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Chapter 85: Essence Light Arrow


Another arrow flew over at a very fast speed. Xiao Chen smashed it to bits as well, as per his usual custom. Just as his saber touched the arrow, Xiao Chen felt something was wrong this time. This was not an ice arrow, but a fire arrow.


By the time Xiao Chen realized this, it was too late. The fire arrow exploded with a loud ‘boom’; an intense flame expanded fiercely in all directions.

Xiao Chen used his Essence to cover the surface of his body, turning it into an Essence shield. Xiao Chen then quickly retreated backward, but he was too close to the source of the flames. The surging shockwaves generated by the explosion ruthlessly struck him.

The powerful shockwaves knocked Xiao Chen flying backward. Xiao Chen was astonished; if he had not taken measures against it, this shockwave would be powerful enough to knock him out of the arena. The moment he landed outside the arena, he would automatically lose.


Xiao Chen stuck the Lunar Shadow Saber into the Heavenly Mountain Stones, creating a long and large crack on the ground. This reduced the speed of his backward motion.

After that, he somersaulted towards the back and then stood up again. Before Xiao Chen obtained a stable footing, two arrows made of flames arrived in front of him.

Tang Feng, who was in the distance, plucked on his bowstring lightly. Before Xiao Chen could do anything, the two arrows made of flames exploded.

“Boom! Boom!”

Being caught off guard, Xiao Chen had no time to put up an Essence Shield. He was immediately knocked flying by the terrifying, swelling heatwaves.

The robes he wore grew tattered, and blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. Xiao Chen’s body fell towards the ground outside the arena. The people below the arena quickly scattered.

“This fellow concealed his strength. He actually has a dual attributed Martial Spirit. Furthermore, he is able to switch between ice and fire so quickly. His strength cannot be seen through.”

“Indeed, no wonder Xiao Chen was caught off guard and got struck. The rarity of such a dual attributed Martial Spirit is comparable to the Spiritual Martial Spirits.”

“If Xiao Chen fell, would the duel end here?”

The crowd in the distance discussed. No one expected Tang Feng to be so strong. It gave the crowd an unexpected surprise.

Just as he was landing, Xiao Chen used the Lunar Shadow Saber to spring off the ground and flew back to the arena. However, there were another three flame arrows that welcomed him.

Xiao Chen immediately expanded his Spiritual Sense and sent it into the core of the flame arrows. He found a bright spot burning within the flame arrows, which was then imprinted on Xiao Chen’s brain.

So that’s how it is, Xiao Chen thought suddenly. He finally understood the reason why the flame arrows exploded. As long as he was able to destroy the light core in the flame arrows instantly, they would not be as terrifying.


Xiao Chen brandished his Lunar Shadow Saber, and a saber light moved as fast as lightning through the air. In the next instant, the burning bright spot was shattered. The flame arrows were shattered with a loud sound, and turned into sparks, before fading into ashes.

Indeed! That was how it was, Xiao Chen smiled to himself, It is time to use a killing move.

Lightning Evasion!

There was a flash of electricity, and suddenly, Xiao Chen appeared behind Tang Feng. The Lunar Shadow Saber was pointed towards his back as he chopped down ruthlessly. A boundless electrical light surrounded the saber blade as it caused a clap of thunder.

Tang Feng was not surprised that Xiao Chen appeared suddenly; he already knew that Xiao Chen had this mysterious ‘Martial Technique’. He turned his body slightly and avoided Xiao Chen’s attack. Before Xiao Chen could recover for his move, he fiercely attacked Xiao Chen’s chest from an inclined position.

“Inclined Body Strike!”

This was a Martial Technique that used the body as a blade. It focused one’s Essence onto the shoulder and attacked the enemy like a lance. If one was struck by it, it could instantly cause one to be severely injured. This was a strong Martial Technique with an extremely high destructive power.

Xiao Chen did not expect that Tang Feng had such strong combat abilities. He was caught off guard again, and was hit ruthlessly. The huge force penetrated through Xiao Chen’s Battle Armor and was transmitted into his body. His internal organs were jolted.

Using the recoil of this strike, Tang Feng’s body flew rapidly towards the back. He pushed off the ground lightly, and his body pulled further away from Xiao Chen. While he was in the air, he already began drawing his bow.


After he landed, the ice arrow on the bow shot out with a ‘shua’ sound. The string of movements was very fluid; they were very natural and unforced.

There was a cold gleam and the arrow instantly appeared in front of Xiao Chen. The blood and Qi in Xiao Chen’s body was still churning. He was temporarily unable to use his Essence, and could only turn his body to evade.

The arrow brushed by the side of Xiao Chen’s face and flew behind him. The wind from the arrow caused a small, bloody wound on Xiao Chen’s right cheek.

Xiao Chen watched as ice arrows continuously flew at him. He felt very frustrated in his heart. This situation where he could only passively defend made him very sullen. After avoiding another arrow, Xiao Chen’s left hand made a hand seal.

A streak of lightning from the sky descended near Tang Feng. Tang Feng hurriedly stopped doing what he was doing and evaded toward the back. However, just as he stabilized himself, another five streaks of lightning crashed down loudly.

With Xiao Chen’s previous cultivation as a Martial Disciple, he could continuously send out three streaks of lightning. Now that he was a Martial Master, he could continuously send out six streaks of lightning.

The six streaks of lightning gave Xiao Chen some buffer time. He used this time to ponder deeply on countermeasures against this situation. Xiao Chen felt he could only deal with this quickly by using close combat methods.

He had to think of a way to get close. A wooden sculpture appeared in Xiao Chen’s left hand. He sighed in his heart, I can only sacrifice you.


Xiao Chen threw the wooden sculpture at Tang Feng. A faint radiance expanded out from the wooden sculpture. A boundless dragon’s might instantly filled the entire arena.

Tang Feng’s heart tightened; an arrow that was flickering with a spiritual light suddenly appeared in his hand. He nocked it to the bow quickly, and fired it at the wooden sculpture.

The arrow was like a fierce tiger coming out; it gave off a prolonged hum in the air. The Essence in the air was infused into the arrow, causing it to turn incomparably resplendent.


Before Xiao Chen’s wooden sculpture could be completely activated, the arrow flashed by gracefully and shattered it into countless pieces. Sawdust scattered everywhere, and Xiao Chen’s trump card was gone, just like that.

“That is the Essence Light Arrow from Heavenly Craft Manor. It is worth ten thousand gold. They only make a hundred of those every year. To think that the Tang Clan was able to obtain one.”

“It’s unfortunate that Xiao Chen’s Secret Treasure was shattered just like that. That Secret Treasure managed to break Zhang He’s mysterious phenomenon earlier... It must have been of a very high grade.”

“This is interesting now. I wonder if Xiao Chen still has other trump cards to play? If he does not, then it is very likely that he will be shot to death in a sorry manner.”

“Indeed. A long ranged attacker, armed with exquisite Movement Techniques and excellent close combat skills. Within the same cultivation realm... He is practically unrivaled.”

The situation on the arena changed once again, so the people below the arena discussed it once more. In the pavilion of the Tang Clan and Zhang Clan, the Zhang Clan Head asked out of amazement, “Brother Tang, where did you obtain this Essence Light Arrow from? I heard that it is difficult to obtain, even for the Royal Family.”

Tang Tian smiled faintly, “How could I have obtained it? It was given to Tang Feng by Leng Zhengyun last night. He gave him a total of three Essence Light Arrows.”

The Zhang Clan Head revealed an elated expression, “Let’s see if Xiao Chen will continue to behave so savagely. Without a Secret Treasure, let’s see how he is going to deal with the remaining two Essence Light Arrows.”

In the pavilion where the Xiao Clan resided, after Xiao Qiang saw the Essence Light Arrow, his face was filled with a shocked expression, “Clan Head, I’m afraid that we do not stand a chance anymore. How about we get Xiao Chen to give up?”

Xiao Xiong's gaze was focused far away. He did not reply to Xiao Qiang’s question and said, “Did you notice the Movement Technique that Xiao Chen used to rise higher in the air in the previous battle?

Xiao Qiang had a stunned expression for a while before exclaiming in surprise, “You mean to say, that is…”

“Indeed, that is the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art,” a complex expression appeared on Xiao Xiong’s face. “Unfortunately, this Movement Technique was lost long ago, or else he would not be in such a sorry state.”

Xiao Xiong looked at Xiao Chen, who was in the arena. A warm look flashed in his eyes, and the image of a pretty girl appeared in his mind. He muttered to himself, “If it were not for that promise, you probably would not even be willing to enter the threshold of the Xiao Clan. Who exactly am I to you in your heart?”

The First Elder, Xiao Qiang, carefully thought about the meaning of Xiao Xiong’s words and deciphered it slowly before saying, “Clan Head, it has already been a thousand years. There is no need to be so worried. How about just letting go and gambling on it?”

Xiao Xiong revealed a desolate expression. He smiled bitterly when he heard this, “Gamble? What am I going to gamble with? The lives of thousands of young and old of the Xiao Clan? I cannot afford that price, and neither do I dare to.”

Xiao Qiang felt dissatisfied and wanted to say something more, “Clan Head, a thousand years have passed. This might be a chance…”

Xiao Xiong waved his hands and interrupted Xiao Qiang. He said indifferently, “I’m going to leave for a bit. If Xiao Chen’s life is in danger, stop the duel immediately.”

After he said that, he leaped up high into the air and flew towards the Xiao Residence. His speed was very fast, and strings of explosions could be heard coming from the area near him. After a while he became a tiny black dot, disappearing from the people’s eyes.

“My god! That is the Xiao Clan Head. He actually can fly.”

“Could it be that he is already a Martial King? Oh my God! With such a cultivation, he is unrivaled in Qizi County.”

The Zhang Clan Head and Tang Clan Head looked at the disappearing Xiao Xiong, their faces clearly indicating that they did not understand. Tang Tian asked in doubt, “The duel is not over yet, why is he leaving so early? Could it be that he is aware of Leng Zhengyun’s arrangements?”

The Zhang Clan Head smiled indifferently, “That may be so. I’m sure he already guessed that Xiao Chen’s defeat is inevitable. Thus, he left in advance to make preparations.”

Tang Tian still had doubts in his heart, “I hope it is so. If we can win this duel, that would be the best. I do not wish to resort to that final move.”

“Father, what’s going on with the Clan Head? Were you discussing about Cousin Xiao Chen earlier?” looking at the distant Xiao Xiong, Xiao Yulan sensed that something big was going to happen. She had no idea what it was though. It was completely baffling her.

Xiao Qiang waved his hands and did not give her an answer, “Watch the duel. Xiao Chen still has a chance. You don’t need to think about these things.”

In the ancestral hall of the Xiao Clan, Xiao Xiong knelt in the center and faced the hundreds of tablets within, saying in a sullen voice, “Honored ancestors of the Xiao Clan. I, Xiao Xiong, am useless. I am not able to revitalize the glory of the Xiao Clan. If there were to be any punishments, please let them all fall on me. It has nothing to do with our descendants.”

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