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Chapter 1046: 1046


elder seventeen lowered his head in disbelief, he stared at the arm that went right through his chest .

“wh, why?” after he finished one sentence, his blood poured out, a trace of blood dripped from his mouth .

“if they let you go and fetch all the disciples, that can only mean that you’ve been exposed . ” that person drew back his own arm and took out his heart at the same time .


fresh blood flew out from the big hole from his chest and splashed all over the floor .

“i… i…” elder seventeen knelt down on one knee, opened his mouth but nothing came out, his body turned and fell onto the group and died just like that .

“useless, there’s no point keeping your family anyway . ” that person took out a handkerchief and cleaned the fresh blood on his hands then congealed a flame to burn the handkerchief, he sighed faintly and disappeared .

when sima you yue and the rest rushed there, only elder seventeen’s corpse was left .

with one look, they could confirm that elder seventeen was dead .

“we came a step late . ” ying bai chuan said unwillingly .

“you yue, did scarlet bees hear any information?” liang wu ming questioned .

sima you yue shook her head, “they didn’t say anything useful, i’ll check and tell you guys about their conversation . ”

they walked over to elder seventeen’s body and felt that his body still had some warmth and used their divine knowledge to investigate into his body .

“what is he doing?” xiao jing zhong asked .

“checking on seventeen’s memory . ” liang wu ming said .

“that works? but didn’t elder seventeen already die?”

“should be able to . ” ying bai chuan continued, “not sure if we can find any information . ”

everyone watched sima you yue, after she was done with checking and they knew the result just by seeing her facial expression .

“you didn’t get any useful information, right?” xiao jing zhong asked .

“mm . ” sima you yue nodded, “the other party is very cautious, he didn’t leave any information, even elder seventeen don’t even know who he was . ”

“what did you get from his memory?” liang wu ming asked .

“they found elder seventeen three months ago . they caught elder seventeen’s family members and threatened him to pass the intels to a guy wearing black . other than the guy who wore black killed him, he never met anyone before . he doesn’t know what forces or where they are from . ” sima you yue told them what she saw in the memories .

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“seventeen is someone who values his family members, they caught his weakness . ” tang yi commented .

“other than the guy in black, there isn’t any useful information from elder seventeen . ” sima you yue said .

“but now that the other party killed him, his family members definitely wouldn’t be spared . ” ying bai chuan said sadly .

“bai chuan, give a proper burial to seventeen’s body . ”

“yes, master . ” ying bai chuan responded .

“you yue, you continue to monitor the valley’s every movement with scarlet bees, report to me once you find any suspicion . ” liang wu ming ordered .

“valley master, do you think there’s another traitor in the valley?” xiao jing zhong asked .

“the opponent wouldn’t know seventeen is exposed for no reason, this means that he is still getting intel from someone else . ” liang wu ming continued, “let’s get everybody out here . ”

everyone parted their ways, sima you yue helped ying bai chuan to bury elder seventeen, seeing ying bai chuan’s sad expression, she knew he couldn’t bear it .

“senior brother ying, don’t be sad . ”

“elder seventeen has always taken care of me, didn’t expect that…” ying bai chuan’s voice became hoarse, his eyes turned red, he was enraged and hurt .

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“i can tell from elder seventeen’s memory that he is very loyal to divine devil valley . ” sima you yue patted ying bai chuan’s shoulder, “he was wrong at the part where after he knew that his family got captured, he should have told valley master, everyone will think of a way . now that he’s dead, his family won’t be spared . ”

“no matter who is it, i’ll definitely catch them!” ying bai chuan clenched his fist .

after they buried elder seventeen’s body, sima you yue swatted her hands and said, “let’s go and meet martial uncle . there were too many people around just now and i didn’t have a chance to tell him anything . ”

“do you still have any useful information?”

“no, there’s only some doubts that i want to let martial uncle know . ” sima you yue continued, “let’s go . ”

the news about elder seventeen betraying divine devil valley spreaded quickly, when everyone knew about it, they sighed with sorrow . everyone loved this elder, but they didn’t expect it would turn out this way .

when sima you yue and ying bai chuan came to liang wu ming’s room, they saw him staring in blank space .

sima you yue remembered what ying bai chuan just said, liang wu ming was nurtured by elder seventeen, they had deep connection, with all this happening, he must be sad .

liang wu ming saw them coming in and kept his emotions and asked, “why are you guys here?”

“just now there were too many people, i have yet to tell martial uncle about something . ” sima you yue continued, “i found some uncommon places in elder seventeen’s memory, not sure if that’s any useful . ”

“what did you find out?”

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“in elder seventeen’s memory, that guy who communicated with him, he looked like those guys that i’ve seen in cloud sea city . ” sima you yue said .

liang wu ming and ying bai chuan were surprised, “are you sure?”

sima you yue nodded, “their figure doesn’t look like, but the smell is similar to those people, seems like they are one organisation . ”

“if that’s the case, then it’s the people from the inner region!” ying bai chuan continued, “not sure what happened in the past few years with those in the inner regions, they keep meddling with central regions’ matters and stir so much commotion, what are they thinking?”

“there must be a big turmoil in the inner regions, that’s why they want to meddle into central regions . ” liang wu ming continued, “but they can’t meddle with inner regions’ affairs for no reason, so they thought of provoking incidents which gives them the reason to fight . ”

“this past few years, the central region has been in so much turmoil, there are some forces contacting the inner region’s powerful people . ” ying bai chuan continued, “if it’s the inner region who did that, then cloud cave and kong valley might not be their allies . ”

“there’s too little clues right now, all these are just my guesses . ” sima you yue continued, “but kong valley had problems too, i heard that someone got poisoned by the poison from our valley . ”

“if we confirm that this is done by kong valley, people from kong valley will think that we poisoned them, then both clans might fight . ” ying bai chuan said worriedly .

“kong valley is fine . ” sima you yue continued, “i already asked someone to handle the things there . they might send someone to contact us soon . ”

“oh? you already settled it?”

“yes . ” sima you yue continued, “if they send someone, please martial uncle, don’t make things difficult for them . ”

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