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Chapter 1199: 1199

Sima You Yue tilted her head back and looked at the sky . Why did it feel as if the calamity cloud was taking a particularly long time this time . A good few minutes had already passed, but the calamity cloud had yet to come . Could it be that the urging of the purple lightning was useless?

Then wouldn’t they have to hand their life over obediently?!

A chill rose from her back . This was even scarier than being struck by the lightning .

Twenty minutes passed, but the calamity cloud still didn’t come, and Crimson Flame was also unable to hold out much longer .

Although he had recovered quite a bit of his previous strength, he was still injured after all, and this was a particularly strong opponent . It was already really good that he was able to hold on to this point .

Would this really not work?

“Yue Yue, let Qing Yi come out . ” Little Seven said from inside the spirit pagoda .

“Qing Yi? Isn’t he unable to casually get involved?”

“If this were any average scenario, I would actually be unable to do anything . However, this is already beyond average . ” Qing Yi said .

Sima You Yue first considered the fact that he was unable to involve himself, and didn’t force him to help her just so they could have a chance at surviving . This moved him a little .

The moment Sima You Yue heard that it wouldn’t be a problem, she hurriedly called Qing Yi out .

The moment Qing Yi appeared, his body radiated with a little gold light that turned into a full golden ray .

The moment the black mist touched the golden rays, sizzling sounds were immediately heard before they disappeared .

Then, he used both hands to form a seal, and a little life tree flew out from the front of his chest . It then grew bigger, pushing the black mist back slowly .

“Such a dense life aura! What is that!” The Gu clansmen cried out .

Master Ghost and the others had already guessed Qing Yi’s identity . Sima You Yue had one told them about what happened at the tree of life, but they had no idea that she had actually taken the tree of life with her .

Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng guessed it as well, but they had no intentions of saying anything .

However, they were still able to recognise it . Great Elder, as the great elder of the Sima Clan, was not your average joe .

“Tree of Life, it’s the tree of life from the legends!” He muttered . His current state was such that he was no longer able to express his surprise anymore .

“The tree of life? That which is rumored to allow one to comprehend dao? The tree of life that can help you grow stronger?!” Someone standing beside the great elder heard what he said, and cried out with surprise .

“That’s right, it is it . It is exactly the same as rumored . ” Great Elder said with confidence .

The tree of life! It was such a previous tree of life and not like those banyan trees outside .

She not only possessed the divine vermilion bird,but also the tree of life! Just how many secrets did she carry on her person?!

“Who would have thought that something like this would appear, and who knows what that calamity cloud is doing?! If the upstairs knew about this, would you still be able to sleep so soundly here?” Qing Yi sounded like he was talking to himself, but he was actually causing the calamity cloud, who was already rushing here, to tremble and rush here even quicker .

Sima You Yue saw that calamity cloud come over and her anxiety finally died down . When the calamity cloud was mulling over whether or not to come down, she kept Qing Yi and Crimson Flame away, facing the calamity cloud by herself .

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The Devil’s Blood wanted to run away the moment it saw the calamity cloud, but it had already locked onto it as a target, so it was not able to leave this place at all . It was moved just a little bit, but Di Zhe and the others just happened to be just outside the range of the calamity cloud .

This was something that Sima You Yue didn’t expect . She initially worried about whether or not it would drag them in, but it was all good now and she got lucky .

It could be because of what Qing Yi said just now . If the upstairs knew that something like this had actually happened under its watch, it would definitely have been punished beyond what it could bear .

So it had to kill it right here!

The lightning tribulation shot down in twos and threes, the heavenly grandeur causing those watching to be beyond surprised .

“If this struck someone, would they be able to bear it?”

Everyone felt a chill while thinking about it . Although they were rather strong now, they still revered the lightning tribulation .

“If this lightning tribulation strikes You Yue, will she be able to handle it?” Sima Liu Feng said worriedly .

They had never seen Sima You Yue go through a calamity and saw how intense this calamity cloud was, so they were so scared that their faces turned white .

If something happened to her, they would die of guilt .

Great Elder and the others were the most heartbroken . If this genius died, their hopes for the clan…

One to two hours passed by and the lightning tribulation continued to strike . It seemed like the others had been so shocked at the beginning, but were growing numb to it now .

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The others outside were beyond themselves with worry, but Sima You Yue, who was inside, was just confused .

This lightning tribulation wasn’t crazy, right?

This guy would always just strike her all the time . This time, she had clearly called it over, and she was standing right here, but it treated her as if she wasn’t even there . This was the first time it had ever happened!

She watched as the lightning tribulation struck it so happily, and she had nothing to do here, so she just took out a chair and sat down, watching it strike with leisure .

Top Grade Purple Lightning came out from her body, wanting to snatch something to eat, but Sima You Yue stopped him .

“Not this time . ” She used her spirit energy to trap it, saying, “The thing we have to strike today is extremely powerful . You can’t snatch it . If there isn’t enough of it, we’ll be in trouble . ”

Top Grade Purple Lightning twisted and turned inside the spirit energy sphere . It didn’t care whether or not it was enough, it just wanted to eat .

Sima You Yue saw that it was about to break through her spirit sphere and gave a thought, tossing it into her spirit pagoda .

It really wouldn’t be able to come out from inside there .

Top Grade Purple Lightning was infuriated . This lady actually dared to lock it inside here . It grew angry, very angry . Once it was angry, it wasn’t able to control the energy inside and lightning started to fill the sky, striking down .

It was a good thing that Little Spirit had a quick reaction and immediately tossed Top Grade Purple Lightning over to where nobody was . Once it had finished its tantrum, only a wasteland remained of the entire place .

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . This guy really had a temper!

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It wasn’t as cute as Cloud Spirit .

When she thought of Cloud spirit, she kind of missed it .

Top Grade Purple Lightning, who was inside the spirit pagoda, could sense her thoughts . It had initially calmed down, but started to rage again, sending lightning strikes raining down .

Wasn’t it just an average calamity cloud? What was cute about it! It was so much more powerful than the average calamity cloud by a few hundred times! This lady had no eyesight!

Sima You Yue didn’t care for it and let it continue to strike its lightning inside . In any case, there was a huge mountainous area . It could strike for as long as it wanted to .

Top Grade Purple Lightning struck for a long time, but Sima You Yue didn’t care about him . However, it suddenly became quiet .


It would be fine if this guy continued to strike . Now that he stopped, but he was still so downcast . What was going on?

“Sob sob-”

Sima You Yue’s expression started to crumble . This guy had struck the place with lightning for a day and a night, destroying so many of her things . She was the one who wanted to cry, so what was this guy doing?

“Wah wah-”

Nobody bothered with it, so it started to cry with more intensity . His sadness caused him to lose control of the power inside him again…

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