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Chapter 98

Why are you here? What just happened?”

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Fang Jiuzhen asked calmly, and he didn’t see any problem at all . As for why he woke up, it wasn’t an important thing .

“Master, do you remember how you came back?” Lin Fan asked .

How could he say that he was humiliated in Greatest Martial Sect?

It pained him to lie, but could he tell the truth?

That was naturally impossible .

“Lin Fan, after going to Greatest Martial Sect, I met a friend . My friend was one of the higher-ups there . He helped me to negotiate with Ye Zhentian, and the matter was quickly resolved . ”

“After a few days of discussion, I was exhausted and passed out . ”

Fang Jiuzhen really cared about his pride . He has worked so hard to support the Nine Heavens Sect . How could he let it fall apart just like that?

Lin Fan looked at his master and was moved .

Fang Jiuzhen was shocked because when he went to Greatest Martial Sect, he realized that the gap was huge .

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“Master, I am also your disciple, I’m not an outsider . The one who brought you back was Feng Sihai . When he sent you back, he was very arrogant . We all know that you suffered a lot at Greatest Martial Sect . ”

“Our disciples, no one except Qin Heng knew what happened, none of them want to leave up until now . Naturally, they have felt that they belonged in this sect, so there is no need to act tough, master . ”

“But you can rest assured that your turning point is here . The greatest chance in your life has arrived as you recruited a disciple like me . You will be shocked in the future . ”

Fang Jiuzhen was lying on the bed looking so serious, looking at Lin Fan as if shocked by Lin Fan’s words .


Fang Jiuzhen knocked on Lin Fan’s bald head . He was very nervous and said, “Lin Fan, are you okay? Why did you start talking nonsense in broad daylight?”

“No, you misunderstand me . ”

Lin Fan blinked .

“Master, please have a good rest . Qin Heng must be waiting outside . I will ask him to accompany you . ” Lin Fan wanted to know what happened, but he knew he wouldn’t get the answer .

“I’m a bit tired . I want to rest a bit . You lead the others for today’s practice . ” Fang Jiuzhen said .

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Lin Fan nodded and took his leave .

Fang Jiuzhen was about to cry when Lin Fan left .

Outside the house .

Qin Heng was walking back and forth, and when he saw Lin Fan came out, he immediately asked, “How is it? Has the master woken up?”

“Yeah, but he is a bit tired and wants to rest, let me tell you, don’t go in, oh, yes, master tells you to go back to practice, he said you are a talented person, and not to waste such rare talent . ” Lin Fan patted Qin Heng’s shoulder, he looked very serious .

At that time, Qin Heng’s face was full of excitement, he clenched his fist, and he said to himself, “I know that master has always been expecting great things from me . Master, please rest assured, I will not let you down . ”

Qin Heng left in such a hurry .

Lin Fan looked at his back and sighed helplessly . He really didn’t know what Qin Heng thought . As long as someone praised him, he will believe it .

After Lin Fan returned, he began to think about what will he do next .

It was impossible to become strong in Nine Heavens Sect .

Earth Demon Plains was indeed a very good choice .

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But the risk was too high .

It would be ideal if he could encounter one earth demon at a time, but normally he will encounter the demon in a group .

His current realm was the Destiny Immortal, and his Spirit Root was Golden Spirit Root . If he went to Greatest Martial Sect and asked to become one of the disciples, then he could slowly approach Ye Zhentian and then seized the opportunity .

Well, that idea was not bad .

However, there were still some problems . It was not that simple to join Greatest Martial Sect . Their assessment has ended . Going through the back door was his only way to go in .

But who will help him?

If he told Fang Jiuzhen, could his friend in Greatest Martial Sect do Lin Fan a favor and get him in, but that was impossible .

He had to rely on himself .

Night has come .

Lin Fan was writing a letter to his master in his house .

He held a pen for a long time and thought about how to write that letter . Then he got an idea .

“Dear Master Zhang, your disciple, Lin Fan, is very angry because of this humiliation . I will go out to get new experience and become stronger . Please wait for my return, I must find justice for master . Your disciple Lin Fan . ”

He put the letter on the table .

He pushed the door open to see the night sky outside . It was a good time to leave . He quickly packed his stuff and ran toward the mountain gate .

In the early morning .

Fang Jiuzhen came to Lin Fan’s house and found no one . He was quite curious . Then, he saw there was a letter on the table and opened it .

It didn’t take too long…

“Lin Fan, why did you go on your own …”

Fang Jiuzhen was hurt inside . He couldn’t believe Lin Fan’s words in the letter .

Fang Jiuzhen was afraid Lin Fan will get killed by demons because he hasn’t realized yet that Lin Fan has already had Spirit Root .

Fang Jiuzhen immediately went after Lin Fan .

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