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Chapter 1140: 1140

Little Seven’s words caused the expressions of the devil wolf clansmen to change . Were they all poisoned?Impossible!

They were the high and mighty devil wolf clan . How could they fall to poison dealt by the humans?

“Don’t believe me?” Little Seven said, “You can try and activate the devil energy in your body . You can see whether or no you’ll end up like those people over there . ”

Nobody dared to try it .

They had already subconsciously believed in Little Seven’s words . In order to avoid getting poisoned even earlier, none of them moved .

“What do you plan to do?!” Maroon Wolf asked with an ugly expression .

“Do you even need to ask?” Little Seven looked at them as if they were idiots, “Tooth for tooth, an eye for an eye . Whatever you did to Little Dream back then, we will ask for it back today!”

“You dare!”

“What is there we don’t dare to do? Do you think that this is your devil realm where you’re in charge?”

“Dream Devil Beast, if you dare kill us, our devil wolf clan will never let you go! Even if you hide in the human realm, they’ll stop at nothing to dig you out!” Maroon Wolf threatened .

“Is that so? Just let them go ahead!” Sima You Yue said, “Maybe we won’t be able to wait for them . We’ll be the ones charging into the devil realm to get rid of your entire nest! You should worry about yourselves for now!”

Maroon Wolf looked at Sima You Yue . he didn’t know why, but when he looked at her, although she wasn’t a strong human, a chill still ran through his heart .

Could it be that they were really going to lose their lives here today?

“Little Dream, it’s about time . ” Sima You Yue said, “Be careful . ”

“Mm . ” Little Dream nodded as she was a single step away from flying down .

“Wait . ” Sima You Yue pulled on her . She took out Ling Long and said, “Let her accompany you . ”

Ling Long flew out from Sima You Yue’s hand and stopped in front of Little Dream .

Little Dream held onto Ling Long, got up and flew out .

The Dragon Array, one could enter but never exit . It rippled a little bit when Little Dream entered, then it settled down again .

The Devil Clansmen looked at her warily . With every step she took, they retreated a step .

“Dream Devil Beast, I’m advising you not to mess around! You know our devil wolf clan, you…”

“I do . Of course I know your devil wolf clan . Your characters are vicious, there’s nothing you dare not do . Your favourite thing to do is to exterminate clans . ” Little Dream said, “But so what? You have already killed my entire clan . Can you kill them again?”

As she spoke, she brandished Ling Long in her hands . The blade flew out, taking the life of one of those who lay on the ground .

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“Dream Devil Beast, don’t be rash . We can talk this over!”

As the time passed, they could feel their actions turning sluggish . With their devil energy suppressed, when faced with Little Dream, even if they had an advantage in numbers, they would not be able to fight back at all .

“Talk it over? That year when you exterminated my Dream Devil clan, did you ever think of talking things over? That year when you experimented on my body countless times, taking me over and over again, did you ever think of talking things over?!”

This was the first time that Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao heard of what happened back then . When they visualised what she said, their eyes couldn’t help but redden .

They just couldn’t imagine it . She watched as her clansmen died with her own eyes, was experimented on again and again yet was unable to die . Little Dream was still so young back then, how did she handle it?

With every word Little Dream said, she brandished Ling Long once . The group of devil wolves died under her blade .

Fresh blood splatter on her face, body and her hate-filled eyes . She looked just like she crawled up from hell .

“That year, you killed me but I couldn’t die . You also couldn’t obtain the item inside me, so you sealed my power and memories away . Then, you suppressed me in the Yilin Continent for a few hundreds of years . Have you ever thought of talking it over?!” Little Dream swung the blade again, “Right now, you tell me . What is there to say? Tell me, what is there to say?!”

Little Seven wasn’t by her side when Little Dream recovered her memories, so she didn’t see how crazy she was . Hearing her say these things now, she felt like her heart was going to break along with hers .

“Little Dream, don’t kill them with a single slash!” She kicked off with one foot and flew down as well . She landed beside her and looked at these people saying, “Allowing them to die in one hit is letting them off too easily . ”

“I’m joining too!” Flowey flew in too and stood beside Little Dream, “No matter what you want to do, count me in!”

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Although Little Dream was the one who had given her the name Flowey, and she had always felt like this name was too cheesy, it didn’t discount her current feelings of camaraderie .

Little Dream looked at Little Seven, looked at Flowey, then nodded, saying, “Little Seven is right . I’m letting them off too easily if I kill them in one hit . We already said to take a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye . I can’t let them die so easily, right, Maroon Wolf?”

Maroon Wolf saw Little Dream’s bloodthirsty smile and wanted to retreat . However, his body turned numb and he immediately fell .

“You . . ! What are you going to do?” He asked while trembling .

“Didn’t I say it? Tooth for tooth, eye for an eye . Whatever you did to me, I’m going to do to you . I will repay it to you bit by bit!”

Maroon Wolf recalled how he had once watched as she was dissected alive and was so afraid that he turned pale, crying out, “Don’t!”

“Am I going to stop just because you want me to? You’re no longer in charge!” Little Seven went up and stomped on his chest, saying, “Hmph, how many times did Little Dream cry out for you guys to stop? Did you agree? Whatever you didn’t do back then, don’t expect others to do for you!”

“Smack!” A vine grew in Flowey’s hand, and it flew maliciously and whipped them .

“Oh my, are we going to dissect something? I have no knife, though! Yue Yue-” Little Seven raised her head and shouted at Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue saw her playful expression and shook her head helplessly . She took out two knives and tossed them at her .

Flowey waved her whip and caught those two knives, pulling them over . She handed them to Little Seven and Ling Long morphed her body and turned into a knife as well .

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Right now, each of them had a knife .

“Alright, then let’s start!” Little Seven looked at Little Dream, then retreated to the side .

Those who had harmed Little Dream with their own hands would definitely have to be settled by her personally .

Little Dream walked over slowly and squatted beside Marron wolf . She toyed with the blade in her hand .

“Relax, Ling Long is very sharp . Although she’ll slice into your body, you won’t feel a thing . Those organs of yours? Even if I rip them to shreds, you’ll still look exactly the same .

Maroon Wolf trembled even more intensely when he heard her speak . He finally understood the emotions of the little girl who lay on the chopping block watching them .

The terror, despair, pain and struggle .

However, what he didn’t know was that after going through a few hundreds and thousands of tortures, the feeling she had when she looked at the blades was multiplied .

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