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Chapter 99

Fang Jiuzhen felt so helpless . He never thought that Lin Fan was only trying to join Greatest Martial Sect all along .

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Greatest Martial Sect, Zhentian Mountain, inside the hall .

“Why didn’t Feng Sihai come back with you?” Ye Zhentian’s eyes were burning red, he scared them all .

“Brother Feng seemed to have something to do first, so he told us to go back without him . ” A disciple reported .

Ye Zhentian frowned and quite unhappy about the fact that Feng Sihai did not come back because he was in desperate need of manpower .

Ye Zhentian knew what Feng Sihai intended to do .

“If you see him, tell him to meet me immediately . ” Ye Zhentian said .

Recently, many people in the school came to him in an attempt to get a share of the spirit vein .

But he was a true disciple, no one dared to steal from him .

After a few days .

At the foot of Greatest Martial Sect Mountain .

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Lin Fan looked up at the magnificent sect in front of him, and he was so shocked because of that . That was the real deal for sure . Compared with Nine Heavens Sect, it was simply like heaven and earth .

Countless mountain peaks stood tall, facing the sky, those mountain peaks were like an ancient sacred realm, where countless immortals resided .

Standing there alone, Lin Fan felt realized how small himself was .

“No big deal, I will shine brighter than anyone else . ”

Lin Fan said that and then looked at the sun in the sky .

Lin Fan turned around and left . It was too dangerous to stay there . He had to find opportunities because he already had an idea in his mind .

Of course, he must do something with his bald head . Otherwise, it may affect the success rate of his plan .

He walked into a quiet place and used his qi .

Hairs suddenly grew from his bald head, and it kept growing until it touched his shoulders .

Lin Fan stroke his new hair, even without looking at the mirror, he knew that he was handsome and stunning as long as he didn’t say anything silly .

He waited in the forest not far from Greatest Martial Sect .

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And that was where his patience and determination was put to the test .

Several days passed .

Lin Fan kept waiting . During that time, he saw many disciples of Greatest Martial Sect passing by .

But those small fries were not his target .

And some male disciples were jealous of Lin Fan’s handsome face .

Several days passed again .

Lin Fan gradually became impatient, but if he gave up, it would all be for naught .

At that time .

A girl showed up, and the girl was not particularly beautiful . She was chubby and cute .

When she pouted, she looked so cute .

Even if she carried a threatening long sword on her back, nonetheless, she was perfect .

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“She’s the one . ”

Lin Fan had a very good eye when it came to discerning people’s potential and character, and at the same time, various plans popped up in his mind .

Later, he was following the girl all the way, and the cute girl didn’t know that she was being stalked .

To ensure the 100% success rate, he had to be patient .

The girl seemed to be going down the mountain for the first time, and she was very interested in the surroundings as she kept looking around .

“What took this girl so long?”

Lin Fan was getting annoyed .

He planned to talk to her after saving her from a dangerous predicament .

Lin Fan has been following her for half a day .

And the opportunity finally came .

Lin Fan found the girl seemed to be tired, she sat under the tree to rest, and a several meters long snake was slithering around the tree, and its cold eyes stared at the little girl sitting below .

Suddenly .

The snake struck like lightning .

“Sister, be careful . ”

Lin Fan tried to be a hero who saved the damsel in distress, but immediately afterward, the situation suddenly went beyond his expectation .

He saw the girl drawing the long sword behind her, and her lightning-fast sword cut off that snake .

Lin Fan was shocked on the spot, watching the cute girl turned into a cruel butcher .

“Who are you?”

The girl looked at Lin Fan with vigilance, while still firmly holding her sword .

Lin Fan was a bit embarrassed, how he could tell that girl what his intention was .

“This… That…”

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