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Chapter 1158: 1158

“Leaving?” Sima Yi Fei called out, “My Little Sister is still in his hands, but you’re talking about leaving?!”

Sima Fei’er glared at Sima Yi Fei and said, “What can we do if we don’t leave? Do you want everyone to die with her? Don’t you forget that it was Uncle and the rest ask us to leave!”

“It’s all your fault!” Sima Yi Fei pointed at Sima Fei’er and shouted, “We wanted to leave, you’re the one who insisted to stay, you wanted everyone to accompany you as well . If it’s not for you, such a thing wouldn’t happen!”

“What’s the point of blaming me now?!” Sima Fei’er called out, “We still have so many ladies here, do you want us to get caught and tarnished as well?!”

“With your looks, who would want you!” Sima Yi Fei said .

Sima Fei’er was angered by his words, “If you’re so capable, then you stay here and save her! We will definitely not stay here!”

“You… . ” Sima Yi Fei was about to hit her, but was stopped by Sima Xin Shu who was at his side .

“Alright Yi Fei, they are right, that person’s strength is so powerful, there’s no point staying here . ” Sima Xin Shu persuaded, “Although it’s not nice to hear that, but what she said are facts, there’s still so many ladies here, it’ll be dangerous if they stay . ”

“Hmph!” Sima Yi Fei let go of his and turned his head to the side .

His face was flushed red from anger, this happened solely because of Sima Fei’er, but now that she managed to escape, she decided to leave just like that and even spoke with so much self-confidence and rights, if she wasn’t the first Miss, he would have hit her already .

“Hmph, at least you guys still have rationale! Let’s go!” Sima Fei’er told others .

Now that Elder and Uncle weren’t here, as the first Miss, the words she said counted, who dared to defy once she talked!

“You all can leave if you guys want to, I won’t leave before saving my Little Sister!” Sima Yi Fei said .

“Humph, don’t blame us if you die here!” Sima Fei’er continued, “What about you? Sima Xin Shu, are you going?”

“I will stay . ” Sima Xin Shu said without hesistation .

“Hmph, you’re asking for it!” Sima Gao Chi said sarcastically, then smiled and told Sima You Yue said, “Little Miss, you should go with us . Leave here, don’t have to worry about that Yin Zun . ”

“Thank you Young Master Sima for your concern, but I’m more concerned about Qi Qi and Yi Yun’s safety, so I want to stay here and be with them . ” Sima You Yue turned down gracefully .

“You can’t!” Sima Gao Si called out, “This Little Miss, you can’t stay here, that Yin Zun is too strong, if you stay here and get caught, that will…”

“That’s right, you better come with us!”

Regardless of what they said, Sima You Yue only looked at them and smiled without saying anything .

“What are you both dilly dallying there! If you both don’t want to go, you can stay here!” Sima Fei’er already prepared to set up a Transportation Array, if these two didn’t enter, it would delay everyone’s journey .

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Sima Gao Chi and Sima Gao Si looked at both sides, seeing Sima You Yue didn’t have the intention to leave and Sima Fei’er already started the Transportation Array, both of them got no choice and flew into the Transportation Array .

They didn’t want to die, but compared to flirting, their life was much more important!

After the Sima family left, Sima Yi Fei then turned around, he congealed a spiritual energy towards the direction they left, although it didn’t hit them, at least he vented some of the anger in him .

Sima You Yue saw him being worried and said, “No use venting here . Let’s think of a way and see if we can get her out!”

“It’s my fault, I should have followed initially when both of them wanted to check out the other side . ” Sima Yi Fei said in remorse .

“Don’t blame yourself, they both want to go to the side, you as a man, why would you follow . ” Sima Xin Shu continued, “What You Yue said is right, venting here is useless, what we need to do now is think of a way to save them out . ”

Sima Yi Fei blinked his eyes and said, “But we don’t even know where they are, where do we find them?! Even if we found them, how do we get them out? That is a Paragon, if we’re in front of him, one sneeze from him can kill us!”

Sima Xin Shu went silent, although both of them stayed, but they didn’t have the confidence and way to save them .

Sima You Yue understood how they felt seeing both of them feeling helpless .

The pervert was strong, everybody understood that . Paragon, who could rival that? With that kind of force, they would be crushed to death just by moving a little finger .

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But she couldn’t leave Sima Qi Qi and Sima Yi Yun just like that . At least when they knew her identity, they still treated her well .

“Did you guys bring anything that has their scent on them?” Sima You Yue questioned .

“What?” Both of them were thinking how to find them and couldn’t come to sense after hearing her question .

“I’m saying, did you guys bring anything that has their scent, it will be better if there is their blood on it . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Something with their scent? I don’t have it . ” Sima Xin Shu frowned and asked Sima Yi Fei, “Do you have any?”

Sima Yi Fei gave a long thought and said, “I have a cloth with her blood . ”

He took out a finely sewn cloth, passed it to Sima You Yue and said, “This is something that my Mother passed down to us, that time her hand was bleeding badly, I took it out in a hurry to wipe . But because this thing is something meaningful, so I didn’t throw it away . Is this useful?”

“Position . ” Sima You Yue took out the scroll, melted the blood on it and dropped it on the scroll .

The blood was absorbed by the blood straight away, then came together to form a red dot, appearing in their north-east direction .

“Yi Yun and the rest are there . ” Sima You Yue claimed while pointing at the red dot .

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“Let’s go there now!” Sima Yi Fei spoke as he set off to fly .

“Hold up!” Sima You Yue continued, “If you go now, you’ll die . ”

“But they can’t wait any longer!” Sima Yi Fei groaned .

Every minute they delayed, the chances of them being tarnished would become higher, they didn’t know their location earlier . Now that they knew, how could he be calm .

“We will have to come up with a safe plan!” Sima You Yue said .

“Do you have any ways that can win that person?” Sima Xin Shu asked .

“That person is a Paragon, how can I win against him?” Sima You Yue continued, “But for now, we can only ask for help . It is impossible for us to make it even if we get there . ”

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