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Chapter 16

Dr . Sun did not yell or shout along the way, and actively cooperated with Lin Fan, hoping to get better treatment .

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Government Building, Cell .

“Sir, I didn’t break the law . Are you forcing me to confess something that I even don’t know what it is? I’m an ordinary doctor, how could I break the law?” Dr . Sun sat on an iron chair .

“Don’t worry, wait here . ” Lin Fan’s hand clattered, chained Dr . Sun’s hands and legs .

The chain wouldn’t break by Dr . Sun’s strength .

“Sir, I’m a doctor who never commits a crime at all . ” Dr . Sun said .

Lin Fan laughed, “What? You have already to cultivate for three years, and you dare to say you can’t kill someone?”

Dr . Sun was surprised again . He was horrified .

“How does he know I have been cultivating?” Dr . Sun thought .

“You misunderstand, sir . I am a doctor in the city . I know full well about the human body . Even if I learn a normal exercise book, I just practice it to stay healthy . After all, it takes physical strength to search for medicinal herbs . ” Dr . Sun tried to explain the reason, but it was futile .

“Yeah, cultivation yeah sure is only for maintaining health and also for gathering herbs . Your Poison Palm is magnificent, by the way . ” Lin Fan said calmly .

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“You watch him here . Every hour and a half pour him with cold water to wake him up . ”

“I understand, leader . ” Wang Bao said .

Before Lin Fan left them, he reminded Dr . Sun once again to cooperate with him if Dr . Sun wanted to live .

Dr . Sun’s Residence .

Lin Fan returned alone to Dr . Sun’s residence . The courtyard was quiet and silent then he walked towards the house .

He returned to investigate every corner of Dr . Sun’s house to find clues .

Inside the house .

The bathtub was still there, and the wooden duck on the water was still there too .

“Where is he hiding it?”

Lin Fan pondered, and then came to the bedroom, knocking every inch of the bed, no abnormalities were found .

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Then he knocked on the floor, but he still didn’t find anything .

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“I must keep my cool . He must be using such classic ways of hiding things . This shows that Dr . Sun is experienced and smart . ”

Lin Fan already searched every room he found, but he still couldn’t find any clues .

He was finally out of breath and sat on a chair in the library, and then he realized there was something off with that chair .

Suddenly .

He locked his eyes on the wooden chair under his butt .

“Hmph …”

He stood up, raised the wooden chair, then slowly lowered the wooden chair and left .

And… he still couldn’t find anything .

But sometimes, there was no need to think too hard to find a hidden secret .

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Inside the dungeon .

Wang Bao poured a bucket of water on Dr . Sun’s body .

“I’m really innocent . You’ have crossed the line here . I will sue you . ”

Dr . Sun trembled because the water was too cold, he was sitting there naked .

“Dr . Sun, I believe in my leader, he must have found something wrong with you . ” Wang Bao frowned, making an angry look, pretending to be fierce .

“Wang Bao, I am really innocent . You got a fever when you were a kid . Many doctors say your condition is hopeless, but I save you, don’t you remember?”

“Eh?” Wang Bao wondered, “What are you saying? My father told me that the doctor demanded a lot of silver, but our family is poor . It was the neighborhood that helped me to buy me the medicine . Why did you say you save me?”

“Brother, what are you talking with him? Just let him be . Come and have some hot soup . Tonight is a bit cold . ” Another Hunter said .

Dr . Sun leaned on his body and began to tremble .

“Wang Bao, please have mercy on me, give me some hot soup, it’s too cold here . ”

“No, I don’t want to . ” Wang Bao said, he scooped a bowl of the hot soup, took out the meat bun from his bag, and shared it with his partner, then he took a bite of the meat bun and sipped the hot soup .

Dr . Sun’s Residence .

“Hey . ”

Lin Fan has given up . He searched every room inside and out, but he didn’t find anything useful .

As a result, he was desperate .

Lin Fan decided to leave the house and walked outside .

Suddenly .

Lin Fan saw a dry well not far away from the house .


The professional hunch told him there must be something wrong with the dry well .

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