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Chapter 86: Descending Divine Dragon Chop

Xiao Chen, who was in the arena, did not notice Xiao Xiong leaving. He looked at the remnants of the wooden sculpture on the ground and was filled with disbelief.

He had heard of the Essence Light Arrow before, but he did not expect that it would appear in such an insignificant place like Mohe City... Or that such a heaven defying object would break his Life Bestowal Spell.

“Chi! Chi!”

Countless frost crystals appeared behind Tang Feng, like stars made of ice. The temperature in the arena lowered significantly. Tang Feng had a solemn expression on his face as he held the bow with his left hand and drew the bowstring with his right. His right hand emitted a boundless radiance.

Xiao Chen’s heart trembled in fear; he saw this move in Gloomy Forest. However, this felt slightly different. The frost crystals behind Tang Feng suddenly disappeared, and countless sparks appeared. The cold air was swept away and a boundless heatwave surged in.

“Martial Technique, Icefire Flowing Cloud Arrow!”

Instantly an arrow made of intertwining ice and fire appeared on the bow. The arrow formed slowly and was fired out with a ‘sou. The ice and fire were flowing around continuously on the arrow.

It left behind a resplendent tail of light as it drilled through the air like a colorful ribbon; it looked extremely beautiful.


This was the fastest arrow that Xiao Chen had ever seen Tang Feng shoot. In one moment the arrow was still being formed on the bow, and in the next, it had turned into a magnificent streamer flying towards him.

“Heavenly Lightning Shield!”

In such a situation, where he could not avoid the oncoming attack, Xiao Chen instantly executed the Heavenly Lightning Shield. The electrical light formed into a ‘金’ shape, and wrapped around Xiao Chen.


Heavenly Lightning Shield was instantly punctured. The Icefire Flowing Cloud Arrow pierced through with great momentum and hit Xiao Chen’s right chest. The Qi and blood in his body churned. Xiao Chen could taste something sweet in his mouth as he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Tang Feng frowned slightly. When he saw that the Icefire Flowing Cloud Arrow did not pierce through Xiao Chen’s body, he was slightly astonished.

Tang Feng’s right hand plucked the bowstring lightly, and an invisible energy was transmitted to the Icefire Flowing Cloud Arrow. After that, the energy arrow made of ice and fire exploded loudly.

The Heavenly Lightning Shield was extremely weak from the inside, so it was instantly blasted apart. The huge energy of the intertwined ice and fire blasted Xiao Chen into the air, causing him to vomit another mouthful of blood.

Xiao Chen felt that his entire body was in pain. He had never suffered such a severe injury before since coming to this world. He quickly took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and put in into his mouth in midair.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

Tang Feng did not wait for Xiao Chen to fall back down as he fired out three Icefire Flowing Cloud Arrows. Xiao Chen was wearing the Battle Armor, so the Icefire Flowing Cloud Arrows were not able to penetrate into his body.

Xiao Chen was like a target board that was being blasted higher and higher by Tang Feng. The string of three explosions, and the surging shockwave, was like fireworks in the air. The resulting shockwave knocked Xiao Chen to a height of more than 200 meters.

Tang Feng wiped the sweat off his forehead and revealed a cruel smile. Up until now, he did not dare to relax. Blasting Xiao Chen into the air was part of the tactics he had come up with long ago.

Regardless of one’s method, there was no way for one to be as agile as on the ground. This way, that person would become a living target. It could be said that Tang Feng already had victory in his grasp.

“Xiao Chen is finished, he is now a living target.”

“Indeed. Xiao Clan, quickly admit defeat. I can’t bear to watch this any longer. He has been continuously shot at from the start to now.”

“The Xiao Clan is not surrendering yet; they still might have some trump cards to play.”

“What other trump card is there? His Secret Treasure is already gone... What other divine object can he take out?”

Everyone discussed this, but most of them could not bear the current situation. No one expected that Tang Feng would be so strong. Originally, no one thought very highly of him. To think that he would actually corner Xiao Chen into such a situation.

In the Xiao Clan’s pavilion, Xiao Yulan’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Xiao Chen. She said, “Father, let’s admit defeat. We can give up Seven Horn Mountain. Cousin Xiao Chen is about to die.”

Behind her, Xiao Ling`er, Ye Lan, and the others also had red eyes. No one had expected that Xiao Chen would put his life on the line like this... that the battle would be so cruel.

“It is not time yet,” Xiao Qiang said quietly. Xiao Yulan and the rest did not know about the Battle Armor Xiao Chen was wearing.

In the Zhang Clan’s and Tang Clan’s pavilion, the Zhang Clan Head looked at Xiao Chen who was being shot continuously in the air. His face was filled with an elated expression, “Congratulations! Your clan’s Young Master is about to win. The Leng Clan will be rewarding you greatly.”

Tang Tian’s expression became relaxed. He leaned on the railings and smiled faintly, “It does not matter anymore. Not having to resort to that final move is the best result.”

Xiao Chen, who was in the air, closed his eyes. He had an extremely calm expression. He carefully thought about every detail of this battle. He had been in too much of a rush to get close from the start.

His Lightning Evasion had been revealed long ago, yet he still used it as a killing move. That was naive of him.

Despite knowing that his opponent used long range attacks, he still used the Life Bestowal Spell. The battle against Zhang He had made him too confident.

Every thought in Xiao Chen’s brain was moving as fast as lightning. Xiao Chen was trying his best to find a countermeasure for this situation. If he descended quickly, he would still be Tang Feng’s live target board. He might as well rise higher into the sky and risk his life.

[TL note: Interesting fact: Our brains works by electrical impulses. Hence, every thought we have is literally as fast as lightning. Some even say that it works by the vibration of electrons, and apparently that is faster than light. Of course, all these are not exactly proven.]

After thinking up to this point, Xiao Chen roared angrily. The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his Dantian area leaped out of the pool of clear water with a loud sound. A stream of pure energy was transmitted to Xiao Chen’s body.

Using this energy, Xiao Chen brandished his saber upwards and his body climbed rapidly higher. Every time he waved the saber, he rose by ten odd meters.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen discovered that this method also allowed him to evade the arrows that Tang Feng fired.

Tang Feng, who was on the arena, watched as Xiao Chen rose higher and higher. After seeing him evade quite a few arrows, he frowned deeply.

The arrows he shot out were not real arrows; they were made of fire and ice. If the distance was too far the accuracy would not decrease, but the speed would decrease significantly.

An Essence Light Arrow appeared in his hand once again. He aimed it at Xiao Chen as he slowly drew the bowstring back. He focused his essence, energy, and spirit to their extreme. Streams of killing intent locked onto Xiao Chen.

[TL note: 精气神, essence, energy, and spirit is a traditional Chinese concept of how the body works. In Daoist tradition, there are three important aspects of everyone: Essence (精), Energy (气) (Qi), and Spirit (神). Essence is the condensed form of energy, representing the physical body; Energy (or Qi) is the formless energy running parallel to the physical body, representing the energy body; and Spirit represents the mental/thought/reason/cognition/aware mind, representing awareness and consciousness. Through the cultivation of Essence, Energy, and Spirit, Daoists believe that they can achieve physical health, longevity, and ultimately realize Dao.]

Xiao Chen had kept his Spiritual Sense released. The moment Tang Feng released his killing intent, Xiao Chen felt it immediately. His heart trembled, and he quickly executed the Lightning Evasion.

Executing the Lightning Evasion in mid-air consumed a large amount of Essence, but Xiao Chen did not hesitate. This killing intent made him feel an aura of death.


At the instant Xiao Chen left, something flashed by underneath his feet gracefully. In the clear sky, it looked like a streak of lightning.

When the glow flashed by, Xiao Chen had already appeared above a thousand meters in the sky. To the people below, he was merely a tiny black speck.

“What is Xiao Chen trying to do? With his cultivation level, it would exhaust a huge amount of Essence to execute such a flying technique. This is not something that a Martial Master can do.”

In the Tang Clan’s and Zhang Clan’s pavilion, Tang Tian looked at the black speck in the sky and said worriedly.

The Zhang Clan head smiled indifferently, “Brother Tang you don’t have to worry. It is obvious that he is trying to evade Tang Feng’s arrows. He has no other choice. However, he would have to come down eventually.”

“When that happens, even if he is not shot, he will fall to his death.”

In the Xiao Clan’s pavilion, the crowd also did not understand what Xiao Chen’s intentions were. Only Xiao Qiang frowned in his heart but he was not very sure either, “Could it be the Descending Divine Dragon Chop? However, this Martial Technique was already lost by the Xiao Clan long ago. Even if he truly has the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, it is impossible to learn it.”

Tang Feng’s expression turned grave when he saw the black speck that was Xiao Chen. His earlier relaxed state was now completely gone.

The third Essence Light Arrow was slowly nocked onto the bowstring. He aimed at the black speck in the sky as the aura of his body continued to surge upward. This was his final Essence Light Arrow. If he was not able to hit Xiao Chen with it, then he would be in trouble later.


Just as the crowd was discussing what Xiao Chen was attempting to do, a powerful dragon’s roar came from the sky. The aura of the ancient Holy Beast, the Azure Dragon, slowly pressed down from the sky.

Everyone in the audience felt a pressure on their shoulders. It was an intangible pressure that pressed heavily on them. Their legs could not help but tremble.

“Meteor Burst!”

[TL note: Meteor Burst is Xiao Chen’s name for Descending Divine Dragon Chop. He thought that he invented the move.]

Xiao Chen roared loudly and an incorporeal dragon shadow appeared behind him. He descended towards the ground like a meteor, cutting through the air and separating streams of Qi waves.


Tang Feng had already completely drawn the Ice Fire Bow. With a ‘shua’ sound, the Essence Light Arrow was fired in the same manner as Chasing Stars Catching Moon, firing towards Xiao Chen in the sky.

However, Xiao Chen was surrounded by a layer of an incorporeal Qi field. This was the Qi field created by the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit after executing the Meteor Burst.

The Essence Light Arrow, which had a large amount of energy, was brushed to the side by the Qi field even before it got near to Xiao Chen, eventually vanishing into the sky.

Tang Feng had a gaze filled with disbelief. Heavenly Craft Manor had used Superior Grade Frost Iron and a large amount of Moonstone to forge this Essence Light Arrow. To think that it could not even penetrate this Qi field.

Before Tang Feng had the time to be astonished, Xiao Chen used the supreme dragon’s might as he chopped down at him ruthlessly. Tang Feng executed his Movement Technique to the extreme and immediately leaped away by about ten meters.


There was a heaven shaking sound; the arena made of Heavenly Mountain Stones was loudly shattered. The surging shockwave caused countless pieces of rubble to fly off of the arena. The cultivators below the arena quickly used their Movement Techniques to try and evade.

Even so, there were many people that were struck by debris. The large force caused these people to vomit blood. The scene was extremely chaotic.

“Descending Divine Dragon Chop! It is really the Descending Divine Dragon Chop!” Xiao Qiang shouted excitedly. He did his best to see the situation on the arena, but dust was flying everywhere. No one could see the situation clearly.

In the Zhang Clan’s and Tang Clan’s pavilion, Tang Tian had a face of displeasure as he said, “Didn’t you say that he would fall to his death? Why did such a scenario happen?”

The Zhang Clan Head’s expression was extremely unsightly. He did not know how to reply at this moment.

When the dust on the arena slowly cleared away, everyone finally managed to precisely see the scene. Tang Feng was pale and in a corner, hanging on the walls of the arena in a sorry state. He was suspended up high, and trembling.

One of his hands was doing its best to hold on, to not let his body fall down, while the other held the Ice Fire Bow tightly.

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