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Chapter 1221: 1221

Seeing the two cups of tea, both Liu Hai and Tang Yun’s eyes lit up .

Unlike other people who like to drink wine, some people just like to drink tea, and Liu Hai and Tang Yun were these types of people .

When they drank the Sima You Yue’s tea, they knew it was different . Regardless how she made the tea, the tea leaves could not be purchased even if there was a huge demand .

So seeing Sima You Yue sending each one, they both happily accepted it .

“You Yue, what are your plans?” Liu Hai asked . “Since you overtaken the other continent, and the Immortal Land will be open for quite a while . ”

“I am not sure . ” Sima You Yue replied . “I probably would go along with the crowd . If I find an opportunity, maybe I can have a chance of snatching it . ”

She was probably the only one that would blatantly say she would go snatch it .

However, part of the reason for how the other continents changed their method was because she started reverse-plundering them .

After they drank tea for a while, Tang Yun and Liu Hai returned with satisfaction with Sima You Yue’s tea .

At that moment, there were just three people left at the tea table . Sima You Yue changed to a more fragrant tea and made a cup for each of them . They each held their teacups enjoying this temporary peace .

“By the way, after we leave, did the other side go to find trouble with you?” Sima You Yue recalled some people from the other side that had problems with Heartbreak Valley because they were plundered by them . They might still be holding a grudge .

“Those people? After they witnessed your talents, and the brutal way you robbed them, how would they have the guts to deal with us?” Ximen Feng laughed .

Since there was such a strong and amazing deputy valley master, who would dare to provoke them . Maybe in the next moment, powerful arrays and spirit beasts would appear .

If their opponent was not strong then they wouldn’t be beaten so badly .

Having understood this, those people finally calmed down . They no longer wanted to find trouble with Heartbreak Valley .

After a while, Bi Sheng walked over . “Deputy Valley Master, Xiao Hong is here and wants to see you . ”

“Xiao Hong wants to see me?” Sima You Yue was a little surprised . Except for the competition, they didn’t have any interaction . Why would she want to see her?

“Yes . ” Bi Sheng answered .

“After all, it’s someone that fought alongside me . Let her in!” Sima You Yue exclaimed .

Bi Sheng left and very soon he came back with Xiao Hong .

Xiao Hong was a little surprised when she saw Sima You Yue and others leisurely drinking tea .

“I didn’t expect You Yue and you all to have such a leisure and elegant taste . You’re all sipping tea . ” She walked in smiling .

Seeing her hearty smile, Sima You Yue beckoned her over . “I’ll make you a cup of tea . Come have some . ”

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Xiao Hong came over and saw a freshly brewed tea for the spot . She drifted over . “I’m a unrefined person . I don’t understand these . It would be a waste to give the best tea to me . ”

She took a sip of the tea and continued, “But your tea is very fragrant!”

Sima You Yue drank the whole cup in one gulp and didn’t say anything . She picked up the boiling pot of water and poured more water for her . At the same time, she asked, “Why did you want to see me? Is there something wrong?”

“In fact it’s nothing . I just came here to chat with you . ” Xiao Hong replied . “You won’t blame me for being abrupt!”

“How would I!” Sima You Yue said . “It’s just that you came a bit suddenly, so I thought you have something going on . ”

“Actually, there is a matter . I came for a matter . ” Xiao Hong said embarrassedly .

“You can tell me . ” Sima You Yue said .

Xiao Hong looked at Wu Lingyu and Ximen Feng and smiled embarrassedly .

Sima You Yue understood . “Aren’t we preparing to leave? Feng’er, go tell everyone to get prepared . We may leave at any time . ”

Such shrewd people like Wu Lingyu and Ximen Feng, they could tell that Xiao Hong wanted to say something private to Sima You Yue . So they left .

“I’ll come find you later . ” Wu Lingyu said softly to Sima You Yue before going .

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“All right . ”

Xiao Hong looked at Wu Lingyu . Although he had changed his appearance, his face was still good looking, and his temperament made people look up to him .

“Cough cough—-” Sima you Yue coughed a few times when she saw Xiao Hong staring blankly at Wu Lingyu’s back which drew her attention back .

Xiao Hong was not embarrassed by being caught, but instead smiled heartily . “I really envy you . You have a good partner . We can only look from afar . ”

Sima You Yue was somewhat irritable when Xiao Hong stared at Wu Lingyu . But she didn’t expect her to say that directly and her clean smile made her embarrassed .

“You said that you have some matter . Can you tell me now?”

Speaking of this, Xiao Hong’s expression changed . She turned the tea cup around and said sheepishly . “I hear that you are a good doctor from Heavenly Sect?”

“I learned some, it’s not that amazing . ” Sima You Yue didn’t expect her response .

“That…” Xiao Hong hesitated for a while, before she mustered the courage . “Well, I would like you to take a look at my body . ”

“Is your body feeling uncomfortable?” Sima You Yue asked .

“You know, armament masters have high requirements for their body . So I have been practicing some methods to strengthen my body . ”

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Sima Yu Yue nodded in agreement . She didn’t need to guess that she was practicing some method .

“Then what is bothering you?” She asked .

“Uhh, I don’t know if it’s because I am practicing that . I haven’t had my menstrual period yet . ” Xiao Hong answered .

Sima You Yue was a little surprised . Although being seventy or eighty wasn’t old in the continent it was not normal for her period not to come at this time .

“Give me your hand . Let me see . ”

Xiao Hong put her hand on the table . Sima You Yue pressed her hand on her and began her inspection .

Xiao Hong saw that she had not spoken for a while . She didn’t want to disturb her but she became more and more worried .

Her expression was not relaxed . Was it really troublesome?

The more she thought about it, her heart felt colder . Was she really not going to be a normal girl for the rest of her life?

After a while, Sima You Yue withdrew her hand . “I basically understand your situation . It is a bit troublesome, but it’s not without a solution . ”

Xiao Hong’s heart was relieved with her words . She grinned when she heard her body could be cured .

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