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Chapter 1141: 1141

Little Dream placed her left hand on Maroon Wolf’s stomach and gave a thought . A ball of fire immediately shrouded the entire top half of his body and burnt his clothes off nice and cleanly . Who would have thought that the human form of Maroon Wolf would actually have some substance to it . It was just a pity that he had such a nice figure, but it wasn’t worth half a damn in their eyes .


Without any warning, Little Dream stabbed a knife into his chest .


Little Dream grabbed onto the blade of the knife and dragged the knife all the way from his chest to his abdomen . Blood poured out continuously from the wound, and it seemed like it would never stop .

Maroon Wolf’s mouth fell open and his eyes bulged . He couldn’t believe that he was really being sliced open .

“That year, you cut my belly open just like this . ” Little Dream said, “Look, I still remember it until now, how you gave them the knife, stood to the side and asked why there wasn’t a single thing in my belly . ”

Maroon Wolf’s pupils moved with much difficulty and they landed on Little Dream’s enraged eyes as she recalled her emotions the first time she had been dissected by them .


A similar sound of flesh being cut sounded clearly from the inside of a dark little house .

A tiny little Maroon Wolf ran over and saw Little Dream’s empty stomach . He asked with curiosity, “Clan Leader, why is there nothing inside this person’s body?”

“Because she has already been experimented on too many times . They have already gotten rid of all of her internal organs and they haven’t grown back yet . ” An elder who was working on her said .

“There’s nothing left inside of her body, so why isn’t she dead yet?” Little Maroon Wolf asked .

“Because there’s something inside her heart . That thing can ensure that she will never die no matter what wounds are inflicted on her . ” Devil Wolf Clan Leader said .

“Then are we going to take that thing out?”

“We can’t . Every time we get close to the heart, we’re stopped by some unknown force . That’s why we can’t touch her heart, and she can’t die . ”

At this time, Little Dream, who was on the boards, opened her eyes . Little Maroon Wolf would always remember that pair of eyes . The clarity, the pain, the despair…


Little Dream sliced down with her knife before pulling with force . She pulled out his liver, then his internal organs and intestines .

“At that time, you felt like it was really fun to mess with my body that didn’t have any organs left . Today, you will feel what it is like to have a stomach that is empty like that!”

Maroon Wolf’s eyes slowly lost their light as the life in him slowly leaked away .

He was not Little Dream and he didn’t have an immortal body like her . Little Dream had no internal organs and only a single heart left dangling, allowing the rest of her to function . As for him, he had nothing, so he had nothing .

Maroon Wolf swallowed his final words as a ray of light flashed and he regained his original body, a huge devil wolf .

His eyes were huge, dying with regrets .

It was possible that he never thought about it even in his dreams, that entering the wonderlands would cost him his life!

As for the devil realm, the devil wolf clan saw Maroon Wolf’s lifeplate shatter, giving rise to a huge commotion in the Devil Wolf clan .

“The blood tracker, it shattered!”

A bout of spirit energy poured into the broken life jade . Following which, a drawing of a person’s appearance appeared before them .

When they saw the tiny face streaked with blood, everyone onsite was incredibly surprised .

“Clan Leader, isn’t that…” The person behind him couldn’t continue speaking . That face, it was too familiar!

“Dream devil beast! It’s really the dream devil beast!

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“Clan Leader, wasn’t that Dream Devil Beast suppressed under the Yi Lin Continent? How did it appear in the wonderlands?”

“Do we even need to say this? Someone definitely rescued her!”

“Clan Leader, should we tell the other powers about this?”

“No . ” The clan leader waved his hand .


“Did you not realise that the dream devil beast has formed a contract with a human . ” Devil Wolf Clan Leader said .

“It seems like it . ”

“Weren’t we unable to kill her back then? Now that she’s formed a contract with the human, I want to know which is more powerful . That thing, or the laws of the contract . ”

If they killed her contracted master, as an immortal Dream Devil Beast, would she die too?

If she died, would their devil wolf clan be able to obtain that treasure?

That, the treasure that was rumored to allow one to take over the entire devil realm…

“For those two people by her side, check and see which one she’s formed the contract with . ” Devil Wolf Clan Leader instructed .

“Yes, Clan Leader . ”

“Also, be careful not to let the other powers find out . Got it?”

“We understand . Clan Leader, please relax . We will be careful . ”

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“Let’s head down . ”

“Understood . ”


The drawing suddenly disappeared, but the image had already been inscribed into their hearts .

So shocked by the news that the Dream Devil Beast had appeared, they even forgot that the Young Clan Leader had been killed .

Little Seven looked at Qing Yi who suddenly acted and she blinked, asking, “What’s wrong, Qing Yi?”

“The corpse has a secret art . It is able to activate the secret art to allow them to see the circumstances around his death . ” Qing Yi explained .

He didn’t care whether or not Little Dream had been seen, but he didn’t want others to see Little Seven .

“So you’re saying that the other side already knows that Little Dream is out . ” Jiang Jun Xian said .

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue knew about this as well . If it were not because they used a secret art, Qing Yi wouldn’t have noticed it either .

“Aren’t you worried?” Jiang Jun Xian asked .

“What is there to worry about?” Sima You Yue said, “Without mentioning whether or not they’re coming here, even if they did, would we even need to be afraid of them? Hmph, even if they don’t come here, there will be a day where we look for them!”

Everyone was stunned by what she said . Her level of confidence made them feel as if, if those people came to look for her, that would simply be like walking a straight path down to their death!

“How should we get rid of the rest of the people? Are we really going to wait here until they’re all sliced apart?” Su Xiao Xiao asked .

“Of course . We said that we would . If we don’t let them do it, they’ll cause a ruckus . ” Sima You Yue said pampering .

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“How long will that take…”

“Relax, they’ll do it quickly . ” Sima You Yue siad with a smile .

In the beginning, they didn’t understand what she meant . Then, they saw how crazy those three were and they had, in less than half an hour, sliced open the stomachs of all the wolf clansmen .

“This, this scene…” Han Miao Shuang and the others were speechless .

After getting rid of the last and final devil wolf . Flowey and Little Seven came to Little Dream’s side, asking, “Should we clean up the dead bodies?”

Based on their past way of doing this, when Little Seven spoke about cleaning up, she was referring to the use of fire to burn everything down .

Little Dream thought about it and shook her head .

“Let this serve as a warning to the other devil clans . Let them tell the others that I have returned! I will search out each and every single one to take my revenge!”

“Alright, then . ”

All the devil wolves were dead . Sima You Yue opened the array and they returned to the cliff .

I’ll go ahead and deactivate the array .

In order to prevent the devil clansmen from tracing it back to them, it would be better to wipe out all traces .

Once they were done, they receive a plea for help .

“Boss, help!” Qi Wei cried out from the mother stone .

Sima You Yue seemed to hear the sounds of a large battle taking place through the mother stone .

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