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Chapter 1176: 1176

Di Zhe stunned, what Sima You Yue just said had never crossed his mind .

After knowing Little Aunt’s news, he put in all the resources and thoughts into saving her, with the risk of even failing and dying, he wanted to give it a try . But he didn’t think like how she did .

“You didn’t think of that, right?” Sima You Yue knew right away when she saw his facial expression, people like him wouldn’t take a step back to give it much thought .

“But you don’t the place where your Mother is kept . She will be tortured badly, if she can be saved earlier… . . ”

“You have to be able to save her first . ” Sima You Yue continued, “From the information that Di Wu E gave me, you’re rather powerful and high status in Ghost Realm, but what if you’re compared with the Royal clan? If they are going to imprison Mother, can you fight with them?”

“Even if I’m not comparable to them, I still have to save her first . ” Di Zhe said emotionally, “Do you know that Little Aunt is kept in Abyss of Hell, the place isn’t made for any human being!”

Sima You Yue’s mind went blank, Abyss of Hell? Her Mother was imprisoned in the Abyss of Hell?!

Her heart started to feel a sharp pain, with tears falling down .

Abyss of Hell, no ghost could even live in that place!

“But, even so, you can’t do something that you have no confidence in . ” She wiped her tears, but it kept falling after wiping . Even so, she didn’t lose her rationality .

Di Zhe saw her like that, he stopped himself tearing and was heartache for her, he took a step forward, embraced her and said, “We will save Little Aunt . ”

Everyone stared at Di Zhe, was he still the Master that didn’t let people get close to him? Was he somebody else?

If someone got close to him, especially girls that dared to touch him, they would be decapitated before they could get close to him .

But now, someone wanted to snatch his treasure, instead of killing her, he hugged her seeing her tear and even coaxed her, this was totally unprecedented!

And still, it happened!

Sima You Yue leaned in his embrace, with the thought of her Mother in Abyss of Hell, her heart ached badly .

Where is Abyss of Hell? Those that broke an oath would be punished by Heaven there, enough to show what kind of place that was .

Father was still missing, she finally got to know where her Mother was, but it made her worried .

But Di Zhe’s rigid action showed her that even if this guy wasn’t good at comforting people, with his being like this, was considered good enough .

After a while, she calmed down, got back up from his embrace and said, “I want the Hundred Ghost Banner . ”

This girl still wouldn’t give up!

“I’ll snatch it if you don’t give it to me . ” Sima You Yue continued .

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“Then Little Aunt…”

“I’ll save her . Give me some time, I’ll grow . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Since you don’t have the confidence, then you can go back and establish your forces, then when I go, I can have a strong backup . If you don’t agree with ur, I won’t take you as my Brother and I’ll fight with you now . ”

After a long hesitation, he finally agreed . That was Little Aunt’s daughter, he didn’t bear to fight with her, if the final result would be like that, why would bother to make it complicated .

He took out Hundred Ghost Banner and said, “I’ll only give you a hundred year time, if you still not qualified, I’ll come back for it . ”

After he spoke, he used his Divine Knowledge and wiped on Hundred Ghost Banner .

“Okay!” Sima You Yue took over the Hundred Ghost Banner and started it .

“I’ll teach you how to use this first . ” Di Zhe continued, “Hundred Ghost Banner is full of ghosts, most of them are evil ghosts, so it’ll be a bit troublesome to control . But your mental state looks good, it shouldn’t be a problem… . . ”

She had the Ghost clan’s odor in her, it wouldn’t be a problem controlling this .

And she was a very smart student, Di Zhe explained and she understood immediately, she put her initial steps in Divine Knowledge and kept it away .

“I suddenly thought of a question . ” She said .


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“Since Mother is in the Abyss of Hell, if I find someone to make an oath and go against it on purpose, send to Abyss of Hell by breaking an oath, then wouldn’t that person be able to find Mother?” Sima You Yue said .

“Those who are punished into that place will never be able to get out forever . Even if you managed to save Little Aunt, you can only stay in there forever . Then what will happen after?” Di Zhe said .

“Ermmm, alright . ” Seemed like this wouldn’t be able to work, then it could only proceed as planned .

“Master, are we going to continue?” Master Ghost asked behind .

The motive they came here was to collect ghosts in the ancient battlefield, now that the Hundred Ghost Banner is given to Sima You Yue, then would they still continue going forward?

Sima You Yue then looked at the people behind Di Zhe . These people looked well trained, although they felt sorry for their Master, they didn’t stop him .

“Go . ” Di Zhe said .

Although Hundred Ghost Banner wasn’t in his hands anymore, since Hundred Ghost Banner was still there, those ancient ghosts were still there .

“The ancient battlefield you said earlier, what is that?” Sima You Yue asked .

Di Zhe saw Sima You Yue’s confused look, and believed what she said earlier, she actually ran in without knowing where this was .

“This is an ancient battlefield . ” Di Zhe continued, “Not sure which era it was from, but someone came into Immortal land and found here, they left some hints . Coming into immortal land this time, our main objective is for this . ”

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“No wonder you guys didn’t search for treasure like the rest . ” Sima You Yue continued, “The change of spatial was formed because of this ancient battlefield?”

“I’m not sure about this . We only know that there will be a lot of ancient ghosts in the ancient battlefield, if they can be kept in the Hundred Ghost Banner, it will greatly increase the power of the Hundred Ghost Banner . ” Di Zhe said .

“You guys came for the ancient ghosts . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But since it’s an ancient battlefield, the era of the ancient ghosts must be long ago, are they still here? If they are, are they powerful? It shouldn’t be a problem for Ghost King and Ghost General . ”

“I don’t know, the books didn’t record anything about this . ” Di Zhe continued, “So the situation in front is very dangerous . Why not you pass me the Hundred Ghost Banner, wait for us at the exit . I’ll pass it to you when I come out . ”

“I know it’s dangerous there, you don’t have to tell me . ”

Sima You Yue continued, “With the loss you are facing now, I’m afraid you’ll be left with three to five people left when you go there . If we bring you along, your loss may be cut by half . ”

Members of the Ghost clan were stunned, what a straightforward and arrogant lady!

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