important thing was that they would be tired and wasting a lot of time . So they chose to use other people’s transportation arrays .

They found the city after flying for two days, found the transportation array, and rushed off after paying .

Now that Sima You Yue had spiritual energy, she wouldn’t be sick on the transportation array, the whole journey was a rush, after half a month, they finally got to Eastern Ridge .

They contacted Ximen Feng on the way, and got to know that Heartbreak Valley members reached there long ago, and went to the city where they were .

As nobody could get close to Fair Eastern City, so those who came from outside could only choose to step foot at the nearest city . For example Ximen Feng and the rest were at Six Water City, Red tinted city that the Guild chose, those were nearer to Fair Eastern city .

Sima You Yue went towards Memory Restaurant right after getting off from the transportation array, Ximen Feng brought Heartbreak Valley members there to stay .

A hesitated voice came from behind, Sima You Yue turned around and saw familiar faces .

Behind here was Tuoba Yan Er, Tuoba Han and Feng Wu Hen .

“Hey, it’s really you! I saw you just now, I thought I saw wrongly!” Tuoba Yan Er heard her and knew it was her and excitedly came over and grabbed her hand, “I’ve always heard that you’re a girl, today I finally see you dressed as a girl . You’re so beautiful!”

That time when Immortal land just opened, three of them didn’t go, so they didn’t see her .

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Sima You Yue nodded to Tuoba Han and Feng Wu Hen and said, “How come you guys aren’t in the academy but here?”

“This is my clan’s territory, something happened in Fair Eastern City, of course we have to come over and take a look . ” Tuoba Han continued, “Wu Hen came along with us . ”

“You Yue, why are you here too?” Tuoba Yan Er asked .

“Some of our members from the Valley went missing in Fair Eastern City, so we came over and took a look . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then where do you guys stay? Until when?”

“We just came from Spirit Master Guild, haven’t even gathered with Valley’s members . ” Sima You Yue answered, “Oh right, since this your Tuoba’s territory, then you guys should know what happened here?”

“This… . ” Tuoba Yan Er hesitated, showing that the situation here wasn’t good .

“Why, you can’t tell?” Sima You Yue’s heart sank seeing her like this .

“It’s not that I can’t say, but the situation is complicated, this isn’t the right place to talk about it . Let’s go elsewhere . ” Tuoba Han who was behind, said .

Tuoba Yan Er turned back and took a glance at Tuoba Han with astonishment in her eyes .

But Tuoba Han had his own thoughts, so he shaked his head to Tuoba Yan Er .

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Sima You Yue understood immediately and said, “Let’s go to the Memory Restaurant . ”

Memory Restaurant was Heartbreak Valley’s, as everyone knew, hearing her suggestions, everyone nodded in agreement .

A bunch of people went to Memory Restaurant, the manager immediately bowed to Sima You Yue when he saw her, respectfully called out, “Vice Valley Master . ”

Sima You Yue nodded and asked, “Is Valley Master here?”

“You Yue . ” Ximen Feng came from the backyard, with Feng Zhi and Feng Kai beside him .

Their facial expression was somehow heavy, and it seemed like the news they got wasn’t that good .

“Boss, who are these three people?” Feng Kai questioned .

“Let me introduce, this is my sect’s friend, Tuoba Yan Er, Tuoba Han and this is Feng Wu Hen . This is our Valley Master Ximen Feng, Feng Zhi and Feng Kai . ” Sima You Yue exchanged introductions, “Let’s talk in the backyard . ”

Memory Restaurant was only a restaurant, there wasn’t accommodation, but to their own Valley members, it was a small courtyard to reside in . They came to the discussion hall in the backyard, after a while, the manager sent some tea in person .

“Shopkeeper Bai, you’ve been here all the way and you’re more familiar with the situation here, tell us something . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Yes . ” Baita sat at the lowest seat .

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Sima You Yue looked at Tuoba Han and asked, “Can you tell me what exactly is the situation now?”

“Initially the clan sent out orders, no one was supposed to talk about it, but now I think of it, it might help the situation if I tell you . ” Tuoba Han said .

Everyone made a report in their heart, wanting the Tuoba Clan to seal the news, but they were afraid it wasn’t something minor .

“Everyone knows that outside Fair Eastern City is now covered with black smoke thousands of kilometres away, can’t get close to the black smoke, once anyone steps in, no one will be able to get out . ” Tuoba Han continued, “Our members sent out a news after, saying the Devil is here . From then on, no one can be contacted anymore . ”

“Devil is here?” Sima You Yue was startled, “What do you mean? You mean real Devil or generally talking about the people involved?”

“Not sure . ” Tuoba Han said, “The clan sent quite a few people in, but no matter how strong that person in, once they get in, they can’t be contacted again . ”

“Means those people died?” Feng Kai asked .

Tuoba Han shook his head and said, “No, their life plates are still in good condition, meaning they aren’t even hurt at all . They just can’t be contacted . ”

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