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Chapter 1064: 1064

When Wu Lingyu pointed to a group of people in white as Bu Suan Zi, Sima You Yue’s mouth opened in surprise . “Bu Suan Zi is a sect?”

“It can’t be considered a sect, but there are masters and disciples . ” Wu Lingyu looked at Sima You Yue’s surprised look . “What did you think it was?”

“I had thought it was a person, someone who can understand the heavenly dao . ” Sima You Yue pursed her lips . “Does it mean that they can all do divinations?”

“Actually you are not wrong . If one wants to be a Divination Operator, they must have talent; they must be able to sense things that we can’t and make a deduction . ” Wu Lingyu explained .

“Does this world have a lot of people with this kind of talent?” Sima You Yue asked .

This world is so big, but there really are not that many people with this kind of talent . Even if they can deduce where these people are and find them, the sect is still small, and… . ”

“And what?” Sima You Yue pursued .

“Their talent is bestowed by heaven . If they want to use this talent, they have to pay a price . ” Wu Lingyu looked at the white clothes people sympathetically .

“What’s the price?” Sima You Yue asked curiously .

“Their cultivation can only reach the Divine rank, cannot live past five hundred and they cannot have offspring . ”

Sima You Yue was startled, such a heavy price?

“So these people were destined when they were born?”

“No, they have choice . ” Wu Lingyu said . “I heard they were no different from normal people before they became divination operators . It seems they have to unlock this kind of talent, and from then their destiny would be changed . As for the specifics, I’m not too sure too . ”

On normal days, these people lived in secret and did not have much contact with others . If anyone wanted to find them, they would have to go to their sect to find them . Those people would have to wait outside the gate of the divination operators . They could not enter the gate and must leave after receiving news and could not stay . So outsiders knew little about the divination operators .

Because they could predict major events in the future as well as the time and location of the immortal lands and Little Realms, they have a transcendent position in the continent . Even the people in the inter regions didn’t dare to do anything to them .

If someone were to really find trouble with them, they would predict it in advance . When those people arrived, they would leave an empty door for them or what would await for these people would be joint operation from many forces to kill them .

Sima You Yue listened to Wu Lingyu as he explained it to her . She became more and more curious about the divination operators . But she didn’t bother them when she saw them meditating .

“When will they arrive?”

“Feng’er said they are rushing over . If we go out now, we can come back with them . ” Sima You Yue said .

Both of them had came ahead to check the situation . Ximen Feng and Bi Sheng stayed behind to gather people . The people they were waiting for were almost here .

“Then let’s go back . ”

The two quietly left the crowds and went outside to meet Ximen Feng and the group .

Ten of thousands of forces gathered at the flaming mountain . With millions of people gathered together, their actions were not obvious .

However, when a group of bird clan races over the air carrying several hundred people, the scene attracted a lot of people’s attention .

“Huh, who are these people?”

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“I don’t recognize anyone from this force!”

“Which force is this?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s a newly developed force . ”

“Look at their flying beasts, they don’t seem to be something owned by a new force . ” Someone pointed out .

Those were all high level sacred beast mounts that could not easily be brought out by ordinary forces!

“You can see the strength of these people aren’t low . It’s not likely a new force . ” Some people noticed that the strength of the above-mentioned people had monarch rank strength and some with upper level monarch rank .

“This strength should have some ranking in the inner regions . Why haven’t I heard of them before?”

A large force usually developed itself from a small force . If it wanted to develop, it would need to be able to move across the continent . It was impossible for a force like this to suddenly appear without any news of it .

“Look, isn’t that Sima You Yue from the Heavenly sect?” Someone called out after recognizing Sima You Yue riding a flying beast .

“It’s really him!”

“Why is he with them?”

“He was the first flying beast to appear . Could it be that he formed the force?”

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“How is that possible?!” Someone immediately denied . “Although he is very powerful, no matter what, how could a youngster create a force .

“But with so many flying beasts, who can do it except him?”

“Make sense . ”

“I still think it’s possible . ”

For a while, the public said the public was reasonable, the old woman said the old woman was reasonable . Everyone had their own opinions . However no matter what they thought, they shared a strong interest in this force .

“Look at that person, is he Fu Yi?” Someone pointed at one of them and called out .

“Fu Yi? Didn’t he escape from Blood Fiend City?” Someone asked .

“Ever since Blood Fiend City was razed to the ground, Fu Yi had disappeared . I didn’t expect him to join this force! Humph, if I encounter him today, I must pass judgement on him!”

“Blood Fiend City…” Someone mouthed the name, and suddenly his eyes lit up . “Do you still remember the events of the Blood Fiend City back then?”

“You mean the place that was razed by the lightning tribulation for a long time?”


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“What are you thinking of?”

“Blood Fiend City was razed down by the lightning tribulation . When we arrived, it had become an empty city . Didn’t you notice something about it?”

“Don’t keep us in suspense . Tell us, what are you saying?” Someone urged .

“I once heard from someone long ago . The things that happened in the Dark Forest were caused by Sima You Yue . The most memorable event was that thunder lightning killed most of the people .

“Oh, I understand what you mean! You are saying that Sima You Yue caused the situation with Blood Fiend City? Could all the people in the city be struck to death?”

“Are you stupid? Even if you’re struck by lightning, your remains will be left behind . When we got there, did you see people struck to death by lightning?”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I mean, Sima You Yue was the one who took the people away! As for what actually happened in Blood Fiend City, you can ask him!”

“Forget it! If I offended him with this, then it would be regretful!”

When Sima You Yue and the group flew over, they were greeted by many pairs of curious eyes, a constant stream of comments and a few hateful gazes .

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