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Chapter 1077: 1077

Sima You Yue turned around to shoot Ximen Feng and Little Roar a glare, as if she was telling them that she could smell that they were talking about her . “Cough cough-” Ximen Feng coughed intentionally, acting as if he didn’t see Sima You Yue’s glare .

Little Seven patted Little Dream’s shoulder, saying, “You’re perfectly right . Who would care about these little guys at all!”

“Hmph! Ignorant humans!” The ghost clan sneered, “You will know in a moment, just how powerful the ghost clan is!”

“Noisy!” Little Dream gave a kick and flew into the sky . She snorted lightly as her voice droned on gently, but to the ears of the ghost clan, it was as if it was pressuring them .

“What voice is this?!” The ghost clansmen grabbed their ears and cried out . However, even though they covered their ears, the voice pierced straight through their brains . It was as if someone had taken a saw to their brains . It felt like their brains were going to explode!

“Is this a sound attack?” Feng Zhi watched Little Dream attack and asked excitedly .

“Something like that . ” Sima You Yue replied .

Little Dream’s specialty was on mental attacks . If you explained it, it was probably the same as saying that she was using a sound attack .

“Hurry and make her stop!” The ghost clansmen could stand it no longer as they cried out .

However, they were paralysed right now . Nobody had the ability to make Little Dream stop!



Someone could stand it no longer, and nobody knew what Little Dream was making them see that was causing them to commit suicide .

“So powerful!”

When those from Heartbreak Valley saw what was happening, they were stunned . The ghost clansmen were always incredibly difficult to defeat, much less kill themselves . They didn’t think that Little Dream would be able to accomplish that so easily .

It was at this moment that not too far away, the devil clan that was resting not too far away suddenly stood up .

“This… I didn’t sense it wrong, right?!” A red haired female cried out .

“Impossible!” Another devil clansman cried out, “We have already wiped out the dream devil clan, there’s no way they could appear here!”

“But this aura, that’s right . This is the aura that we experienced before in the devil realm!” The red haired girl cried out .

“But the dream devil clan has already been exterminated! There’s no way any more of them remain!”

“Has their clan really been exterminated?” Another red haired male stood up slowly, “Isn’t there one remaining still?”

“Luo Li, are you talking about the one who is neither dead nor alive and is trapped under the Yi Lin Continent?”

“That’s’ right . ” Luo Li said lightly, “That guy, isn’t she still alive?”

“But she’s been suppressed under the Yi Lin Continent! There’s no way she could escape!”

“What is there that is impossible? Did you see that she’s still there with your own eyes?” Luo Li said .

As he said this, everyone fell deep into contemplation . That was right . Although they knew that there was one dream devil clansmen still alive and trapped in the Yi Lin Continent, nobody had gone to check . After so many years had gone by, who knew whether or not she was still there .

If she wasn’t there, then this could very possibly be her!

Thinking about the treasure she had on her, they started to feel tempted one by one .

That was a treasure that everyone was gunning after, okay!

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“Since there’s a chance that it is her, we should take a look . ”

“That’s right, we’ll know if we just go and take a look!” Luo Li was the first to dash towards the direction after speaking .


“It hurts!”

“I can’t take it anymore!”

The ghost clansmen cried out nonstop . Those who could bear it still persevered, while those who could take it no longer committed suicide .

The bees who were far away saw that there were many people heading towards them along with some from the ghost clan, so they immediately reported it to Sima You Yue .

“Little Dream, there are people coming . Hurry up . ” Sima You Yue instructed Little Dream .

Little Dream nodded as she changed her tune to one that was even higher in pitch . The ones who were still holding on could finally take it no longer as they took out their own swords as well and committed suicide .


The ones who had been rampant were now killing themselves one by one . Faced with this scene, those from Heartbreak Valley looked at Sima You Yue with even more respect .

Beside her were so many powerful contracted beasts!

Very quickly, the thousand over ghost clansmen were killed off by Little Dream just like that . This display of her battle ability was just a drop in the bucket .

“Yue Yue, how did I do?!” Little Dream ran over as if she was asking for praise .

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“Little Dream, you’re the best!” Sima You Yue smiled as she praised her .

“Someone’s coming!” Wu Lingyu reminded them, “There are devil clansmen among them . ”

“Little Dream, do you want to go back and hide?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Why should I hide?” Little Dream asked .

“Eh…” Sima You Yue was speechless . How was she supposed to tell Little Dream that she was locked under the Yilin continent by devil clansmen? If she told them that, would she continue to try and find out about her identity?

“These people aren’t powerful enough . There’s no need to hide . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“But what if they spread out the news about Little Dream?” Sima You Yue was still a little worried .

“They can come but they will not be able to leave . How will they spread the news?” Wu Lingyu said, “In any case, even if they did spread word, the devil realm will not be able to do anything to you . After all, I’m here!”

Sima You yue smiled . That single sentence filled her heart with warmth .

“They’re here!”

Sima You Yue and the others looked towards the front where a few silhouettes hurriedly flashed over . The auras they had on them were slightly different from ghost clansmen . They gave off an oppressing feeling just by standing there .

“They’re all experts . ” Ximen Feng said .

“Just the few tens of them, they’re so little as compared to the thousand ghost clansmen . ” Bi Sheng said .

“Ah-” Little Dream saw the red hair from the few devil clansmen and suddenly clutched her head and cried out .

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“Little Dream, what’s wrong with you?!” Little Seven hurriedly grabbed onto Little Dream . She didn’t know what had gotten into her as she looked pleadingly at Sima You Yue .

Wu Lingyu walked over and placed both hands on Little Dreams head . After sending a bit of spirit energy through her, her eyes suddenly closed and she fell unconscious .

Sima You Yue took Little Dream and kept her away in the spirit pagoda .

Wu Lingyu looked at those devil clansmen and said, “These people had a part to play in sealing Little Dream away that year . ”

“Did seeing them jolt her memories?” Sima You Yue asked .

“It’s very possible!” Wu Lingyu said .

Sima You Yue’s eyes shone as she thought about the cruel side hidden in Little Dream’s memories . She didn’t wish for her to recall the events of the past .

If she recalled what happened in the past, would her happiness and naivete still be present today?

Only a minute or two had passed since Little Dream cried out to when Sima You Yue kept her away, but it was enough to confirm the suspicions of Luo Li and the others .

“So it is a dream devil clansman . ” Luo Li licked his eyes as his eyes shone . It was as if he was looking at prey .

“Who would have thought that after so many years, she would be able to find a way to break out of that . ” The red haired lady, Lolly, said with a sneer, “This is even better . It saves us the effort of going to the Yi Lin Continent to look for her!”

“I’m afraid that she wasn’t the one who broke herself out of there . ” Another devil clansman said, “It appears the human down there is her contracted master . ”

“Pfft, if the dream devil clan knew that their very last bloodline has recognised a human as a master, I wonder how angry they will be!” Lolly laughed .

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