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Chapter 1144: 1144

“What appeared in those person’s memories?” Su Xiao Xiao asked . “They were just foot soldiers . They didn’t know much about the group behind it . ” Sima You Yue frowned, “The group is very secretive . Each person can only hear the orders from the rank directly above them . Furthermore, they know very little about the group . That’s why they only know what they’re doing at that immediate point in time . They also continually wear that secretive mask, so they’re not familiar with those in here . It’s only if they’re with the people they’re always with that they’re able to differentiate them .

“So you’re saying that you didn’t really get much information . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Yeah, there are a bit more details, but I’ll have to analyse it a bit before I come to a conclusion . ” Sima You Yue said, “However, with regards to this, they do know a bit . ”

“What did you get?”

“Firstly, the rubix sky is controlled by a few people together . Just now, the one who Little Seven killed was one of them . If we want to solve this problem quickly, we’ll have to get rid of all those controlling it . ” Sima You Yue said .

“This is a good idea after all . We just need to find them, then we can settle this . What else?”

“Also, the killings that happened before were also done by this group . ” Sima You Yue said, “They had a Immortal Land Massacre competition and a few of the little groups acted . They competed to see who could kill the highest number . ”

“So it was done by this group!” Han Miao Shuang said, “The last time back at Cloud Sea City . Were they behind it as well?”

“It’s not within their memories . ” Sima You Yue said, “However, based on the way they’ve been doing things, it is very possible!”

“Immortal Land Massacre, that is interesting . Jiang Jun Xiang said, “However, it shouldn’t be something as simple as a massacre right? What about the set up?”

“That’s right . ” Sima You Yue said, “Different groups targeted different powers . For our area, the one who was set up was your Mystic Dragon Sect . As for who set you up, these people don’t’ know either . ”

“Just who is this power that it can even have these sorts of methods . The average power in the inner sect won’t be able to do it . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

Everyone fell silent . They didn’t have an answer to this .

“Let’s first settle the current issue here . We’ll wait till we obtain more information before figuring out the later parts of it . ” Sima You Yue said .

They could only do this for now .

Since they had a motive, they had a direction to go towards . They would kill all who controlled the rubix sky and it would naturally be broken .

She understood from the black-robed men’s memory that there were a total of five who controlled it . After they entered, they were responsible for heading into the different areas, North, South, East, West and Central . The one they just killed was the one in charge of the West area . Right now, the other four remained .

The one who was in charge of the central region was the strongest . Sima You Yue dared not take the situation lightly . Right now, they had to focus on settling the three of them .

As such, for the next few days , Sima You Yue and the others settled the black-robed men and saved a few victims along the way .

A few of these powers were even ones that Sima You Yue had notified beforehand . However, because they were not cautious and were blinded by the treasure, they were rather guilty after Sima You Yue rescued them .

The best ones that Sima You Yue saw were the Hundred Changing Doors clansmen . They weren’t battered and exhausted like everybody else was, and were still going about casually .

However, they still couldn’t get rid of the spirit beasts controlled by those people .

“These spirit beasts are strange . No matter where we teleport to, they keep catching up to us . ” Big Wei said .

“Indeed . We haven’t seen any remnant, but have been chased by these spirit beasts the whole way!”

“I don’t think there’s any remnant here at all . ’ Little Qi said, “You Yue was right . This is a fake . It’s a pity that we didn’t believe her!”

“If it were not because she warned us beforehand, we would have already fallen to their poisons . ” Big Wei said .

“In the end, we’re the ones who didn’t listen to good advice!” Little Wei sighed .

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“It’s a good thing that we had enough arrays . Otherwise, those spirit beasts would have been enough to get rid of us!

“They’re coming again! Can’t they just give us a break?” Little Wei said .

They just came out from the array a short while ago and had yet to recover their spirit energy when the spirit beasts came out to chase after them again .

They had arrays, but could it be that the spirit beasts had arrays as well?

It was such a pain in the ass!

They had already spent their spirit energy and finally had the time to recover, but they used it on activating the teleportation array . Once the teleportation array was spent, what would they do?

“Alright, don’t talk about that anymore . We should hurry and find a way to get rid of the spirit beasts tailing us . ” Big Wei said .

“How do we shake them off? We used a teleportation array to get rid of them and they caught up to us . Even if we leave again, they’ll just catch up again . This is completely useless!’

“We have to find a way to solve the root of the problem . ” Little Wei said .

“But these spirit beasts can’t be killed at all . ”

“I’ve thought of something, I don’t know if you guys have thought of it as well or not . ” Big Wei said .


“Rubix sky . ” Big Wei said .

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“What? That thing!”

“Didn’t that thing get lost a long time ago?”

“But this is way too similar to that!”

“If that really is it, then we have to find the ones controlling it . Otherwise, we’ll never rid ourselves of these beasts . ”

“I feel like these spirit beasts may have been created by those people as well . ”

“Heavens, if it really is that item, we’re in trouble!”

If they were locked onto by the people controlling the rubix sky and didn’t get rid of them, this would never end .

“We don’t even know where the person who is controlling the rubix sky is! We still have to dig them out!” Big Wei said .

“Alright, you guys have done the most research in this . Tell us how we can locate those people . ”

“Our spirit energy has already been completely spent . What could we do even if we find them? If we can’t defeat them, we’d still die . ”

“Big Wei’s words caused everyone to fall silent . It truly was this case . Even if they found them, if they couldn’t defeat them, the outcome would still be death .

“Sigh-” Little Wei saw something in the grass and suddenly burst out in laughter, “Haha, we’re not necessarily going to die!”

“What’s going on?”

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“Scarlet bees! You Yue’s scarlet bees! This proves that she’s nearby . ” Little Wei said excitedly .

“Isn’t it just a little kid . Look how excited you are . ”

“Hehe, you just have to wait and see . ” Little Wei said with a smile .

They escaped twice more and just as the spirit beasts were about to gain on them, they all suddenly disappeared .

“They’re gone?”

“It seems like the ones who have been controlling them have been killed . ”

“It’s definitely You Yue who did it . ” Little Wei said .

“Teacher Little Wei, you really believe in me . ” A portal through space appeared and Sima You Yue dragged out a few men clad in black as she walked out .

“You Yue, it really is you!” Little Wei said, “I just knew you’d definitely be able to deal with this . ”

“You just have too much faith in me . What if I didn’t manage to kill this person?” Sima You Yue asked .

“We know you rather well after all . ” Little Wei said .

What he was referring to was the fact that they had broken through an array before .

Sima You Yue tossed the guy on the floor and said, “Alright, I came because I have something to tell you…”

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