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Chapter 1256: 1256
Chapter 1256: The guild wants an alliance

“You have so many tea leaves?!”

Looking inside the interspatial ring, Mo Yu almost couldn’t deal with the pile of tea leaves that were as high as a mountain .

Who was the one who told him to drink less of it because tea leaves were sparse?!

Sima You Yue rubbed her nose and said rather sheepishly, “Towards people that I’m unfamiliar with, I’ll naturally say that there aren’t many tea leaves . Of course there will be many of my friends . ”

Mo Yu lost his smile . She was still so calculative . However, the way she acted now was proof that she had accepted him, right .

Sima You Yue didn’t have to explain much more . She took out a tablet and placed it on her forehead . After a moment, she said, “I’ve placed all my knowledge on tea brewing inside of this . It has recorded it all . The basics of which is that you need to brew it yourself . With that many tea leaves, you will have enough to drink for a few tens of years . ”

“Alright . ” Mo Yu took the tablet and placed it on his forehead . All the knowledge transmitted into his brain immediately .

“When are you leaving?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Once I send you off . ” Mo Yu said, “Our Jun clansmen sent back news saying that those from the Sage Pavilion and Wu clan have not left yet . They are waiting for you outside the city . I won’t be able to send you back . Will you be okay?”

“No worries . ” Sima You Yue said, “Let’s return, then . ”

In order to prevent anything big from happening in the Armament City, Mo Yu had been bringing her around when she went outside the city before bringing her back . Based on his abilities, leaving without anyone in the city knowing was a walk in a park .

Mo Yu sent her back to her courtyard where everyone happened ot be chatting . When they saw them return, they stood up .

Mo Yu placed Sima You Yue down and said, “If anything happens, go to the Jun Clan for help . ”

“I got it . Although I don’t know what situation requires you to return home to settle personally, and I know that you are very powerful, I still have to say it . Be careful . ” Sima You Yue said, “If I chance upon any good tea, I’ll keep it for you . You just have to send your men to come and take it from me . ”

“I remember that . I’ll definitely get them for you . ” Mo Yu said, “I’ll be waiting for you in the ghost realm . ”

“Alright . ”

This time, Mo Yu didn’t leave through a portal in space . He directly tore a hole through space and left . This act of his was similar to the one Wu Lingyu used when he left the wonderlands .

Once Mo Yu left, Sima You Yue walked over to the pavilion, where everyone was gathered .

“You Yue, did Mo Yu return to the ghost realm?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Mm . ” Perhaps it was because of their separation, but she wasn’t in a good mood .

“Separations are just so you can meet again . ” Bei Gong Tang comforted her .

“Mm . I know . I was just sad for a while . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Oh right, Xiao Hong came to look for you these past two days . but heard that you were in closed door cultivation, so she asked us to tell you to contact her once you were out . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“You said that I was in closed door cultivation? Will she even believe that?” Sima You Yue pursed her lips . Why didn’t these guys know how to think of a better excuse?”

“When Xiao Hong came, only Fatty Qu was around . Fatty Qu said so, so we could only continue the story . ” Even as Sima you Lin told her this, his mouth was curled into a smirk .

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Fatty Qu threw a soft glare in his direction and siad, “When Xiao Hong ran over, I hadn’t thought of what to say, alright . When she asked me where you were, I just said something random . ”

“Then didn’t she say anything?” Sima You Yue lamented how Fatty Qu’s way of thinking didn’t seem to grow after so many years . He was still that silly kid from before .

“It seemed like she muttered something back then, but I didn’t hear what she said . Then she left, so I didn’t look into it . ” Fatty Qu said .

Sima You Yue shook her head helplessly . Xiao Hong probably mumbled something about how she didn’t even have spirit energy, so how could she possibly be in closed door cultivation .

She took out her Mother-stone and inserted some spirit energy in . Xiao Hong’s voice was quickly heard .

“You Yue, are you out from closed door cultivation?”

“Yeah, just out . They said that you came to look for me, and wanted me to let you know once I was out . ” Sima You Yue could tell from her tone that she really didn’t believe that she was in closed door cultivation .

“I’ll come look for you in a bit, then . ” Xiao Hong cut the line immediately after speaking .

Sima You Yue could tell that she sounded a little anxious . A short while later, she saw her come in from outside .

“You Yue . ” Xiao Hong walked over and looked at Sima You Yue as if she was her saviour .

“What’s the rush? What happened?” Sima You Yue asked .

“The other organisations have been attacked by a group of black-robed men these past two months . ” Xiao Hong immediately released a shocking piece of news the moment she appeared .

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“What was the result?”

“Because they had us to notify them, they had time to prepare . That was why the black-robed men didn’t reap any benefits . However, because it was so sudden, although they managed to fend off their attacks, it wasn’t a clear victory . ” Xiao Hong said .

Only after she said this did everyone finally heave a sigh of relief . If any of the guilds were controlled, it would have been a huge problem to the continent .

“Those guilds sent their men over to thank us . They knew that you were the one who had sent us the information, so they all said to send you their thanks . ” Xiao Hong said, “They sent their men over to thank you, but you were in closed door cultivation . Added on to the fact that each guild had their own things to do, they left their gifts of gratitude and returned . Here, these are their gifts . ”

Xiao Hong took out an interspatial ring and Sima You Yue took it over for a look . She was happy . There were really quite a bit of things inside .

It could be because everyone knew she was a genius, so within their gifts, aside from high ranking pills and spirit tools, there were even a few rare ingredients . Within the Alchemist Guild’s gift of thanks, there was even a sound stone left behind by Xia Chang Tian .

Sima You Yue handed the sound stone over to Bei Gong Tang, who helped her to insert in some spirit energy .

Although she could use her dark spirit energy, she didn’t want Xiao Hong for know about that, so she could only get someone else to help her .

“You Yue, you’re so heartless . You left for such a long time without coming back for a look . Did you forget about us?”

Xia Chang Tian complained like a little mistress, causing the entire courtyard to fill with laughter .

“You Yue, are you really an elder of the alchemist guild?”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . She really wanted to say that she didn’t recognise this person!

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“However, if you didn’t send word back to inform us, we would have fallen prey to that group of people . So that proves that you, You Yue, still care about our guild . ”

The others wouldn’t stop laughing and Sima You Yue rested her forehead in her hands . She was already speechless .

“Alright, don’t look so helpless . ” Xia Chang Tian acted as if he was watching her helpless state as he said, “I came to look for you because I have something I need to tell you . ”

Sima You Yue heard that his tone had changed and assumed that he really had something important to say . However, his next words almost made her fall down .

“After going through this, a few guilds are enraged . Just because we don’t strike out, they take us to be sick cats . That is why we have decided to band together to retaliate . After discussion, a few guilds have decided to form an alliance . They will gather in Red Tinted City in the Eastern Ridge to discuss things . Alright, what I want to say is that I will be heading over there personally . If you miss me, you can look for me there!”

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