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Chapter 99: Black Legged Snake

Xiao Chen did not panic. He took out a black flannel handkerchief and used it to cover his mouth and nose. This flannel was made from the skin of Spirit Beasts; it was able to filter out most gases.

The black flannel was not some precious treasure; most cultivators who enter Savage Forest would normally carry one. Xiao Chen preferred to be prepared, just in case. The first time he entered Savage Forest, he had one already prepared.

The thick smoke pervaded the air; his surroundings were covered in fog. His vision was severely impaired. Xiao Chen extended out his Spiritual Sense, immediately catching wind of the Black Legged Snake’s position.

Seeing that Xiao Chen was inside the poisonous cloud, the Black Legged Snake thought his vision was limited. It quickly ran over to Xiao Chen and ruthlessly used its huge tail to smash forward.

Xiao Chen retreated hastily. The huge tail quickly extended, chasing after Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to lock onto the huge tail. He discovered, after the tail extended, the originally dense scales had thinned out.

Chance! Xiao Chen thought to himself. This Black Legged Snake must think that he was not able to see it in this thick smoke. That must be why it was so daring and attacked him without restrain.


Xiao Chen shouted loudly and quickly executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He leaped off the ground and reached a height of 10 meters instantly. The shadow of a dragon appeared behind him and he executed the simplified version of the Descending Divine Dragon Chop.

The Black Legged Snake felt a dangerous aura and it quickly withdrew its tail. However, the speed of the Descending Divine Dragon Chop was incredibly swift.

Xiao Chen managed to ruthlessly chop at a spot where the scales were quite sparse as it only managed to withdraw its tail halfway. The tail of the Black Legged Snake was instantly chopped in half.

“Pu Ci!”

At where the tail was chopped off, blood spurted out like a geyser. The blood of this fellow is probably venomous as well. If I get some on me, it would be problematic. Xiao Chen hurriedly retreated backward.

Earlier, Xiao Chen had attacked the weak spot of the Black Legged Snake. The proverbs say, when attacking, attack where it hurts the most. Although Xiao Chen’s full powered strike did not hack it in two earlier, it still managed to cause severe harm.

At this moment, the weapon it relied on, its tail, was severed by Xiao Chen. On top of the previous injury, it was like a tiger without its fangs. It was no longer a danger to Xiao Chen.

The Black Legged Snake also understood this. It cried out painfully and its four feet pushed off the ground, launching itself at Xiao Chen with its jaw opened wide. It no longer cared for its own well-being; this was a suicidal attack aimed at taking Xiao Chen down with it.

Xiao Chen became sullen. This was the final attack of the Black Legged Snake. Its speed was extremely swift there was no way to evade it. If He could not chop it in half with one move, the counterattack of the Black Legged Snake would cause him severe damage.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen’s mind went black. He recalled the state he had while he practiced his saber technique. He thought to himself slowly, Do not panic; just treat it like the wooden pole I normally practice on.

“Drawing the Saber!”

The electrical light on his Lunar Shadow Saber shone brightly. When the Black Legged Snake was less than half a meter away, Xiao Chen abruptly made his move. The saber flashed by and the Black Legged Snake was severed in half from its head to the stump of its tail.

Xiao Chen rolled to the side and evaded the venomous blood that splashed down. The two halves of the Black Legged Snake landed heavily with a thud.

The poisonous cloud in the ravine slowly dissipated. Xiao Chen removed the flannel and headed for the huge rock where the Black Legged Snake had rested earlier. He carefully placed the Seven Leaf Fruit in his Universe Ring.

Xiao Chen did not let the corpse of the Black Legged Snake go to waste either. Everything of the Black Legged Snake was considered a treasure. The blackish gold scales of the snake were tough and hard to break, they are great materials for forging Battle Armor.

Its four legs can be used to brew wine and refine medicinal pills. They had excellence effects. Xiao Chen took out a sharp knife and cut them off.

“Weng Weng!”

After Xiao Chen packed everything and prepared to get up to leave, he heard a buzzing in his head. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and his limbs go stiff. He was on the verge of collapsing.

Crap! The poisonous cloud must have permeated my skin. I have to find a place quickly and expel the poison. Or else, I’ll be in deep trouble.

“Shua! Shua!”

Sounds of footsteps came from outside the ravine. Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense. He felt his heart tighten; it was the Jiang Clan’s people; they had not left yet.

The sounds of the earlier battle must have alerted them.

“It really is that fellow... to think he actually dares to show himself.”

“Because the First Elder could not manage to find him, he was scolded by the Clan Head severely, causing us to be scolded by the First Elder as well. We have to capture him this time.”

“Send the signal; hurry and inform the First Elder and the others.”

These words entered Xiao Chen’s ears. He did his best to keep his eyes open and maintain a clear mind. He looked towards the direction of the ravine and saw ten cultivators, all of which were Martial Masters.


One of them shouted loudly; he held a thick machete and rushed towards Xiao Chen. He saw Xiao Chen was only a Superior Grade Martial Disciple. Although he felt something was wrong, he made the first move to gain the credit.

“Drawing the Saber!”

Xiao Chen exhibited the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its extreme. His body transformed into a beam of light. Executing the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique, the Lunar Shadow Saber suddenly glowed.

There was a flash from the saber and the Jiang Clan cultivator that made a move was struck dead instantly. Xiao Chen looked at the remaining nine Martial Masters. He did not retreat and instead rushed forward, brandishing the Lunar Shadow Saber.


After he took a few steps, the cultivator that was struck suddenly split into two halves and fell to the ground with a thud, spurting out blood.

The remaining nine Martial Masters were startled and frightened. They did not expect Xiao Chen, a Superior Grade Martial Disciple, to kill a Martial Master with one strike. This was simply inconceivable.

“What are we afraid of? No matter how strong he is, he is still just a Superior Grade Martial Disciple. There are nine of us; there is no need to be afraid. Furthermore, the First Elder is on his way. All we have to do is to delay him,” one of the Jiang Clan cultivators told the others.

Another of them agreed, “Indeed, there is no need to fear him, just a Superior Grade Martial Disciple. No matter how strong he is, he is still weaker than us by an entire cultivation realm.”

Xiao Chen did not speak. The situation was dire; he did not dare tarry. He was desperately burning through his Essence. The ten while clouds by the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit were bubbling rapidly, sending the tempered pure Essence to his entire body.

“Drawing the Saber!”

The saber flashed and Xiao Chen made another move. Under the execution of the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, his body moved around gracefully. The cultivator that spoke first was instantly chopped in half.

“Arclight Chop!”

“Rushing Heaven Chop!”

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

“Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop!”

Within the ravine, thunder crackled and the wind strongly blew. Saber lights flew everywhere as Xiao Chen executed the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique with his full strength.

Although Xiao Chen was currently a Superior Grade Martial Disciple, he was once a Martial Master.

After cultivating for the past few days, the Essence in his body was much purer and stronger than the Jiang Clan cultivators. Furthermore, he had the Heaven Ranked Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art Movement Technique and the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique, they were comparable to an Earth Raked Martial Technique. These people were simply no match for Xiao Chen.

Each time the saber flashed, someone would die. After the five moves of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique were used, only four Jiang Clan cultivators remained.

The four cultivators could just roughly make out Xiao Chen’s figure; they were not able to see how Xiao Chen instantly killed those six men. Seeing the deathgod-like Xiao Chen, an intent to flee grew in their heart; they made a break for the outside of the ravine.

Seeing the four flee, Xiao Chen did not chase after them. He headed out of the ravine. The most important thing for him now was to find a safe place and force the poison out.

Because he was circulating his Essence with all his might, the poison in his body was temporarily suppressed. However, this was an extremely dangerous situation. If he was not able to force the poison out before it made a counterattack, the poison would do lethal damage to his body.

Just as Xiao Chen left the ravine, he felt a strong aura chasing after him. The Jiang Clan’s expert is here; I have to increase my pace.

“Brat! Where do you think you can run?”

Behind Xiao Chen, the ashen face of the Jiang Clan’s First Elder, Jiang Yunze, appeared and he shouted loudly. He catapulted himself from the ground and landed on a big tree.

Leaping off again, he headed towards Xiao Chen. His speed doubled and was actually able to catch up with Xiao Chen, despite his pace. He sent out a palm strike, targeting Xiao Chen’s back.

Feeling the palm strike coming, Xiao Chen spun around and sent out a palm strike as well. Although Xiao Chen spat out a mouthful of blood, he borrowed the force from Jiang Yunze’s strike and retreated backward at an even more terrifying speed.

Jiang Yunze could not help but feel anger, This brat actually used the force of my palm strike to increase the distance between us! Thinking back to when he was scolded by Jiang Mingxun the day before, Jiang Yunze shouted lividly and chased after him.

Feeling that Jiang Yunze was catching up to him again,  Xiao Chen complained incessantly in his heart. If it was an ordinary day, he would have left him in the dust already. However, because he had to use his Essence to suppress the poison, he had no way of utilizing the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its full extent. His current speed was much slower than usual.

I have to think of a way, Xiao Chen thought anxiously in his heart. He saw Jiang Yunze get closer and he stopped suddenly. Then, he slowly executed the Gravity Spell.

By using the Gravity Spell, he would be slower. However, he would be able to fly into the sky and escape from his pursuers on the ground. Once he was in the sky, whether he would still be targeted or not, Xiao Chen would not care.

Jiang Yunze saw Xiao Chen stop suddenly and felt joy in his heart. He increased his pace and rushed towards Xiao Chen. He brandished the saber from behind his back. This time, he would not give Xiao Chen the chance to borrow the force of his attack to escape; he would kill him in a single slash.


The saber flashed, and just as the saber was about the hit Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen suddenly rose in the air. The execution of the Gravity Spell was completed. He flew higher and higher, and soon, he was 200 meters above the ground.

“It's actually a flying Martial Technique! What exactly are the origins of this person,” a Jiang Clan cultivator rushed over and uttered in shock as he watched Xiao Chen flying in the sky.

Jiang Yunze glared at Xiao Chen with a cold gaze. He said in a sullen voice, “No matter his origins, he stole the map of the Jiang Clan and injured the First Young Master severely. He has to pay the price for that. Bring me the bow!”

A cultivator hurriedly took out a long bow with a cold gleam and handed it to Jiang Yunze. The bow gave off a faint radiance as well as a faint Spiritual Energy.

This bow was actually a Spirit Weapon. Jiang Yunze seized an arrow and nocked it. He drew back the bow string till the bow resembled a full moon. A cold gleam flashed on the arrowhead as he aimed at Xiao Chen.


The arrow gave off a ‘weng’ sound as it flew from the bow. It was fast and graceful as it headed towards Xiao Chen. Hearing the sound of the arrow splitting the air, Xiao Chen heaved a long sigh in his heart. Even if he was at his peak, he was not fully confident of evading this arrow.

Xiao Chen did his best to dodge to the side, however, this arrow still pierced his right chest. If he had not checked what Jiang Yunze was doing with his Spiritual Sense and knew to dodge, this arrow would have pierced his heart.

A bleeding hole, the width of a finger, appeared on his right chest. Blood flowed unceasingly. Xiao Chen hurriedly took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and popped it into his mouth as he felt an unbearable pain.

Xiao Chen did his best to maintain the Gravity Spell as he continued to fly forward unsteadily. The poison that had been suppressed started to act. His staggering motions made it look as if he would fall from the sky at any moment.

“I finally found you after searching for a week.” Hua Yunfei was standing at the top of a distant tree. He looked extremely handsome with his long hair and clothes fluttering in the wind.

He looked at Xiao Chen and exposed a malicious smile. He transformed into a blood river, gushing towards Xiao Chen.

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