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Chapter 1179: 1179

The human clan and ghost clan, light and dark, they were born to be against each other . Sima You Yue saw the tension between the both of them and said, “Let me introduce you guys . Uncle Liu Feng, this is my cousin, Di Zhe . Cousin, this is my paternal uncle, Sima Liu Yun . ”

“Your mother’s family . ” Sima Liu Feng said while narrowing his eyes .

Di Zhe returned the look, not mentioning that he was from the paternal side . Because to him, the other party had no right to be related to his youngest aunt .

Sima You Yue stood in the middle of both of them and cut them off, saying, “Uncle Liu Feng, what are you doing here alone? Where is everyone else?”

Sima Liu Yun sighed, saying, “I don’t know where they are, either . I was tossed here during the chaotic flow of space . In the end, I wasn’t even able to recollect myself before I bumped into them . They wanted to catch me, so I just let them do it . ”

“Are you someone who’s that easy to capture?” Sima You Yue glared at him .

“Of course not . But being here alone means I have to do everything by myself . If I went with them, I could just casually point the way without needing to do much else . Having to avoid spatial traps or killing of people has nothing to do with me . ”

“So to say it plainly, you were lazy . ” Sima You Yue said .

“There are some things where it’s fine if you just know it, you don’t have to say it . Otherwise, there’s no meaning . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

“Why did they want to capture you?” Sima You Yue was rather curious .

Normally, when one encountered a situation like this, they would just kill the other party . They wouldn’t usually kidnap them .

“Don’t you know?” Sima Liu Feng looked at her with confusion .

“Know what?” Sima You Yue threw the question back at him .

Why did it always come to this question? She really didn’t know anything!

“It looks like you really don’t know . ” Sima Liu Feng said when he noted her reaction .

Sima You Yue felt a few black lines appear on the side of her head . These words! Was she really that ill-informed and inexperienced?

However, the reality was that she really was!

“I really don’t know, can you stop keeping me in suspense?”

“Then do you know what this place is?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

If she didn’t even know where this place was, he would really be too lazy to explain .

“Of course I do . However, what does this have to do with them kidnapping you?”

“You know that this place is an ancient battlefield, but do you know that the Sima Clan’s ancestors once passed by here before they left smoothly?” Sima Liu Feng said . When he saw Sima You Yue purse her lips, he said, “Oh, you don’t . However, others do . I don’t know how this information was leaked out either . ”

Sima You Yue was speechless . It’s not like she understood the Sima Clan well, how would she know their stories of their ancestors from eighteen generations away?

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“The story has thus been twisted and turned as it spread, and it now seems as though everyone in our clan is supposed to know what happened here . There are even rumors that all the divine tools in our clan were taken from this ancient battlefield . That’s why they wanted me to lead the way, uh, wanted me to point them in the right direction . ”

“So, do you actually know?” Sima You Yue asked .

If he did know, then she wouldn’t need to take the long way and could head there directly .

“How am I supposed to know?!” Sima Liu Feng said, “If I knew, how could I have been unable to return there after being passed out?”

“What do you mean you were unable to return after being passed out?” Sima You Yue said .

“We already reached the ancient battlefield, but the space there wasn’t stable and there were many pitfalls . There was even a spatial flow! I was swept up in the spatial flow and landed up here . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

“Then your luck is good . ” Sima You Yue said, “You managed to encounter something as rare as a spatial flow . ”

“What’s a spatial flow?” Di Zhe asked .

“It’s something like a tsunami and hurricane . It’s just that this is formed by too much activity in space . ” Sima You Yue explained, “This thing is better than a rupture in space . It won’t cause you to fall through and die . However, the bad part of this is that it might end up sending you somewhere else .  For people like Uncle Liu Feng, the fact that he didn’t get kicked all the way back to the entrance is already considered a good thing . ”

There were no other fixed rules of the spatial flow’s behavior either . If they were unfamiliar with the surrounding environment, they might really end up being sent somewhere else, and nobody knew where that somewhere else was .

“That’s why you don’t know where the ancient battlefield is either . ” Sima You Yue sighed .

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“Who said that I don’t know?” Sima Liu Feng said, “If you want to know, there are many ways . I’m just too lazy to go about them . ”

“Then what plan do you have?” Sima You Yue asked .

“The good thing about our Sima Clan is that we’re not a small power . We have our own ways for dealing with this . ” Sima Liu Feng said, “I initially said that those old coots were around, so there was no rush for me to return . But if you want to go, then I can take you there too . ”

“This should be the real reason you allowed yourself to be caught, I bet . ” Sima You Yue said, “You just didn’t feel like heading back so you continued to hang around here . ”

“Those old coots… it’s not that I don’t like them, but even Liu Feng has to do his best to keep his cool whenever he sees them . I can’t compare to him, so I just decided to wait here . ” Sima Liu Feng said .


“Because they abandoned your father . ” Sima Liu Feng said, “For the sake of their own benefit, they abandoned your father . ”

“That truly cannot be tolerated . ” Sima You Yue said, “You don’t have Uncle Liu Yun’s character either . ”

“We’re your seniors, you can’t say that . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

“I’m just saying it like it is . ” Sima You Yue shrugged, “If you don’t want to return, you can just tell me how to go . Then you won’t have to . ”

“No way . ” Sima Liu Yun said, “You don’t have any way to sense Liu Yun or the other guys . Even if you knew the way, you wouldn’t be able to find them . ”

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“So you definitely have to go?”

“Of course . ”

“Then you can lead the way . ” Sima You Yue said without holding back .

“Ask me . ” Sima Liu Feng wanted to tease her .

Sima You Yue glanced at him lightly before smiling faintly, “If I get injured, I’ll definitely tell him everything once I meet Uncle Liu Yun . ”

“… You’re devious enough!” Sima LIu Yun saw the smile on her face and complained, “Your father can be considered to be a candid and righteous man . How could he birth such an unbridled daughter?”

“Genetic mutation . Do you know it?”

“Genetic mutation? What’s that!”

“So you don’t know! Genetic mutation… you wouldn’t know even if I told you . ” Sima You Yue said with a smile .

A brat who just had to seek revenge!

Di Zhe watched Sima Liu Feng and felt at peace . It seemed like he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t deal with her . The one over there was the same!

But he was curious as well . Just what was genetic mutation?

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