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Chapter 1152: Chapter 1152 - News about Mother

If she had the Ghost Clan’s royal blood, then wouldn’t her Mother belong to the royal clan?Di Wu E saw her in deep thoughts and said, “Actually, you are not that old, there’s not much human who got into the royal clan, much less a Princess, there are only that few of them, it’s easy to guess . ”

“How do you know?” Sima You Yue asked .

“It’s natural that I know about the royal clan because I have to protect the Fifteenth Prince . If you are not over fifty years old, your Mother might be the Dark Princess, because in the past fifty years, she was the only one who came to the human realm . If your age is over fifty to hundred, then it might be the other three princesses . ”

“Dark Princess?”

“Mm, Dark Princess Yu Ke Luo . She is a beautiful, knowledgeable legendary princess, it’s a pity… . . ” Di Wu E nodded with a tint of sadness in his eyes .

That was his goddess, but sadly she went missing .

Dark Princess Yu Ke Luo… .

Sima You Yue repeated her name in her mind for a few times, this was the first time she heard about her Mother, that was if the Dark Princess was really her mother .

Both of them went silent, Di Wu E came back to reality from his memories, seeing the faint smile on her face and said, “You are not over fifty years old right?”

Sima You Yue nodded .

“Then you’re really Dark Princess’ daughter . ” Di Wu E sounded a little agonized, she had a child with someone in the Human realm . “Can I know what’s your name?”

“Sima You Yue . ” Sima You Yue came back to senses and realised the looks he gave her was a little… . . different?

“Sima You Yue… . . ”

Was that guy’s surname Ma? You didn’t even let your child follow your surname when you gave birth to her?

Sima You Yue saw Di Wu E’s weird expression and said, “You know my Mother?”

“I know her, but she… . . probably don’t remember me anymore . ” Di Wu E said .

“Why say so?”

Di Wu E once again sunk into his memories, reminiscing the few times he met her .

He was chosen by Yu Du to be a personal guard, just so he could tease him anytime he wanted, although they were from the same generation, his talent was much higher than Yu Du, even his strength was also stronger .

Because of Di Wu clan’s power, Yu Du didn’t dare to kill him, but there was still humiliation from time to time .

He heard a lot about Dark Princess Yu Ke Luo, but when he first saw her with his own eyes, it was two years after he became a guard .

That time, just because he wasn’t willing to help Yu Du to kill a child that was only a few years old, he was stripped off his top by orders and hanged at the only road by the entrance of the palace .

Everyone who passed by would despise him and laughed at him, some even stopped and looked at how he was being made fun of, only Luo Zuo stopped, frowned and ordered people to let him go .

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If it was others, Yu Du wouldn’t care, but he was afraid of Luo Zuo, not sure what happened between them, but he was scared of her in the bones .

Once she spoke, Yu Du immediately summoned people to release him .

He still remembered, when he got down, he was already weakened, in a daze, he saw her walking towards, squatted beside him, gave him a pill and said, “Go back and take a good rest . You’ll be fine in no time . ”

Even till now, he remembered, her voice was so gentle that instantly warmed his cold heart .

If it wasn’t for her comforting words, he wouldn’t have made it .

After that, he wasn’t sure what he ordered Yu Du to do, but he was sure it was about him, from then on, Yu Du tortured him less as time went by .

After that, he followed Yu Du around in the palace and saw her from afar a few times but there wasn’t any communication .

He thought she had already forgotten who he was, because there were times where he passed by her and she looked at him with unfamiliarity .

But then come to think of it, she was so dazzling, he was so ordinary, how would she remember him!

Regardless if she remembered him, it wouldn’t affect his feelings and affection towards her . Despite that, those feelings were lowly and humble .

Sima You Yue roughly knew how he felt when she heard him reminiscing while talking about it . She didn’t expect that her Mother was so charming .

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She wondered how her Father got to chase her Mother?

After that, she made him tell her about her Mother, about how good her talent was, how strong she was and how she would dare to go to the dark river and killed all those rebellious spiritual beasts .

All these made Sima You Yue felt that her Mother was too cool!

Let’s say that her Mother was really the Dark Princess, Emperor’s Youngest Daughter, then wouldn’t she be…

Di Wu E told her many things regarding Yu Ke Luo that both of their relationships also changed .

At least, he didn’t hate her anymore!

Both of them chatted and changed to the stone table in the yard, there was even a pot of infused tea on the table .

“Oh right, do you know someone from the Ghost Clan?” Sima You Yue asked .


Sima You Yue didn’t know Di Zhe’s name, so she indistinctly described his appearance .

“He has someone beside him who’s very strong and that person seems to always hide in his cloak?” Di Wu E roughly knew who that was, seeing her nodding her head and said, “I think that is Young Master Di Zhe . ”

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“Di Zhe?”

Sima You Yue frowned, different surname, could they be relatives?

“With that said, this Young Master Di Zhe is your cousin . ” Di Wu E answered a question that she didn’t ask, “Young Master Di Zhe’s Mother is a princess in the royal clan, he calls your Mother, Little Aunt . Heard that Young Master Di Zhe is also a ruthless Master, but he is close to Dark Princess, he is closer to her than his own Mother . There’s even a rumour saying that he is secretly looking for your Mother . ”

Indeed they were relatives .

He definitely realised that she had a similar odor as Yu Ke Luo and must have known that she was his cousin, that was why his attitude changed totally .

“Where is my Mother now?” Sima You Yue asked .

Di Wu E shaked his head and said, “I don’t know about that, I know something huge happened that year, a lot of members from the Ghost Clan went into the Human realm and brought your Mother back . From them on, nobody ever saw your Mother again . ”

Mother too… . . went missing… just like, Father… . .

“Do you have Mother’s news?” She shrunk into the chair with heartache, both her arms hugging her knees .

What exactly happened that time that made Father and Mother go missing .

“No . But Di Zhe might know something . Because it was rumoured that he acquired the Hundred Ghost Banner to save your Mother… . ”

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