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Chapter 1078: 1078

The dream devil clan that was once so high and mighty, the ones who turned up their noses at everyone, the ones who most disdained humankind . If they knew that one had recognised a human as its master, everyone who heard it would treat it as a joke!“You guys tell me, if the contracted master dies and the contracted beast dies, will that item that has been linked to her body still be useful?” Someone asked .

“I’m not sure . ” Lolly said, “We did all of that to her in the past but she didn’t die . Who knows, the thing that has been ordained onto her body might be useless!”

“I feel like that’s really possible!” Another devil clansman said, “Although there is a treasure protecting her heart, no matter what treasure it is, it can’t defeat the heavenly law, right?!”

“We’ll know if we try, right!” Luo Li said .

“We have to kill that human?”

“It won’t be easy to kill her, but isn’t it easy to kill a human?” Lolly didn’t think anything of Sima You Yue .

“Let’s settle it first . After we obtain the dream devil clansman, we’re not to fight internally . Otherwise, don’t blame me for being malicious!” Luo Li warned everyone with a glare .

“Let’s obtain the treasure before discussing how we should split it . ”

“If I kill that human, will I get more of the dividends?” A seductive female smiled as she looked at Sima You Yue, eyes filled with a dense killing intent .

“Hmph, Hua Niang, don’t even think about it . You want to gain more profit just by killing a tiny weak human? How could we let you reap such great benefits?!”

“Aren’t I asking for everyone’s opinion now?” Hua Niang fluttered her lashes at them and tossed them a coquettish glance .

“Hmph!” The other devil clansmen didn’t buy her act .

Sima You Yue heard them discussing who was going to kill her, and the smile on her face grew .

Very good, they really were the devil clan . They didn’t even need to speak much before directly discussing who would take her life .

However, was her life so easy to take?!

“Yue Yue, let me!” Flowey was in the spirit pagoda and his voice contained unconcealed hatred .

“What’s wrong, Flowey? Why are you so agitated?” Sima You Yue asked .

“These people have tried to kill me before . If not because they couldn’t find my true root, I would no longer exist!” Flowey raged .

Right now, they could be taken to be fatal enemies .

“They beat you so badly the last time . If you go out now, would you be able to defeat them?!” Thousand Resonance was worried .

“There were so many of them the last time along with a few experts . This time, they will not have outside help!” Flowey spat, “Yue Yue, I will be able to defeat them . Let me handle this! I have to avenge my hatred, I have to take revenge for Little Dream!”

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Sima You Yue saw how resolute Flowey was and that he was confident as well, so she called him out .

“Yet another little lady!” A person from heartbreak valley saw Sima You Yue call out Little Flowey and said in a hushed tone .

Flowey, Little Seven and Little Dream were not the same . Little Seven and Little Dream were those who appeared small just by looking at them . Their faces were like immature children . However, Flowey had already grown up . It was just that she was small in stature and still looked young .

Luo Li and the others had only seen Flowey when she was at her original state, before she had evolved . That was why they didn’t recognise Flowey in human form .

“Flowey, these bad bullies want to kill Yue Yue!” Little Roar shouted to Flowey from Ximen Feng’s shoulder .

He wasn’t a combat-type spirit beast from the start, and was a lot weaker in terms of battle strength as compared to others . Adding on to that, the fact that his wounds hadn’t completely healed, there was no way he could involve himself in battle . The most he could do was to call Flowey to action .

“Hmph, just those few little worms dare to kill my master!” Flowey sneered, “It just so happens that I can settle my old grudge today as well! At that time, you destroyed my real body . Today, I will let your blood pay for your sins!”

“Old grudge?!” The demon clansmen didn’t know what Flowey was talking about . However, when they saw Flowey’s original appearance, they finally understood what the old grudge was referring to .

Flowey’s ten fingers transformed into ten shoots of rattan . Countless more spread out from each shoot, and then those shoots were filled with flowers that were as tall as a human . Every flower was coloured with golden veins, revealing Flowey’s identity .

“Man-eating Flower King!” Hua Niang was a plant-type devil beast as well and instinctively trembled when she saw the Man-eating flower king .

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Luo Li and the others didn’t think that they would encounter the man-eating flower king here . They thought about how she had spoken earlier on about settling old grudges and recalled how they had once killed a man-eating flower as they cried out, “You’re that man-eating flower! Didn’t we kill you off back then?”

“Hmph, that year, you burnt away all my shoots . It was a pity that you failed to find my core shoot and didn’t manage to get rid of me, causing me to become the man-eating flower king instead!” Flowey glared hatefully at them .

“Since we helped you to become the man-eating flower king, you should thank us instead of trying to settle an old grudge!” Lolly said self righteously, as if Flowey coming to take revenge was ingratitude .

Sima You Yue noticed that the moment Flowey emerged, the opponent’s aura was immediately diminished quite a bit . It wasn’t as unbridled as before when it seemed to want to kill them .

It seemed like as long as they found their nemesis, they would be like snakes turned into worms, crawling on the ground .

Actually, it wasn’t strange for the devil clansmen to be terrified . The man-eating flower king was worlds apart from an average man-eating flower . The man-eating flower king could produce an unlimited number of new shoots, you could say that it was limitless . A single one of her fighting was equivalent to a hundred thousand people fighting . If this kind of battle ability did not meet Sima You Yue, her arch nemesis, she could have toppled the devil realm .

Needless to say, after forming a contract with Sima You Yue, she became incomparably stronger after increasing in rank . Right now, she had grown even stronger than before .

“In that case, I will kill you as well . Then, I will let you turn into ghost emperors . You can thank me after that!” After Flowey finished speaking, countless flowers attacked the devil clansmen .

The first one to die was Hua Niang . As a plant-type beast as well, she lost her attacking ability in front of Flowey . She was defeated in a heartbeat .

Although Luo Li and the others did everything they could to fight back and destroyed quite a few of Flowey’s flowers, they couldn’t hold up under the sheer amount of flowers . Furthermore, those few flowers did nothing to Flowey .

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“Ah-” Lolly was surrounded by a few tens of flowers and destroyed a few before being eaten up by the remaining ones .

Inside the flower contained numerous tiny little teeth, each one filled with poison . The moment a person was eaten by the flower, he would be rendered numb immediately and lose all sense of movement . He would have to watch with his eyes wide open as he was eaten by the flower into nothingness .

There were a few tens of devil clans and Flowey spent a few tens of minutes before she managed to settle all of them . He saw that the people below were all stunned .

“So ridiculously powerful!” Someone exclaimed numbly .

“I wonder who’s more powerful, she or Little Dream!”

“No matter who’s more powerful, they’re both more powerful that we are!”

“That’s true . ”

“Vice Valley Leader is still the most powerful . All the powerful contracted beasts are his!”

“Is our Vice Valley Leader still human? Why do I feel like we’re not followers of a human, but a God?”

“Save it, gods are just rumors . Vice Valley Leader exists right here . Hehe, it’s a good thing that he’s our Vice Valley Leader . If he were our enemy, we’d want to cry!”

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