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Chapter 1255: 1255

Chapter 1255: Unbelievable talent

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There was one point that Mo Yu hadn’t pointed out . It wasn’t that he sensed the chaos first before realising her importance . It was only after talking to her that he sensed the chaos .

This kind of situation only had two reasons, first, she was important in this chaos, another one was, the chaos was because of her .

After giving a thought, he thought that the latter wouldn’t be possible, how could Ghost Realm be in chaos because of one person . So he concluded that it should be the first reason .

But the one that was impossible, would usually be the cause .

“There’s something I don’t understand . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Even if I’m useful in that chaos next time, I’m not someone who is warmhearted, why teach me?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Because… I’m bored . ” Mo Yu continued, “Although the Ghost Realm will be in turmoil, to me, it has been peaceful for very long . It’s been so long since… I’ve seen something so exciting . ”

“Whatever happened to my Mother the other time wasn’t considered exciting enough?”

“I didn’t participate in your Mother’s affair, how could you say it’s exciting . ” Mo Yu continued, “And also that wasn’t considered as something huge, so it’s not something exciting . ”

Sima You Yue was speechless, Di Zhe said that the news had spread around in Ghost Realm buzzingly, it wasn’t considered exciting enough in his eyes?

“Alright, do you have any other questions? If not, can we begin now?” Mo Yu asked .

Sima You Yue kept all the other questions to herself . It didn’t matter what kind of motive he had to teach her, she would think about it later .

Regarding other matters, whatever comes after would be covered . In addition, it would be next time, when she went to the Ghost Realm .

Maybe Mo Yu didn’t have any disciple before, so the dark skill he taught her was very brief . He explained it to her once and showed it once, then let her practice the way he explained, and he would sit aside and watch while drinking tea .

It was also because he met Sima You Yue, such a talented person, that was why he could teach her in this way and still be able to comprehend the essences of these dark skills .

Maybe Sima You Yue had also inherited her Mother’s talent, that she was able to comprehend the dark skills naturally . No matter how hard the dark skill Mo Yu taught her, she could comprehend it within a day . Although it wasn’t that good, but that would be achievable in time .

Mo Yu was resolutely shocked when he saw her learning speed . With her practise, didn’t it mean that she wouldn’t need much time to learn all the dark skills and light skills?

But Sima You Yue didn’t think the same . Afterall she had inherited her Mother’s talent, but other conditions were essentials as well .

For example, the principle she comprehended was currently the most powerful, most primitive, the closest to Heaven’s principle, all this was helpful to comprehend dark realm’s essence, or you could say, that it was a huge factor .

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And there was one more important reason, it was Mo Yu’s way of teaching . Although he only taught the methods, and then demonstrated once, he was the almighty from Devil Realm, how could the dark skill he comprehended be compared to ordinary people . Anything from him, although it sounded simple, was pure . Hence, Sima You Yue’s doubt would always be cleared with the most accurate teaching . To Sima You Yue, this helped her a lot effortlessly .

After Mo Yu experienced her talents, not knowing what he was thinking, the month after, he kept teaching her dark skill, additionally, it was one skill per day, it felt like he was imparting his skills .

And obviously, he looked as if he had something in mind as he went into a daze many times while sipping on tea .

After another month, Sima You Yue already learnt many dark skills, forced by Mo Yu . Furthermore, he would teach her a new skill once she learnt one .

Sima You Yue couldn’t help but voice out the doubts she had after practicing .

“You’ve taught me so many dark skills, aren’t you afraid that I’ll forget or get mixed up?”

Mo Yu only faintly threw her two words, “Will you?”

“Didn’t you say you only want to teach me grasping spirit skills? Now you taught me so many, I’m not your disciple, aren’t you at a disadvantage?” She took a sip of the tea he brought over .

When she became tired, tea tasting became gulping .

“What a waste . ” Mo Yu continued, “If you think I’m at a disadvantage, then send me lots of tea leaves, I won’t come back to Human Realm anytime soon once I go back this time . ”

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Sima You Yue was startled, “You’re going back?”

“I can still delay for a while . ” Mo Yu said .

With that said, means that he would have to leave after a while .

Maybe it was because they bonded over tea tasting, maybe because he gave everything to teach her, or maybe because they both had been interacting with each other for two months all the time, she was reluctant when she heard that he was leaving .

“Reluctant to let me go?” Mo Yu smirked with his eyes, this was totally different from the faint smile in the beginning where she just knew him, “If you can’t bear to let me go, then go Ghost Realm with me, how?”

Sima You Yue presented him with a roll of her eyes, “Such a nice thought . But too bad, it’s not practical now . But, when I go to Ghost Realm, then I’ll find you and reminisce together . ”

“Hehe, then I’ll wait . ” Mo Yu said as he poked her forehead, she immediately felt a cooling sensation passing through her head .

Although Sima You Yue was fearful, she didn’t panic . She looked at him and said, “What did you do to me?”

“Actually nothing much, just leaving a divine knowledge on your body, it’s like a marking, I’ll sense it when you go to Ghost Realm . ” Mo Yu said .

Sima You Yue sensed it, her brain actually had a faint shadow, but this shadow was different from Feng Ru Yan’s, the color was much lighter .

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Maybe because this wasn’t a soul mark, but only a divine knowledge mark .

“I wonder if this thing will come out if there was danger?” Sima You Yue muttered .

“It won’t come out, but it will release my aura . People of Ghost Realm are more sensitive to aura . If they feel my aura, they won’t do anything to you . ” Mo Yu said .

“This means, I already have a protective umbrella even before I go?” Sima You Yue beamed, it was so cooling, sheltering under a tree!

Sima You Yue learnt from Mo Yu for two months . After learning from him, Mo Yu suddenly said that he had to leave .

Sima You Yue knew long ago that it would happen, so she wasn’t surprised, but she still felt reluctant deep down .

“These are books of knowledge about Ghost Realm . Forget about those books about dark skills, I wont pass it to you, you just have to continue learning the skills that I have taught you and you’ll be good enough to sweep the whole Ghost Realm . But if you can read these books, you’ll be able to use them when you come to Ghost Realm . ” Mo Yu said .

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue kept the books, took out an interspatial ring, passed it to him and said, “This is the tea I have prepared for you . ”

Mo Yu took over and scanned it with divine sense, even the calm him became stunned .

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