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Chapter 1177: 1177

Di Zhe scanned her, this Little Girl’s character was really similar with Little Aunt last time . “If you have to go, you have to go with me, don’t stray away . ” He adored this version of Little Aunt .

That confident look, that gaze, that similarity, which made him unable to reject any of her requests .

“You’ll know later, how much of a loss you will receive if you don’t bring me in . ” Sima You Yue said .

“We shall see . ” Although Di Zhe liked her confidence, he didn’t mind any of the things she said .

Those Ghost clan members didn’t believe her, hoping that she wouldn’t drag everyone down .

But quickly they realised, she didn’t boast for nothing, with her there, they actually avoided many layers of spatial gap, which lessened the loss by a lot .

“You’re an Array Master?” Di Zhe asked while they were resting .

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

“You’re actually an Array Master! No wonder you chased us without problem . Why didn’t you tell us earlier!” Di Zhe’s guard said .

These two days, they realised that Dark Princess’ child and her were the same, they didn’t have the concept of ranking, even when they talked to her, she answered them approachably .

Sima You Yue shrugged her shoulders, “No one asked me anyway!”

What a low profile kid .

Di Zhe also missed out on this, realised that he didn’t really know her well and said, “What else do you know other than Array?”

“I don’t know about Armament, but I intend to spare some time to learn after getting out . ” Sima You Yue said .

Don’t know about armament? Meaning that she knew all the rest?

“You’re an Alchemist?”

“Yes . ”

“You’re a Beast Tamer?”

“I know how to Tame Beast . ”

“You’re a Seeker Spirit Master?”

“A little . ”

“Er——then what else do you not know?”

“I just told you, armament!” Sima You Yue glared at that person, thinking that this person’s memories weren’t good .

They really could understand their Master’s mind now .

“We’ve already held on for three days, let’s rest first before we go forward . ” Di Zhe said .

“No need . Many people came in before us, if there’s any treasure, we’ll get a share . ” Sima You Yue licked her lips with her shiny eyes .

Di Zhe saw the thug vibe she showed, in his heart, he was thinking that Little Aunt wasn’t like that, could it be that guy’s character? If that was the case, then Little Aunt’s taste would be so bad to fall for guys like that .

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What they didn’t know was, this thug vibe was unrelated to parents, she was born with it .

“But you look exhausted and can’t hold on anymore . ” Di Zhe said .

“Nevermind, I have a partner . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Halcyon, you’ll lead . ”

Halcyon came out, nodded and led everyone forward .

“Is he your contract beast?” Di Zhe asked .

Sima You Yue nodded .

“Sensitive towards spatial, it should be spatial spirit beast Halcyon bird . ” Master Ghost claimed .

Sima You Yue looked at Master Ghost unobtrusively, ever since she came, his words became lesser, didn’t expect that he was usually like that .

“Yes . Halcyon is a spatial spirit beast, because of contract, my sense of spatiality increased . Probably because of this, my sense of spatiality became much better . ”

“There are rarely any spatial spirit beasts nowadays . ” Master Ghost said to an extent .

Sima You Yue felt weird when he said that, but she didn’t know why he said that .

At the later part, Sima You Yue and Halcyon took turns to take the lead and the casualties of the Ghost clan members dropped .

Because they couldn’t fly, they could only walk which was why despite walking for such a long time, they hadn’t reached the ancient battlefield .

As the spatial space here wasn’t stable, it affected their journey badly . However, because it was unstable, they walked thousands and thousands of miles, even though it was slow, but they covered a large distance .

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After a few months, they finally saw some people, but after they saw them, those people decided to avoid them .

In such ancient battlefields where dead qi was dense, fighting with Ghost clan members wouldn’t be a smart move .

“There are people fighting in front, want to take a look?” Halcyon asked .

“Do you know them?” Sima You Yue asked .

She understood Halcyon, if it was someone he didn’t know, he wouldn’t tell her .

“Someone’s presence is similar to Sima Liu Feng . ” Halcyon said .

“Uncle Liu Feng? Are the Sima clan all here?” Sima You Yue asked .

If they were, then there was no point going over, she didn’t want to communicate with them still . Some people weren’t as gullible as Sima Gao Chi .

“I don’t know . There’s only one I’m familiar with . ” Halcyon said .

“Yi Yun said, Uncle Liu Feng and the rest came in together, if Uncle Liu Yun and the rest isn’t here, then it should only be Uncle Liu Feng . Let’s go and take a look . ” Sima You Yue turned as she spoke to Di Zhe and said, “You guys… . . ”

“We’re definitely going with you . ” Di Zhe said .

What if there were danger?

There were more spatial folds and gaps here, if she went in by herself, she might be killed by the spatial rends, might as well let them go together .

“Let’s take a look . ” Sima You Yue said .

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They didn’t see anyone there at all, but after Halcyon brought them into a few turns, they saw a group of people fighting .

Indeed, she only knew Sima Liu Feng, she didn’t know the rest, seeing Sima Liu Feng being cold, there should be no more members of the Sima Clan .

But why was he here alone? And it was obvious that he was controlled by someone .

She didn’t recognise both sides, since Sima Liu Feng wasn’t doing much at the side, she didn’t take any action at the moment .

“We found that spirit weapon first, you guys just come up to us and snatch it, where is the justice?”

“Justice? Talking about justice here? What’s the point of finding it first? It belongs to whoever gets it last!”

“Then let’s see who can snatch it!”


Their fights got closer to Sima Liu Feng, seeing that the strength of the battle would spread to him, if no one brought him away, then he would be in danger!

And those people were busy with the battle, nobody noticed them at all .


Sima You Yue felt the spatial fluctuation, seeing the wave coming towards her from all sides .

The ones that could come here, their strength were definitely more powerful, once she took action, both sides felt it and stopped at the same time, stood two seperate sides and looked at them .

“Sorry to interrupt, I’m looking for someone, you guys can continue . ” Sima You Yue said smilingly .

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