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Chapter 15

Captain Zhao was still in a coma, and his injuries were a bit severe . Fortunately, the doctor of the Hunter Guild had excellent medical skills .

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After some treatments, Captain Zhao’s life was no longer in danger .

Meanwhile, inside the government’s building .

Lin Fan and his 15 person underlings gathered .

“Leader, are we going on another mission again?” Wang Bao shouted .

He went back and told his father that he encountered a demon during the day and had a fierce fight with the demon . He also played an important role in the battle with the demon .

The team leader gave credit to him because he performed quite well in the last mission .

His father listened to his story while smiling . Wang Bao looked at his father’s smile, and he was very happy .

He secretly swore to himself to make his father proud .

“Follow me . ” Lin Fan waved and took the lead to set out . He originally didn’t want to go, but he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see more about the world he was living at that time .

In the distance, Wang Zhou watched Lin Fan, and his underlings went out, Wang Zhou sighed and remembered when he was so young and full of energy .

Wang Zhou already asked Lin Fan’s performance in the last task, and he thought Lin Fan was a promising one .

Dr . Sun was a doctor in Jiangdu City . He had a good reputation for helping people . Everyone would not believe such a person would cooperate with demons .

But according to Lin Fan’s experience .

The less everyone expected that person to be a criminal, the more likely that person was .

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All the innocent act was just a façade .

Not long after .

Lin Fan brought his underlings to Dr . Sun’s residence .

The house was not as luxurious to those noble families . Nonetheless, it was a splendid house, which showed that Dr . Sun made quite a fortune in Jiangdu City .

“Leader, would you like to knock on the door?” Wang Bao asked .

“Knock on the door?! We are not here to be his guest . ” Lin Fan didn’t say much, he went straight forward, and he kicked the door .

His leg would have broken if he did that in his previous life .

“Get him!” Lin Fan ordered, and his underlings swarmed the house .

Inside a room .

There was the sound of water dripping .

There was also a light floral aroma .

Doctor Sun was relaxing in the bathtub while humming a song, and a wooden duck was floating on the water .

Holding a small glass in his hand and he took a sip of it .

“Ah, this is life!”

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Suddenly, the door was busted from outside .

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Dr . Sun was shocked, and he got up, “Who are you?!”

Lin Fan’s underlings rushed in, saw Doctor Sun, and shouted, “He’s here!”

Dr . Sun was shocked and afraid because those people treated him as a criminal .

“Who are you?!”

“Help me!”

The situation seemed a bit chaotic . Then, the bathtub was empty, and only the little wooden duck was swimming on the water .

Lin Fan stayed in the courtyard and looked around . Any wind and grass’ movements wouldn’t escape his eyes .

“Leader, we bring Dr . Sun . ”

They threw the naked Dr . Sun to the ground .

A blast of cold wind awakened Dr . Sun, covering his crotch with both hands, and looking up at Lin Fan, with a sad expression he said, “Sir, what did I do to you?”

“What are you trying to say?” Lin Fan asked .

Dr . Sun with a horrified expression shook his head .

“Sir, you don’t know about me . I’m just an ordinary doctor in Jiangdu City . I never break the law . Even if I commit a crime, someone must have framed me . ”

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“Are you sure?” Lin Fan said calmly, his fingers touched the hilt of his sword in his waist .

Dr . Sun was scared, it was as if he would be slashed to death if he didn’t cooperate well .

“Sir, I don’t know what’s going on . ” Dr . Sun shouted, his expression was extremely hilarious . An average person would have been deceived by that .

For example, Wang Bao believed Dr . Sun didn’t commit anything .

“I wanted to talk to you nicely, but it seems like you have no intention of cooperating . There is no way but to take you, and I’ll do it in my own way . ”

Lin Fan said, “Take him with us!”

“Please wait a moment, sir…” Dr . Sun shouted .

“Hmph?!” Lin Fan glanced at him with a smile, “Feel like confessing now?”

“No, can you let me get dressed?” Dr . Sun said, his body was chilly because Lin Fan’s underlings dragged him out while he was in a bath .

Lin Fan squinted his eyes, “An escape afterward?”

Dr . Sun hurriedly waved his hand . “No, I don’t want to escape, because I didn’t break the law . ” He covered his crotch while speaking because it was cold outside .

“If you don’t believe it, send someone to accompany me . ”

Lin Fan smiled, and looked at Dr . Sun as if to say, “Do you think I’m a fool?”

“Those guys are still green . ”

Dr . Sun was about to collapse . “If you don’t believe me, you can watch me by yourself . ”

“If I’m going by myself, do you want to kill me with your own hands? And then run away immediately? I know what is inside your head . ” Lin Fan said .

Dr . Sun was shocked and stopped talking .

He lowered his head slowly and sighed .

“At least put a hood on me . ” Doctor Sun thought It was fine with being naked, but at least he asked for a hood .

“Wait here . ” Lin Fan waved and looked for the hood at the house .

Lin Fan covered Dr . Sun’s body with the hood, and when Dr . Sun’s eyes were covered, his earlier innocent eyes became cold and sharp .

Suddenly .

Lin Fan stepped forward and took off Dr . Sun’s hood . “You said you were innocent? I knew at first glance that you have a devil in your heart . ”

Dr . Sun was completely stunned .

“Sir, I just had itchy eyes, I was innocent . ” Dr . Sun cried out in tears .

“You think I am blind? Your eyes were full of killing intent, did you want to kill me? But it doesn’t matter, we will have a nice time in my turf . ”

“Take off the hood!”

He didn’t care about how unsatisfied Dr . Sun was, how bad his image would be .

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