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Chapter 1047: Chapter 1047 - Come Back to Keep You Company
Chapter 1047 Come Back to Keep You Company

“Are You Still Contacting People From Kong Valley?” Liang Wu Ming Asked Flabbergasted .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue Continued, “That Day, Our Disciples Were Ambushed, Kong Valley’s Member Was There, So I Asked Someone to Check Secretly . I Found Out That They Have Problems There Too, So I Asked Someone to Mediate It . ”

“Can That Person Successfully Mediate It?” Ying Bai Chuan Asked Worriedly .

If This Problem Isn’t Solved, It Would Be Hard to Come Into Terms When Both Forces Might Become Enemies the Next Time .

“Don’t Worry! His Status in Kong Valley is High . ” Sima You Yue Continued, “So You Don’t Have to Worry About Kong Valley . ”

“Thank You, You Yue . ”

“You’re Welcome, Martial Uncle, You’re Already Busy Nowadays and I Didn’t Do Anything to Help the Valley, It’s Time for Me to Do Something . ” Sima You Yue Smiled .

“if the Inner Region Gets Involved, This Problem Won’t Be Easily Solved . ” Ying Bai Chuan Said .

They Couldn’t Find the Reason for the Problem in Cloud Sea City, So They Guessed They Couldn’t Find Anything This Time Too .

“I Think Our Current Priority is Not to Check Who Did It, It Will Be Difficult to Investigate Since It is Associated With the Forces From Inner Regions . ” Sima You Yue Continued, “What We Have to Do Now is to Resolve the Crisis, Don’t Let Them Get Their Way . ”

“What You Said is Right . We Need to Move Our Focus . ” Liang Wu Ming Said, “We Need to Discuss This in Detail . ”

Sima You Yue Didn’t Participate Much After That, Although She Still Had Scarlet Bees Monitoring Everything in Divine Devil Valley, but the Opponent Seemed to Know Their Motive, So There Wasn’t Any Movement at All, Until One of the in Charge in Divine Devil Valley Got Killed .

It Was the Same This Time, They Didn’t Get Any Useful Information at All, but They Confirmed Who Was the Spy in Divine Devil Valley . After That, This Whole Thing Became Still .

They Investigated the Truth Behind the Set Up and Resolved the Grudges That Shouldn’t Exist With Other Forces, All These Things Didn’t Need Her to Handle, So She Became Bored Again, She Visited Those Injured Ones and Checked on Their Recovery When She Had Nothing to Do .

“You’re Healing Well . ” Sima You Yue Smiled While Checking Yun Yi’s Health .

Yun Yi Smiled as He Moved His Hands and Felt the Strength .

“Thank You, if You Didn’t Use the Way of Silver Needles to Help Me Regulate Bodily Function, I Think I Would Have Become a Cripple . ” He Looked at Her in Gratitude .

“I Can Only Say That I’m Very Happy to Help You Guys . ” Sima You Yue Continued, “but That’s All I Can Do, but for the Others, It’s Beyond My Power, I Can Only Watch Them…”

“You Treated Those Who Had Broken Veins From Hands and Legs, Everyone is Very Grateful Towards You . ” Yun Yi’s Voice Sounded Hurt, “Don’t Blame Yourself, You Can’t Help Them to Reborn Limbs for Those With Broken Hands and Legs, This Isn’t Your Fault . ”

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue Nodded, She Was Indeed Helpless to Some of Them . “Oh Right, the Assessment is Back on Schedule, Be Well Prepared . ”

“It’s Time for the Assessment Again?” Yun Yi Was Shocked, He Thought That With These Problems, Valley Wouldn’t Resume the Assessment .

“Yes . Because Nobody Can Find Out What’s the Problem, So Valley Decided to Resume Back to Normal Daily Lives and Activities . ” Sima You Yue Continued, “but the Date Has Not Been Set Yet, They Are Still Looking at the Recovery Phase of You Guys . ”

“I’m Much Better Already, Others Should Be the Same . ” Yun Yi Continued, “Since the Assessment is Coming, Then I Can’t Slack Anymore, I Need to Train for a Period of Time . ”

“True . But Don’t Tire Yourself Out, You Have to Have Balance in Training and Rest . We’ll Make a Move First . ” Sima You Yue Stood Up and Bade Goodbye .

After Leaving Yun Yi’s Courtyard, She Turned a Few Corners and Found Little Seven and Got Her to Follow Her Back .

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Little Seven Was Currently Very Fond of Alchemy Hall Because Everywhere Were Filled With Treasure Pills, She Might Be Able to Get Something Nice to Eat From Time to Time .

Alright, Those Pills’ Medicinal Ingredients Were Only Comparable to Carrots for Her .

Members From Alchemy Hall Were More Respectful Towards Sima You Yue, So It Was More Favourable to Little Seven Too . It Was Only Built on the Foundation of Sima You Yue, if They Knew Her Actual Identity and Strength, They Would Love Her More .

“What Nice Things Did You Find?” Sima You Yue Saw How Happy She Was and Knew Immediately She Was in a Good Mood .

“Hehe, Just Some Big Carrots . ” Little Seven Then Put the Medicine Ingredients in Sima You Yue’s Hands, “I Want to Eat Sweets . ”

Sima You Yue Kept the Medicine Ingredients and Said, “Let’s Go, I’ll Refine Sweets for You . ”

Sweets Were Very Simple to Refine, After Purifying the Medicine Ingredients Then It Could Be Refined, There Was No Need to Add Any Other Things . Little Seven Loves to Eat This Kind of Pill .

After They Went Back to the Courtyard, They Already Felt Someone Inside Before They Even Stepped in .

“Someone is Inside . ” Little Seven Said .

Sima You Yue Smiled When She Sensed the Person Inside, a Smile Hung on Her Face, She Pushed the Door Open and Walked Inside . Once She Stepped in, She Saw the Person Who Was Sitting in the Courtyard .

“Senior Brother, Why Are You Here? Is the Problem at Sage Pavilion Settled?” She Walked Over and Sat Beside Him .

Little Seven Tactfully Ran Outside to Play .

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When Sima You Yue Was About to Sit Down, She Was Pulled by Wu Lingyu and Sat in His Embrace .

He Locked Her Head and Gave Her a Long Kiss Before He Released Her .

“I Miss You Already . ” Wu Lingyu Rested His Head on Her Neck .

“I Miss You Too . ” Sima You Yue Held His Shoulders, “You Haven’t Answered Me Yet, is Everything Settled at Sage Pavilion?”

“Mm . They Sent Another Pavilion Master Over . ” Wu Lingyu Said .

“Aren’t You the Holy Son? Shouldn’t You Be the Pavilion Master After Shao Yun Xiao Died?” Sima You Yue Said in Surprise .

“I Rejected . ” Wu Lingyu Stroked Her Body .


“if I’m the Pavilion Master, I’ll Be Busy, Then I Won’t Have Time to Come Back . ” Wu Lingyu Continued, “if That’s the Case, Then I Won’t Be Able to Keep You Company Next Time . ”

Sima You Yue Eyes Lit Up, Held on His Face and Said, “You’re Saying That You Can Keep Me Accompanied All the Way Next Time?”

“for the Next Few Years . ”


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Wu Lingyu Nodded, a Smile Hung on the Corner of His Lips When He Saw the Happiness in Her Eyes .

Sima You Yue Excitedly Gave a Peck on His Cheeks After Getting a Confirmed Answer, Expressing Her Excitement .

When She Was About to Pull Back, He Locked Her Head and Kissed Both Her Lips, Feeling Her Beauty .

He Then Released Her After a While, a Silver Thread Ambiguous Was Threaded by Both Their Lips and Teeth .

“You’re Really Able to Not Go Back for Long? What About Sage Pavilion?”

“the New Pavilion Master’s Relationship With Me is Good, So I Don’t Have to Hover Around Him to Show My Existence . ” Wu Lingyu Said Faintly .

Sima You Yue Knew After Seeing Him Like This, That They Wouldn’t Be in an Ordinary Relationship, That He Should Be His Member or Someone That Would Be Controlled by Him .

Regardless, He Could Keep Her Company, That’s Great!

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