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Chapter 1153: 1153

Sima You Yue went blank completely .

Di Zhe did so much, it was all for her own Mother?

Yin Lin said, Hundred Ghost Banner would only work in her hands, did he already know about this?

Di Wu E saw Sima You Yue’s expression and was confused, he asked, “You’ve met Young Master Di Zhe before?”

“Mm . ”

Sima You Yue nodded, not only had they met, so many things happened in between as well!

“Did something unpleasant happen?” Di Wu E asked .

“Ah . ” Sima You Yue sighed, “Not only not good, we even tried to kill each other before!”

“How can it be?!” Di Wu E cried out in shock, “If you’re Dark Princess’ daughter, he will never kill you . I can sense the odor on you, the Master Ghost beside you must know about it . ”

“At that point of time, my Ghost Clan blood wasn’t activated completely, it was sealed . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I was almost killed by that Ghost Master . But that also triggered the blood . ”

“So did they recognise you this time?”

“Mm . I was wondering why their attitude changed so much seeing me in Immortal Land this time . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I once heard from Yu Du that Di Zhe wasn’t regarded highly at home, he was even bullied, but your Mother changed his destiny . So no matter what has he become, he will treat your Mother the same as last time . ” Di Wu E said .

“Ah . ” Sima You Yue was at a loss .


Sima You Yue shot a glance at Di Wu E, anyway, she didn’t intend to release him, it should be fine to tell him about her own problems .

“Do you know about humans’ Divinators?” She asked .

“I know, Ghost realm has it too . But because humans will only talk about Human Realm’s matter, the Ghost Clan will only talk about Ghost Realm’s matter . ” Di Wu E said .

“Then humans can predict the Ghost Clan’s matters, can the Ghost Clan predict human’s matters as well?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Able to predict, but can’t tell, won’t tell too, unless it’s a matter or human and Ghost Clan . ” Di Wu E continued, “Did you meet Divinator?”

“Mm . Before getting in here, Yin Lin told me to get the Hundred Ghost Banner . ”

“Yin Lin?” The Divinator is the human clan’s master . ” Di Wu E asked .

“You know him too?”

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“Not that I know him, but because he’s famous even in Ghost Realm, everyone heard his name before . Heard that he’s the most powerful Divinator in this ten thousand years in the human realm . ” Di Wu E said, “If he told you that, then there must be a reason for it . ”

“I think so too . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I didn’t know why, but now I know . ”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“If what you said is right, he must be thinking of that way to save your Mother . ” Sima You Yue continued, “If I snatch this over, then he can’t save my Mother with it . ”

“But if it’s coming from Yin Lin, then there must be a reason . He’s always accurate, if not, his famous reputation wouldn’t be spreaded to Ghost realm . ”

“But I’m unsure when I will get to go to Ghost Realm, if the Hundred Ghost Banners are in my hands, each day that I’m not in Ghost realm means my Mother will have to deal with the sin for another day . ”

“But, if the Hundred Ghost Banners isn’t used to save your Mother, or, even Young Master Di Zhe can’t save your Mother even if he gets hold of it, wouldn’t that be a waste of his life?”

“I know, but… . I’ll go out and ask Yin Lin if he knows about my Mother’s whereabouts . ” Sima You Yue said .

Di Wu E was right, since Yin Lin asked her to do that, there must be a reason behind it . If it was like this, then she could ask Di Zhe what exactly was the situation .

“Although you have that powerful flame, your current situation is still very dangerous, it will be better if you have the Hundred Ghost Banner . ” Di Wu E said .


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Sima You Yue looked at him with doubt .

“Do you think that this matter will rest after you killed Yu Du?” Di Wu E was choked from her ignorant look .


“I told you, Yu Du’s Mother’s clan is a very powerful clan, that is also half the reason why Ghost Emperor favours her . ” Di Wu E continued, “Ghost Concubine and Ghost Emperor dote on Yu Du very much, now that she’s dead, they will definitely get the Ghost Clan to come after you . She will use the secret method to get news of you and pass it down to the members of the Ghost Clan, so now, you should be famous among the Ghost Clan . ”

Di Wu E saw how her face didn’t change and asked, “Aren’t you worried?”

“There’s no use worrying, right?” Sima You Yue put down both her legs, held the tea cup and lightly took a sip, “At least those almighty from the Ghost Clan won’t come, I don’t have to worry about those small troops . ”

So charming!

It was exactly like her in those years .

“You told me that my Mother was Ghost Emperor’s favourite Youngest Daughter, and you told me Yu Du is heavily doted on, with this comparison, who does Ghost Emperor favour most?”

“Of course it’s Dark Princess . ” Di Wu E continued, “But now that Dark Princess isn’t here, one another side, Ghost Concubine is so strong, so your situation is very dangerous . And… . . ”

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“And what?”

“After that thing happened, Ghost Emperor didn’t allow anyone to mention the Dark Princess anymore . If it was in the past, he might protect you knowing your identity, but now, it’s one disaster on top of another . ” Di Wu E said .

“We will kill whoever comes . My You You can do whatever she wants . ”

An aggressive voice came through, Sima You Yue’s eyes sparkled in surprise, seeing Wu Lingyu woke up, she jumped up from her chair, pounced into Wu Lingyu’s embrace and said, “You finally wake up! I’ll be scared to death if you don’t wake up!”

“I’m really happy seeing You You so excited . ” Wu Lingyu embraced Sima You Yue with the corner of his lips curled into a charming smile .

“Are you completely recovered? Can I check for you?” Sima You Yue spoke as she was going to read his pulse .

Wu Lingyu lightly held her hand, not letting her read his pulse . “We’ve finally reunited, let’s not spoil it . ”

“Has your health not recovered yet?” Sima You Yue asked worriedly .

“I won’t deceive you, that’s not a minor injury . I can recuperate slowly, there shouldn;t be any issues . ” Wu Lingyu said .

If he told her blindly that he had recovered, she might be worried, with that said, she would feel much relieved .

Wu Lingyu led her to sit beside the table and sat beside her, asking, “What were you all talking about? How did you get involved with Ghost Clan?”

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