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Chapter 1143: 1143

When Han Miao Shuang and the others went over, a good half of those from the Heroic Sword Sect had already died . The ones who were remaining were cornered but still fighting back . However, they could tell at a glance that they wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer . And a huge group of spirit beasts had just come from afar . When they looked over, they dotted the entire area .

When those from the Heroic Sword Sect saw those spirit beasts, their hearts were filled with despair .

They were already pushing themselves with the current spirit beasts . If even more came, they would really lose their lives here today .

“These spirit beasts look well and alive!” Haon Miao Shuang’s crisp voice landed on the Heroic Sword Sect’s ears like the voice of a goddess .



A few bombs were tossed over and the spirit beasts behind them were immediately exploded into dust . It greatly eased the pressure over here .

Qi Wei and the others looked over, but they only saw Han Miao Shuang and the others . They didn’t catch sight of Sima You Yue .

“Where’s Boss?”

“She went to dig out the root of the problem . Everyone, come back . Create some distance between you and those spirit beasts . ” Han Miao Shuang and the others flew closer and helped them against the spirit beasts .

The Heroic Sword Sect knew of the explosive power of the thunderbolt bullets . They called back their spirit beasts and ran towards the back .

As they ran, the spirit beasts chased after them and the spirit beasts were gradually gathered together .

“So obedient-” Han Miao Shuang smiled as she took out a few thunderbolt bullets and handed it out to them . Then, she inserted her spirit energy into them and tossed them at the spirit beasts .

Ear-shattering sounds of explosions sounded once again, and those spirit beasts were immediately sent flying .

With this rain of explosives, the spirit beasts were cut by half . However, a new batch of spirit beasts appeared .

“Damn, is there any end to this?!” Qi Wei cried out .

“Without settling the people behind the scenes, there will never be an end to this . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Young Friend, what do you mean by that?” An elder asked .

“To put it simply, this place isn’t a remnant at all . It’s just an artificially created space . Inside this space, these people can do whatever they want to do . These spirit beasts don’t have a bit of life in them at all . They were all created . As long as those people remain alive, this stream of spirit beasts will never end . Got that?”

They nodded .

“If we had believed in your words earlier, it would have been better . ” Blue Blade’s Master sighed, “But how did you know it back then?”

“We were just suspicious in the beginning and didn’t know what was going on . ” Han Miao Shuang asked, “Later on, after you went in, a group of black robed men came . We saw them dig out the rubix sky . It’s also a good thing that Junior Sister knew about it . Only then did we understand what was going on . ”

However, if these people had just believed her and were a bit more suspicious, this wouldn’t have happened .

It was a pity that they were blindsided by the treasure and so none of them believed what she said .

The Heroic Sword Sect were incredibly guilty . However, it had already happened and their remorse was useless . It was just a pity that they had lost so many of their disciples .

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“Hey, the spirit beasts have disappeared . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

In the beginning, only one or two disappeared, but then they started to disappear in patches, and finally, not a single one was left .

“It seems like Little Junior Sister has already gotten rid of those people!” Han Miao Shuang took out the mother-son stone to contact Sima You Yue .

“You guys wait there . I’ll be right over . ” Han Miao Shaung had yet to speak when Sima You Yue’s voice sounded .

They waited there for a moment and Sima You Yue and Little Seven arrived, accompanied by two black-robed people .

“Are they behind it all?” Su Xiao Xiao said .

“Nope . ” Sima You Yue tossed the two on the floor, “The one controlling them has died . Otherwise, those spirit beasts wouldn’t have disappeared . These two are just their subordinates . ”

Qi Wei and the others hopped down . They wanted to get rid of those people, but Sima You Yue stopped them .

“I haven’t even asked them about the situation and you want to kill them . Are you going to compensate me?”

When they heard what Sima You Yue said, Qi Wei decisively broke free and turned around to run to Sima You Yue’s side, “Boss, I just knew that you would come save us!”

Sima You Yue saw his shit-eating grin and immediately pushed his face away, saying, “Didn’t I ask you to settle your things yourself? What I didn’t enter, who would you plead with?”

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“I had no other choice, I could only try . Who would’ve thought that it would’ve really worked!” Qi Wei said with a grin .

The few elders came over from the Heroic Sword Sect and bowed to Sima You Yue and the others, saying, “Thank you, young friends, for your rescue . The Heroic Sword Sect disciples thank you! If you need anything in the future, the heroic sword sect will definitely lend you our aid!”

Sima You Yue didn’t pay much heed to the words of the elders . Although she saved them, she didn’t believe that those who truly cared only for treasure would really feel that grateful . She saved them only because she wanted to save a few of her friends .

However, since the other party had already said so with such courtesy, she-

“If anything happens, I will definitely ask the Heroic Sword Sect for your aid . ”

Han Miao Shuang saw Sima You Yue replying courteously and ran over to ask, “Junior Sister, what did you do to them?”

“Nothing much, I just made it impossible for them to kill themselves for the time being . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Do you want me to interrogate them?”

“No need, just leave them to the heroic sword sect . I’m guessing that they will be even more interested in finding out what happened . ” Sima You Yue said, “The danger is already gone . In that case, we will take our leave . ”

The elders opened their mouths, wanting to stop her, but they were too embarrassed to say anything .

“Boss, aren’t you going to stay with us?” Qi Wei asked what everyone was secretly thinking .

“I still have things I want to do . Now that you know what’s going on, you should know what to do . ” Sima You Yue said, “If you manage to find out anything through your interrogations, please help me send word out . After all, there’s a conspiracy behind this whole wonderland . Goodbye . ”

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After speaking, she, along with Han Miao Shuang and the others, hopped onto Halcyon and left without looking back .

“Master, what should we do now?”

Blue Blade Master sighed, saying, “Since there’s no remnant, we should head out . Take these two with us . Once we get out, we’ll interrogate them properly to find out what’s going on!’

“Yes, Master . ”

When Sima You Yue and the others had flown far away, Han Miao Shuang finally couldn’t suppress her curiosity any longer and said, “Junior Sister, you just gifted those people to them? You didn’t want to interrogate them yourself?”

“These people were suicide soldiers . Even if you interrogated them, they wouldn’t necessarily speak . ” Sima You Yue said, “I already have the news I wanted . ”

“Have you already interrogated them?”

“The information I got could be fake . However, their memories wouldn’t lie to me . ” Sima You Yue smirked .

“What did you do?”

“Nothing much, actually . I merely went for a stroll amongst their memories . ”

“Only someone with your obscene levels of mental strength would dare to do something like that . ”

Sima You Yue smiled . This was all because of her previous understanding of her domain that allowed her mental strength to grow by quite a bit . Only then was she able to enter a living person’s memories .

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