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Chapter 98: Seven Leaf Fruit

The sun rose and set; the clouds gathered and scattered. The days in the mountain valley passed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen had cultivated for a week in front of this waterfall.

In the meantime, Xiao Chen unceasingly practiced the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. When the river became turbulent, he would go to the riverbank and practice the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique. At dusk, he would cultivate the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, continuously strengthening his foundation and tempering his body.


On this day, Xiao Chen leaped out from the cave behind the waterfall. He landed heavily on the water’s surface, creating a huge splash; water droplets flew everywhere. The waves soared to the sky.

He pushed lightly off and Xiao Chen returned to the riverbank. After a week of cultivating, the Essence in his body turned purer and denser. It was comparable to that of a Superior Grade Martial Master.

After resting for a short while, Xiao Chen looked at the exit of the illusion formation. Normally, Xiao Bai would have returned by now. Why is it not back yet?[a][b][c]

Xiao Bao was naturally loved by the forest; it had a special relationship with the woods. Ever since they came to Savage Forest, Xiao Chen was not able to control it; it would always run out on its own.

Xiao Bai, who cultivated the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation, was unrivaled in the periphery of Savage Forest. However, Xiao Chen still worried about it. If it ran into the inner reaches of Savage Forest, it would be problematic.

Just as Xiao Chen hesitated on whether to go out and search for Xiao Bai, a white figure appeared in his vision. Before Xiao Chen could smile, he discovered there was something wrong with Xiao Bai.

It was slower than usual. When it got near, he discovered there was a lot of bleeding wounds on its snow white pelt. The red blood against its snow white fur was very prominent.

Xiao Bai peaked at Xiao Chen’s gaze, as though it was afraid and did not dare to come near, as if it was a kid who had done something wrong. Xiao Chen had a sullen expression as he picked Xiao Bai up, carrying it.

After carefully inspecting its wounds, he sighed in relief. These were only superficial wounds. Next, he took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and crushed it before slowly applying it onto Xiao Bai’s wounds. He then went to the riverside and washed the blood from Xiao Bai’s body.

“See, if you dare to keep running outside what will happen? Now, you know how dangerous it is.” Xiao Chen lectured Xiao Bai as he placed it on a patch of soft grass.

The Blood Replenishing Pill’s effect was quite good. After it completed permeated the wounds, Xiao Bai immediately began to heal and slowly form scabs. When it saw Xiao Chen lecturing it, it got up in a somewhat indignant manner and gesticulated while making ‘ziya ziya’ sounds.

Although Xiao Bai was unable to speak human language, Xiao Chen was able to understand roughly what it was saying because it had signed a blood contract with him. It saw a stalk of Spirit Herb in the outer periphery and wanted to pick it, as it did normally.

Who knew there was a four legged snake resting nearby It was extremely fast. Before Xiao Bai managed to get near, it was injured by the claws of the four legged snake. Xiao Bai was startled and quickly rushed back.

Xiao Chen thought about it; from Xiao Bai’s description, this four legged snake should be the Rank 4 Spirit Beast — Black Legged Snake. However, why would there be a Rank 4 Spirit Beast in the outer periphery of Savage Forest?

A Rank 4 Spirit Beast was the equivalent to a human Martial Grand Master. Rank 3 Spirit Beasts were rarely seen in the outer periphery of Savage Forest. Yet, for a Rank 4 Spirit beast to appear to be guarding a stalk of natural treasure, it showed that the natural treasure was of a very high rank.

Xiao Chen looked at Xiao Bai and asked it seriously, “Are you sure you were in the outer periphery of Savage Forest?”

Xiao Bai nodded gravely.

Xiao Chen thoughts moved rapidly; this stalk of natural treasure was obviously not ordinary. It was quite possibly like the Red Nascent Fruit in the outskirts of Seven Horn Mountain. That place could be the location with the densest Spiritual Energy in the entire outer periphery of Savage Forest.

If it were under normal circumstances, Xiao Chen would have made up his mind to get it. A Rank 4 Spirit beast was only as strong as a Martial Grand Master. However, a Spirit Beast was just a beast; its thoughts were not as flexible as a human’s, nor could it use Martial techniques or Spirit Weapons.

If he paid a certain price, Xiao Chen had the confidence to deal with this Black Legged Snake. However, the problem was he did not know if the people of the Jiang Clan have returned yet. If they were still around, and the Jiang Clan caught wind of his movements, it would be very difficult to escape.

“Seeking fortune amidst danger, the path of cultivation has always been filled with boundless danger. The key is to take a gamble,” Xiao Chen made his decision and stopped hesitating. After Xiao Bai recovered to a certain extent, he said, “Xiao Bai, lead the way; I’ll take revenge on your behalf.”

Xiao Bai cried happily and led Xiao Chen out of the illusion formation. The scene in front of Xiao Chen suddenly changed. The huge tree and the silent forest appeared before Xiao Chen’s vision.

Xiao Bai’s speed was especially fast; if Xiao Chen did not execute the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, he would not be able to catch up. One man and one beast traveling very fast. Xiao Chen ignored all the Spirit Beasts that they encountered and left them behind.

After arriving at a small ravine, Xiao Bai froze. Xiao Chen extended his Spirit Sense into the ravine. At the end of the ravine, in an extremely well-hidden crevice, Xiao Chen saw a seven colored petal.

“Seven Leaf Flower!”

Xiao Chen was incomparably astonished... to think there would be a Seven Leaf Flower growing here; it was too shocking! The Seven Leaf Flower was a true natural treasure. It had a total of seven different colored flower petals at its most mature state. Every ten years, a new petal would grow.

Once the seven petals grew and twenty years thereafter, there would be a rainbow colored Seven leaf Fruit. Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense to the Seven Leaf Flower and observed it carefully. He discovered, with disappointment, the fruit in the middle of the flower petals had been picked by someone.

They only left behind the different colored petals. Even though the Seven Color Fruit had been picked, the remaining flower petals were still useful to cultivators.

Each petal could temper the cultivator’s body once. After the tempering of the Seven Petal Flower, the body of the cultivator would undergo a qualitative change.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and asked Xiao Bai, “When you came earlier, was the fruit still there?”

Xiao Bai continuously made ‘ziya ziya’ sounds. After Xiao Chen listened to it, he could not help but ask curiously, “When Xiao Bai came earlier, it was still here? Why is it gone now?”

When he scanned the entire ravine earlier, he did not see the Black Legged Snake. Xiao Chen was sure that the Seven Leaf Fruit had been snatched by it. With a thought from Xiao Chen, he released his Spiritual Sense again. He carefully observed and searched every corner of the ravine.

Finally, on a slope in the ravine, Xiao Chen discovered a trace of the Black Legged Snake. It was hiding behind a huge stone. The sparkling and translucent Seven Leaf Fruit was laying in front of the Black Legged Snake.

The Black Legged Snake’s eyes were closed. There was a golden Spiritual Energy wafting from the Seven Leaf Fruit. The body of the Black Legged Snake was two meters long; below the body of the snake were its four legs. Its body was as thick as a bowl, and it was covered in blackish gold scales.

It opened its mouth wide and sucked in all the golden Spiritual Energy. It wore an extremely cheerful expression.

Xiao Chen was astonished in his heart, “This Black Legged Snake is not stupid; it knows that the Seven Leaf Fruit contains a shocking amount of Spiritual Energy that it cannot swallow in one bite.

Xiao Chen executed the Gravity Spell, landing lightly on the side of the ravine where the Seven Leaf Flower was. A faint fragrance emitted from the Seven Leaf Flower. Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile. He grabbed the roots and pulled gently, carefully picking it and placing it into the Universe Ring.


He landed lightly on the ground and extended out his Spiritual Sense once again. The Black Legged Snake was drunk on the Spiritual Energy of the Seven Leaf Fruit. It did not notice the situation at all.

The corners of Xiao Chen’s mouth curled in a cold smile. He used his Spiritual Sense to lock onto the side of the Black Legged Snake, then he shouted lightly.

“Lightning Evasion!”

There was a crack of thunder in the ravine; lightning streaked across the air. Xiao Chen suddenly appeared beside the Black Legged Snake. His Lunar Shadow Saber gave off a resplendent electrical light.

The Drawing the Saber that he practiced many times was executed without hesitation. “Keng!” The Lunar Shadow Saber chopped violently on the spine of the Black Legged Snake. This location happened to be the weakest point of the snake.

A 66 cm long gash appeared on the blackish gold scales. The black blood of the Black Legged Snake spurted out like a fountain.

He actually did not manage to chop it in half. Xiao Chen was very surprised. He thought that he could take advantage of it was not paying attention and deal with it in one blow. He never expected that he would be able to only wound it.

Under the intense pain, the Black Legged Snake’s mouth gaped wide, to a point where it seemed exaggerated. It gave off a painful hoarse sound as its huge tail thrashed towards Xiao Chen.

The tail of the Black Legged Snake hit as hard as a hammer; it twisted itself to an inconceivable angle and attacked from above. The twinkling black liquid from the tip of its tail was actually venom.

Xiao Chen was overwhelmed with shock and he quickly retreated backward. The snake tail struck the spot where Xiao Chen was like a hammer. The huge force created a half a meter wide pit.


After the snake tail landed, it swept across horizontally, rapidly heading toward Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen was startled; he never expected that the snake tail could move with such a fast speed.

His body stopped in midair and rose higher by 3.3 meters, evading the huge tail flying at him. Before Xiao Chen could relax, he saw the tail circling around in the air. The length actually tripled and headed towards Xiao Chen.


Not only did its length triple, its speed was also increased significantly. Xiao Chen had never seen such a strange thing in his life. He was caught off guard was struck by the tail.

The huge force behind the snake tail caused Xiao Chen to be flung to the ground. Xiao Chen’s body had undergone many rounds of tempering and was showing the early signs of an iron body.

After Xiao Chen was struck by the tail, he felt his insides churn a little. He did not suffer from too much damage. If an ordinary Martial Master was struck by this, he would have died from his internal organs rupturing.

Xiao Chen landed on the slope and rolled down at a great speed. That Black Legged Snake dashed to him quickly with its four feet. Its two-meter long body was headed toward Xiao Chen at a rapid speed.

Xiao Chen shouted lightly and stopped himself from rolling. He pushed off with his right foot, leaping into the air before landing firmly on the ground.

When the Black Legged Snake saw that Xiao Chen immediately landed in a clear area within the valley, it realized that Xiao Chen was not slower than itself.It opened its mouth and spat a black liquid at its opponent.

Xiao Chen flicked his finger and a purple flame condensed at his its tip. After circulating once, it was fired at the venomous fluid. “Pu Ci!” The venomous fluid was instantly struck by the flame.

After giving off ‘chi chi’ sounds, the venomous fluid dissipated into thick black smoke and blossomed in all directions. The speed of the black smoke’s spread was extremely fast. In a blink of the eye, it covered half the space in the ravine.


[b]_Marked as resolved_


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