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Chapter 1042: 1042
Chapter 1042 Blood Ring’s status

Divine Devil Valley was very big, bigger than she thought, it takes at least a few days to walk one round .

Ying Bai Chuan took her to all the different halls, once they heard about it, they were all excited, they disregarded Ying Bai Chuan’s indifference and gathered in groups of three and fours to get a peek of Sima You Yue .

They were all professionals, although they were arrogant high up above at times, in front of people with power, they sincerely admired them . Such talented like Sima You Yue, they admired her from the bottom of their hearts .

Sima You Yue met someone familiar in Alchemy Hall, it reminded her of her family in Restless Continent .

“Yun Yi has met Young Valley Master . ” Yun Yi bowed in greeting to Sima You Yue, they hadn’t met in over a decade but he was still the same, hadn’t changed at all .

“Yun Yi, you’re here too . ” Sima You Yue walked towards him happily seeing him .

“Yun Yi is Alchemy Hall Elder’s disciple . ” Ying Bai Chuan said .

“Yun Yi, have you visited the Restless Continent in the past years?” Sima You Yue questioned .

“I visited once, two years back . ” Yun Yi replied, “Your clan members are doing well, they have already settled down in Restless Continent, you don’t have to worry about them . ”

“That’s great . ” Sima You Yue felt relieved, it wasn’t that she never thought of getting her clan to come up here, but it was because their strengths were limited, although they relied on the past powers, if they came up here, they would be pressured and weak .

After careful consideration, she felt that it would be better for them to live in the continent below, if someone’s power increased and came to this continent, then she would help them .

“I visited them before I came here, oof, they were still asking about you . ” Yun Yi pointed to the pavilion in the courtyard, they chatted while they walked towards the pavilion . “Lucky for me that your news would be spreaded in the valley from time to time, if not, I don’t know how to answer their questions”

“Thank you, Yun Yi . ” Sima You Yue said in gratitude .

“You’re welcome, Young Valley Master, this is my job . I didn’t do much anyway, I only told them some of your stories . ” Yun Yi smiled .

“Are You Qing and the rest doing well?” Sima You Yue asked .

“They are fine, they said they miss you . ” Yun Yi continued, “Their strength has been increasing quite fast for the past few years, I’m guessing there will be people coming up here in the next few years . ”

“Really?!” Sima You Yue was elated for them, their future would be better if they could come up here .

“Their skills are good . ” Yun Yi said .

“I know . ” Sima You Yue nodded, she gave them Tendon and Marrow cleansing pills which changed their skills, it was expected that they would be stronger than any others .

“Let me know when you’re going back to the next time . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Do you need me to help you with something?” Yun Yi asked .

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“Mm, if you are going down again, help me bring some stuff and words down . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Okay . ”

Sima You Yue and Yun Yi didn’t chat much as she needed to visit other halls, so they bidded farewell .

In one day, Sima You Yue and the other two didn’t really visit many halls because Ying Bai Chuan had to settle some stuff for the evaluation so they had to push back the visitings of other halls .

Ying Bai Chuan was already helping Liang Wu Ming with the valley’s affair, it wasn’t the first time they held the evaluation, from the past experience, it wouldn’t be difficult to settle it, just that some of the trivial things had to be handled .

Sima You Yue followed Ying Bai Chuan, she casually gave some suggestions when he was handling some of the things, that suggestion made Ying Bai Chuan and everybody involved in the evaluation brightened their eyes .

After those managers left, Ying Bai Chuan looked at Sima You Yue, laughed and shaked his head, “I have to let Master know that you’re strong and capable in management . Valley’s affair should be managed by you . ”

“I don’t like to do those things . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Did Senior Brother Ying just sell me out?”

Ying Bai Chuan stared at Sima You Yue and said, “If I really tell him that, you would have already run away . ”

Sima You Yue laughed, “Senior Brother, you know me well . ”

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If Liang Wu Ming really let her handle Valley’s affair, she might really leave .

She didn’t like to manage this kind of thing, although it made people feel that they had more rights,she just didn’t like it .

If she had that kind of energy, she might as well go back and manage her own clan .

“But you are the Young Valley Master, sooner or later, you’ll have to manage Valley’s affair with me . ” Ying Bai Chuan continued, “Are you intending to let me bear all the responsibilities by myself?”

“Senior Brother, what’s your keepsake?” Sima You Yue didn’t reply to him and asked him a question instead .

Ying Bai Chuan showed her the White jade thumb ring in his hand .

“It looks the same as my thumb ring, just that the colour is different . ” Sima You Yue said while looking at his ring and compared it with hers .

“No, mine is different from yours . ” Ying Bai Chuan continued, “My jade thumb ring is not as… erm… evil . ”

“Evil?” Sima You Yue lifted her left hand and stared at the Blood thumb ring, that blood red indeed made people feel a little evil . “How is this evil?”

“I heard from Master that the people that Blood Ring chose from the past went overboard . ” Ying Bai Chuan continued, “But when I look at you, you don’t look like someone who will go overboard . ”

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“Went overboard? How?” Sima You Yue felt fearful, she remembered that time when Blood thumb ring chose her, she had a hallucination, a beauty and a human skeleton .

“Those people always said there will be hallucination to the extent that sometimes they don’t know how to differentiate whether it’s hallucination or reality and become crazy . ” Ying Bai Chuan said .

“So terrible?!” Little Seven softly called out, “Yue Yue, don’t tell me that you’ve also become like that?”

“I don’t feel anything . Do you feel that I’m abnormal at times?” Sima You Yue asked .

Little Seven gave it a serious thought and said, “Not for now . ”

“Junior Brother is mentally strong, you won’t be so easy to be controlled . ” Ying Bai Chuan said, “With that, those who have the Blood thumb ring will be the true Young Valley Master of Divine Devil Valley, which is also the future Valley Master . ”

“The Blood Ring’s status is that high?”

“Yes, rumour has it that the Blood Ring has a secret connected to Divine Devil Valley, but throughout many years, nobody is truly acknowledged by Blood thumb ring as nobody can control it, that’s why for so many years, nobody ever knew what is the secret of the Blood thumb ring . ” Ying Bai Chuan continued, “Maybe, you can uncover this secret . ”

“Err… Senior Brother Ying, when you put it this way, it makes me feel pressured!” Sima You Yue said embarrassingly .

She looked at the Blood thumb ring on her hand, it felt like the blood red colour had come to life, it emitted a faint smell as if it was going to swallow her .

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