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Chapter 1043: 1043
Chapter 1043 The Rebirth of Mishap

“Yue Yue? Yue Yue?”

In a daze, Sima You Yue felt someone pulling her hand . Little Seven’s anxious voice made her sober .

She lowered her head and saw Little Seven’s worried face .

“What happened?”

Little Seven noticed Sima You Yue was awake . She let out a long breath . “It’s good that you came back to your senses . Just now, you were staring at the blood and pointed at it . The very next moment, you went in a daze . You wouldn’t snap out of it no matter how I called . ”

“I went into a daze?” Sima You Yue said in surprise .

“Yes . ” Ying Bai Chuan replied . “You had an out of body sensation . You didn’t respond when I called you a few times . What happened to you?”

“I…” Sima You Yue frowned, “I just seemed to have lost my mind . ”

“Have you ever had this situation before?” Ying Bai Chuan asked with a bit of worry .

Sima You Yue shook her head . “Never before . When it first recognized me as its owner, I saw a different scene . Unlike this time, I saw nothing . ”

“Maybe you’re loss control in an instant because I told you the blood ring is evil and you were curious . ” Ying Bai Chuan reasoned . “Your divine sense is so strong . You probably won’t lose control . ”

“Perhaps . ” Sima You Yue shrugged . She didn’t take this episode to heart .

Following Ying Bai Chuan for a few days . Sima You Yue was roughly clear on the structure of the Divine Devil Valley .

The entire Divine Devil Valley is divided into outer disciples and inner disciples . Most of the inner disciples of the valley were professionals – alchemists, armament masters, array masters, beast tamers, and etc . A small portion of them were extremely talented spirit masters . The outer disciples were like Feng Dong who took the responsibility of guarding the safety of Divine Devil Valley .

In addition to the Divine Devil Valley, there were some branches and shops distributed in various places . There were numerous disciples that had low status in the Divine Devil Valley which they regarded as outer disciples .

After a few days of preparation, the day of assessment finally approached . Those disciples who performed tasks outside returned to the inner valley one after another .

In the past two days, Ying Bai Chuan was getting busier and busier . In order to not disturb him, Sima You Yue stayed in the Old Man Devil’s courtyard .

“Yue Yue, Yue Yue!” Little Seven ran in from outside .

Sima You Yue watched as Little Seven sped through . She raised her head to ask, “What’s the matter, running so anxiously . ”

“It’s Brother Yun Yi . Something happened to him . ” Little Seven spoke .

“What happened to Yun Yi?” Sima You Yue put the book down and stood up quickly .

She hadn’t been out in the courtyard for the past two days . Little Seven had run off to play by herself and soon got acquainted with the valley’s disciples .

“Brother Yun Yi got hurt, it seems to be quite serious . Do you want to go and see?” Little Seven said .

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“Why is Yun Yi hurt?” Sima You Yue put the book away and followed Little Seven to the Alchemy Hall .

“I don’t know . I was playing with them when I saw two people carrying brother Yun Yi in . ” Little Seven explained . “He was bleeding a lot and his clothes were dyed red . ”

“The assessment is about to start soon . How could he be injured at this time?” Sima You Yue was confused but she hurried over .

“Young Valley Master . ” When the people of the Alchemy Hall saw Sima You Yue, they made way for her to enter .

Sima You Yue entered the room and observed Yun Yi who was pale and dying, lying on the bed .

Xiao Jing Zhong and He Wen along with Yun Yi’s master were around the bed . Ying Bai Chuan stood at the side . When he noticed Sima You Yue entered, he spoke, “Why are you here?”

“Little Seven said that Yun Yi was injured, so I came to see . ” Sima You Yue glanced at Yun Yi, who appeared to be in a serious condition . “There’s two more days until the assessment, how did he get injured?”

“It’s the doing of Cloud Cave!” Yun Yi’s senior brother, Xiang Kai, clenched his fists . “I went outside the valley with Yun Yi . I didn’t expect to meet people from Cloud Cave on the way back . They saw that our numbers were few, so they wanted to kill us . In the end, it was Yun Yi who forced the way out for us . But he…”

Xiang Kai’s eyes reddened .

“Cloud Cave?” Sima You Yue frowned . “Are the people we killed at the Little Realm of Wenhai from Cloud Cave?”

“Yes, it was them . ” Xiang Kai replied . “We killed them all at that time . Although there was no direct evidence that we did it . Cloud Cave has been troubling us all these years . ”

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“The Cloud Cave dared to go outside of the Divine Devil Valley to kill our disciples? Where are they?” The anger in Sima You Yue’s heart rose . This was on the door of provocation!

“Some were killed by us, some were killed by the outer disciples of the valley who came to support us . ” Xiang Kai said . “They killed our people, how can we let them go!”

“Cloud Cave knows that our assessment is imminent, and many disciples will come back from outside . ” Ying Bai Chuan said . “Today they attacked our disciples . I don’t think it is accidental . ”

“Young Valley Master, you mean they deliberately ambushed us, looking for an opportunity to kill our inner disciples?” An elder in the Alchemy Hall said .

“I think it’s very likely . ” Ying Bai Chuan affirmed . “We have been informed that people from Cloud Cave are around . But we were busy with the assessment, so we didn’t pay attention to them . We just sent someone to investigate . Now think about it . They must have ulterior motives when they appear at this time . ”

“Hall Master He, Hall Master He, the Valley Master wants you to go to the Armament Hall . ” A disciple ran in from outside shouting to He Wen .

“What’s the matter with Armament Hall?” He Wen who had just controlled Yun Yi injuries got up and asked .

“Several disciples of Armament Hall are injured . Their injuries are quite serious . The Valley Master wants you to come over and check . ” That disciple answered .

“Yun Yi’s situation has been controlled . I’ll hand the rest to you guys . I’ll go see the other side’s situation . ” He Wen told Xiao Jing Zhong .

“Okay . ”

“Hall Master He, I will go with you . ” Sima You Yue offered .

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She was also a doctor and was able to deal with their injuries .

He Wen knew Sima You Yue’s medical skills were good, so he nodded . “Then I would like to take up Young Valley Master’s offer . ”

When Sima You Yue and He Wen arrived at the Armament Hall, they discovered that the situation here was far more serious than Yun Yi’s siad . Not to the mention of the death of several disciples, some were poisoned, and others were injured . Their lives were at stake .

“Old Bai, you’re also here . ” He Wen glanced at Dou Bai, surprised .

“The poison on them is weird . These disciples can’t help it . I had to come see it myself . ” Dou Bai said . “Those injured are quite serious . Your disciples are treating them, but I don’t think the effect is very good . ”

Sima You Yue followed Dou Bai’s line of sight . She observed several people lying on stretchers with their hands and feet wasted . It could be said that their life was already over .

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