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Chapter 1159: Chapter 1159 - Asking Godfather for help

“From whom can we seek help from?”Sima Yi Fei and Sima Xin Shu all looked at her, filled with hopes in their eyes .

“I’ll bring you guys to a place, you guys will help me keep a secret, right?” Sima You Yue looked at both of them, wondering if she should believe them .

“Without your permission, if I leak out your secret, then let me go to the Abyss of Hell!” Sima Yi Fei said .

“Me too . ”

Two laws landed in both of their bodies, showing that their oaths had been conceived .

Sima You Yue nodded, took out the Little Door, opened up Little Realm and brought them in .

“This Little Realm is so amazing, others can’t open up from here, didn’t expect that you can . ”

Both of them were indeed from popular clans, they had seen most of the Little Realm, they recognised Black Lotus’ difference .

“This used to be an Emperor’s Little Realm, not sure how he made it his, the spatial is different that it can be opened from inside . ” Sima You Yue explained .

She brought them to the riverside, the fastest that came up wasn’t Wu La Li and Shui Qing Man, but Little Eleven .

Little Eleven jumped out from the water and jumped into Sima You Yue’s embrace, kicking with strength, seemingly like asking her why it took so long for her to come in .

Sima You Yue hugged Little Eleven and said, “I miss you too! Mmm, you’re more golden now, is your blood still evolving?”

“Indeed . ” Wu La Li held Shui Qing Man out of water, seeing Little Eleven been so dear to her, she was envious .

This little guy, just because he threw it once, then now it didn’t go any close to him .

“Godfather, Godmother!” Sima You Yue smiled to both of them, “Is Little Eleven still evolving?”

“Yes . Although the speed is slower, it is still evolving . ” Shui Qing Man said .

Sima You Yue touched Little Eleven and said, “Little Eleven come on!”

Little Eleven kicked and turned a few rounds .

“You Yue, why are you here?” Shui Qing Man asked .

“I ran into some trouble, I need Godfather to help . ” Sima You Yue kept her smile and asked with a serious look .

“Oh? Our omnipotent kid will need our help? What is it, tell us about it . ” Wu La Mai said .

Sima You Yue looked at Sima Yi Fei, both of them who were at shore, flying Shui Qing Man and Wu La Li over .

Sima Yi Fei and Sima Xin Shu saw Shui Qing Man and the other in Cloud Sea City, they also saw Sima You Yue at the entrance, and didn’t expect they would be here .

“This is my Godfather and Godmother, Violet Water Dragon Clan’s King and Queen . This is our cousin Sima Xin Shu and Sima Yi Fei . ” Sima You Yue introduced .

“Nice to meet Dragon King, Dragon Queen . ” Sima Xin Shu and Sima Yi Fei greeted, while being shocked by their identity .

Wu La Mai faintly nodded and asked, “Are they the one asking for help from me?”

This attitude and tone was totally different when talking to Sima You Yue .

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“Not really . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Our cousin were captured by a ****, we want to save our cousin, but that **** is a Paragon Ranker . ”

“You want me to deal with that person?” Wu La Li asked .

Sima You Yue nodded and asked, “Will Godfather help me with this?”

Wu La Li went silent for a while, it seemed like he was considering, just when Sima Xin Shu and the others thought that he wouldn’t agree, he laughed and said, “This is the first time our You Yue asked us for help, how can I not agree?!”

Both of them were happy, bowing to Wu La Mai, “Many thanks to Dragon King for willing to help . ”

“You guys don’t have to thank me, if You Yue didn’t request, I won’t bother about human’s matter . ” Wu La Mai said .

“But we still have to thank you . ” Sima Xin Shu said .

He was willing to help, then it would be a goodwill!

“You Yue, tell me more about it . ” Wu La Mai said .

Sima You Yue let Sima Xin Shu then told him about it once more, then said, “The problem now is that we have to know about his strength . Do you guys know?”

“Not a lot of difference, and he didn’t use his full strength, we were busy escaping and didn’t really take note . ” Sima Xin Shu said .

“Don’t you guys know where he is? We’ll go take a look now, let me take a look at him and I’ll know his strength . ” Wu La Li said .


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They came outside, Sima You Yue took out the scroll and showed him, showing where Sima Yi Yun was .

“It’s not far, I’ll bring you there first . ” After Wu La Li spoke, he opened up the spatial tunnel and brought them in .

They didn’t straight go to the lair of Yin Zun, but appeared nearby, then slowly dived in .

They didn’t know Sima Yi Yun and Sima Qi Qi’s situation, but they were sure that they were still alive, because that red dot was still there .

“That person is in that hole . ” Wu La Mai could feel the breath of Yin Zun .

“How is Yi Yun and Qi Qi’s situation?” Sima Yi Fei asked .

“There’s ten over girls inside, which one are you talking about?” Wu La Li asked .

There were ten over girls?

“Seems like this person is hoarding girls, using them later . ” Sima You Yue guessed, “Godfather, can you feel how high his strength is?”

“I can feel that his strength is stronger than me, but I’ll have to see him to know the exact strength to confirm . ” Wu La Mai said, “If his strength is the same as mine, then I’ll know for sure if I can win him, if he’s higher than me by one rank, I should still be able to win him . Our Violet Water Dragon Clan is still powerful in battles . But if he is higher than me by two ranks, then I can’t do anything . ”

After waiting for a while outside, Yin Zun didn’t seem to have any intention to come out .

“We can’t keep waiting, do we have to keep waiting if he doesn’t come out?” Sima Yi Fei said .

Every minute we wait, those girls would be in danger, time waits for no man!

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“We have to come up with something . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Let me go in and lure him out . ” Wu La Mai was also impatient, after waiting for so long, he became a little frustrated .

“No . ” Sima You Yue denied without hesitation and said, “We don’t know his strength now, if his strength is almost the same as Godfather, what if he is higher than yours? Wouldn’t that be dangerous . ”

“Then do we have to keep waiting?”

“Let me think of an idea to lure him out . ” Sima You Yue said, “You guys wait here . ”

“What are you going to do?” Wu La Mai asked, “It will be more dangerous if you’re seen by him!”

“Godfather, don’t worry, I got a way to come back safe . ” After Sima You Yue spoke, she jumped out from their hiding .

She used a spatial to hide her own breath and stopped a few hundred meters away from the cave .

A scream from a girl rang out and the cries of other girls in desperation followed by a guy’s lewd laughter echoed .

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