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Chapter 1249: 1249

The more Nalan Lan thought about it, the more she couldn’t suppress the rage in her and her body unconsciously wanted to dash over . “Lan’er . ” A girl by her side held her arm, “Not today . ”

Today was the Armament Masters Guild succession ceremony, whoever made trouble today would be going against the Armament Masters Guild .

If it wasn’t for He Chen Dong who looked for them yesterday, they wouldn’t hold back on it .

“Master… . ” Nalan Lan bit her lips with tears in her eyes, looking pitiful .

“Don’t worry, there’s nowhere they can run to . ” That girl stared at Sima You Yue coldly, “I’ll seek revenge from whoever dared to kill my nephew, no matter what! But not today, if we do it today, not only will we be going against the Armament Masters Guild, we will also be in conflict with other forces, so, don’t be rash . ”

Nalan Lan nodded and softly replied, “I understand, Master . ”

She knew this Master from the head pavilion . They weren’t that close yet, so she didn’t dare to be impudent in front of her .

“Didn’t think that she was actually with the Jun clan, same for the Jun clan, protecting them . The Jun clan rarely connects with other forces, how did they get connected?” Wu Gao Fei said as he pulled a long face .

“Hmph, how long can Jun clan protect them for? After today, I shall see who else can protect them!” Wu Qing’s Father, Wu Gao Fei’s brother, Wu Gao Yun said .

He would definitely avenge the hatred from killing his son!

Sima You Yue was surprised at the Jun clan’s strength when she saw how the opponent didn’t dare to approach and provoke themselves even though they hated them to the core .

From what she could see, even if they couldn’t kill her, they would still threaten her . However, they could only stay where they were . This meant that they were fearful of the Jun clan .

However, outsiders didn’t know much about the inner region’s news . So, she also didn’t know what position the Jun clan was in .

What made her more curious was the relationship between the Jun clan and Mo Yu .

It was obvious that the Jun clan were indeed humans, but following Mo Yu’s conversation, the Jun clan were affiliated with them .

“They won’t come over, let’s go in . ” Jun Wei told Sima You Yue .

“Sure . ”

Once they stepped in, someone came up to them and welcomed them and brought them to their reserved seats .

Coincidentally, the Wu Clan and Sage Pavilion were facing each other . Thanks to the cultivation of good eyesight, they could see that Sima You Yue and Jun Wei were chatting joyfully and not even a little bothered by their killing intentions .

Actually, Sima You Yue and Jun Wei were talking about them . It was because their facial expressions were relaxed that made them think that she didn’t care at all .

“Aren’t you worried?” Jun Wei asked as he saw how calm Sima You Yue was .

“What’s there to worry about?” Sima You Yue continued, “In the city, Armament Masters Guild already told me that they will keep us safe . ”

“I’m talking about after getting out of the city . ” Jun Wei said .

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Her relationship with the Armament Masters Guild was good enough . In Armament city, he knew nothing would happen to her . What he was curious about was, when she left this place . How would she be able to escape?

“Who knows who will actually murder whom, after getting out of city!” Sima You Yue smiled lightly .

“You’re confident . From what I know, you don’t have any spiritual energy now right? You’ll be in danger once you’re alone . ” Jun Wei said .

“It’s indeed a little dangerous . ” Sima You Yue admitted .

But no one would really know who would deal with who . The Bird clan and Elders were already half-paragon rank, the opponents didn’t look like they had that many strong people .

Jun Wei didn’t know if she was pretending to be calm or if she really had someone to rely on when he saw Sima You Yue without a tint of worry .

Regardless, even being able to be this calm in this situation was considered hard enough .

After a short while, the successor ceremony officially started and everyone quietened down . They stopped talking too and only watched the ceremony .

This ceremony wasn’t different from others . There was nothing else but talking and coronation . After repeating the cycles, it took up to two to three hours, and by the time that the ceremony was over, it was already noon .

Afternoon was everyone’s free and easy entertainment timing . There would be a banquet and program in the night, but Sima You Yue wasn’t interested in those . She attended the banquet as a token and left earlier, but didn’t think that she would be blocked by people at the exit .

“I knew you’d leave earlier . ” Nalan Lan stood outside the door, turned and looked at her when she heard movement .

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“You really understand me well . ” Sima You Yue shrugged, unsurprised .

She didn’t see Nalan Lan in the banquet hall and knew she would be waiting for her at the door .

“You’ve quite a gut . You knew that we wanted to kill you and still dared to come out alone . ” Nalan Lan said as she stared at her wearing female dressing . Other than hatred, she had jealousy in her too .

She already heard that she was a girl in Immortal Land, now she saw it for herself and realised that she was actually so beautiful . It made others jealous and wanted to destroy her beauty!

Sima You Yue shrugged, “I always had the guts, it’s not like you don’t know about it . ”

“You’re still so irritating!” Nalan Lan saw the calmness on her face, the hatred in her exploded and attacked her with spiritual energy uncontrollably .

Sima You Yue stood on the ground, seeing that her spiritual energy was coming, she didn’t move one bit .


When the spiritual energy came nearer, Sima You Yue’s body shone with a faint blue ray of light and reflected Nalan Lan’s spiritual energy back . Nalan Lan dodged, the spiritual energy landed on the ground, producing a resounding impact sound .

The guards from the main gate rushed out hearing the sound . They quickly separated both of them, but from the way they positioned themselves, it looked as if they were protecting Sima You Yue behind them .

“Miss Nalan, fighting is prohibited in the city!” Captain Hao walked out from the back and told Nalan Lan .

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Nalan Lan knew she wouldn’t be able to kill her tonight seeing how they positioned themselves . There was an Armament Masters Guild protecting her, if not, how would she be this savage!

“Miss Nalan, wouldn’t it be hard for Sage Pavilion to manage it if you’re being like this?” Captain Hao warned .

Nalan Lan obviously knew she couldn’t touch her today . She had secretly come out too . If her Master had found out, even if they didn’t kill her, she might still be punished by her clan .

“Hmph, Sima You Yue, you’d better not step out of Armament city your whole life . Otherwise, I’ll kill you with my own hands!”

“I’ll wait . ” Sima You Yue smiled faintly, “But, by then, I don’t know who will kill whom . ”


Nalan Lan then glared at her like a knife gouging her, then walked in unwillingly .

Captain Hao turned around and cupped his hands together towards Sima You Yue and said, “Miss You Yue, it’s not safe in the city, let us escort you back . ”

Sima You Yue smiled and said, “It’s alright, it’s not far to go back from here, I’ll walk . ”

Captain Hao wanted to say that the President ordered it, but when he saw Mo Yu walking down the street, he didn’t say a thing .

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