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Chapter 386: Yue Chenxi’s Invitation

Seeing the Black-Blooded Demonic Corpses stopping the crowd, the scarred man laughed coldly. He carried the body of the Savannah King and quickly left the place.

When the few peak Martial Kings wanted to chase after him, they were blocked by the Black-Blooded Demonic Corpses; they had no chance to leave the fight.


Suddenly, a multicolored light shone in the sky. Yue Chenxi leaped into the air and executed the Morning Sun Fist.

A dazzling light exploded out of Yue Chenxi’s delicate hand. It looked like the sun at the break of dawn, rushing at the scarred man.


The scarred man did not dodge and went head-on against this punch. He flew back miserably and vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Several intense fist winds descended from the sky. They were glowing with an intense light as they tore through space and quickly struck the scarred man.

The black-clothed scarred man vomited a few mouthfuls of blood. However, he used this force to propel himself forward. In the blink of an eye, he vanished from Yue Chenxi’s sight.

This scarred face man was willing to do anything for the Sage Body of the Savannah King. He unexpectedly used such a decisive moment to flee.

Xiao Chen was very familiar with the might of the Morning Sun Fist. This person would not be able to recuperate without spending at least half a year.

“How hateful, he actually managed to get away.”

Yue Chenxi landed firmly beside Xiao Chen. A look of extreme pity appeared on her beautiful face.

Suddenly, the ground shook. The six Black-Blooded Demonic Corpse found an opportunity to return to their coffins.


The six coffin lids jumped back onto the coffins, closing them.Then, they dug into the ground quickly, vanishing from everybody’s sight.

For a long time, the small herb garden remained quiet. Everyone felt very depressed.

When everyone looked at the withered herb garden, they all had sorrowful expressions. This place was brimming with treasures everywhere before, and now, there was nothing.

Not only did they lose the Saber Treasure and the Savanna King’s burial items, the large herb garden they thought that they did not need to worry about was gone as well.

At the end of everything, they did not obtain any benefits from either side, ending up with nothing.

After a long time, the Bloody Bladesman, Sun Guangquan, looked somewhat depressed as he sighed aloud. He smiled bitterly and said, “Everyone, there is no need to feel too sad, there will be ample time for that later. I hope everyone will spread the news of the Dark Church reappearing, so the great sects will keep their guard up. I will take my leave first!”

After the Bloody Bladesman spoke, he turned into a flash of red light and quickly headed out of the herb garden. In the blink of an eye, he vanished from the crowd’s sight.

When the other peak Martial Kings looked at the withered herb Garden, their expressions became very unsightly. Not long later, they all went their own ways.

“Fortunately, I am pretty lucky. Earlier, I did not go about hunting for those Spirit Herbs older than five hundred years old. I managed to obtain ten or so stalks of hundred-year-old Spirit Herbs. At least I have obtained something.”

“This is upsetting. I focused my efforts on searching for herbs that are older than five hundred years old. I ignored the hundred-year-old herbs. Now, I did not gain anything.”

“That is normal. There are hundred-year-old Spirit Herbs everywhere, making them not seem valuable. Naturally, you would want to look for Spirit Herbs older than five hundred years. No one expected someone from the Dark Church to appear. Just consider this as tuition fees for a life lesson.”

The Dark Church unexpectedly has such a strong person. This time, they managed to snatch the Sage Treasure and the Savanna King’s corpse. I believe they have regained their lost strength.”

“This is not something for us to be worried about. Let the great sects worry about this. While there is still a few more days left, let’s go to other areas to try our luck!”

The many cultivators in the herb garden all shook their heads and sighed, feeling dispirited that they did not obtain anything. They slowly headed out in gloomy moods.

A public fortuitous encounter like this was not that easy to find. It would not be easy for them to find another fortuitous encounter in the future.

Everyone sighed at the prospect.

Xiao Chen remained calm. He had obtained many benefits on this trip, but he did not express any of it on his face. He was neither joyful nor sorrowful. No one was able to make out anything from his expression.

It is time to leave, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He took his leave from Yue Chenxi and headed out of the herb garden.

Xiao Chen left the herb garden, and returned to the fifteenth layer of the main palace. He did not hesitate and quickly made for the outside of the palace.

As the huge wave became weaker, more cultivators slowly showed up. Many of them could be seen in the treasure rooms ranging from the fifth to thirteenth layer.

Ten minutes later, Xiao Chen finally managed to walk out of the gates of the main palace. When he looked back, the entire palace still looked as broken down as it was before.

Beside the main palace, there were still some side palaces that were greatly ruined. When Xiao Chen thought about it, there should be something good there.

However, Xiao Chen was not really interested. He had already obtained a large number of Spirit Herbs for cultivation in the Spirit Garden. They would help save him a lot of time.

Xiao Chen wanted to make use of this opportunity to break through to peak Martial Saint. After that, he would forcefully open the minor meridians needed for the sixth layer of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, before breaking into Martial King in one breath.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt a familiar aura. The Spirit Blood Jade flashed a couple of times, it should be Xiao Bai and the others.

Xiao Chen looked around him. After a while, he fixed on a direction and immediately executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to make his way over quickly. Not long after, he saw Jin Dabao, Su Xiaoxiao, and Xiao Bai.

“Elder Brother Xiao Chen, why did you not return after leaving? Xiao Bai thought you did not want me anymore.”

Seeing Xiao Chen’s familiar figure, Xiao Bai immediately rushed over. She hugged Xiao Chen and her eyes teared up.

Xiao Chen’s heart warmed and he smiled faintly. He pulled Xiao Bai away from his embrace and rubbed her head. He said, “Something happened so I came here in advance. Don’t worry.”

Jin Dabao looked at the crowd coming out from the main palace. There seemed to be something unfortunate with their expressions. He could clearly feel that something was wrong. He looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “What happened in the main palace? Something feels off.”

Xiao Chen replied, “The Dark Church’s people appeared. An entire herb garden of natural treasures was ruined. The burial items and body of the Sage were snatched away.”

When Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Dabao heard this, their expressions changed. Clearly, they did not expect the Dark Church’s people to show up.

After a moment, Jin Dabao recovered his calm. He laughed and said, “Going by Old Brother Xiao’s appearance, it seems like you did not come out empty-handed. You should have gained a big harvest?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “It’s still alright. I will tell you in more detail after we get out. There are pretty much no more good things in the main palace. Do you still want to go?”

Jin Dabao smiled faintly and said, “Naturally, we should go. Even if the main palace has nothing left, there should still be some stuff in the side palaces. We can’t return empty-handed.”

“Very well, I will wait for you all on Green Wind Island,” Xiao Chen said softly.

“See you on Green Wind Island then, we will go first.”

After the group left, Xiao Chen went to the seaside with Xiao Bai. There were still a few days before the huge waves would return to being as strong as they normally were. If they did not leave by then, they will be stuck here and die.

“White Robed Bladesman, wait for a moment.”

As the two arrived at the seaside and were about to start on their journey, a pleasant voice came from behind him.

When Xiao Chen heard the manner of address, he already knew who it was without having to turn back. Indeed, it was the fairy-like Yue Chenxi.

Seeing Yue Chenxi coming over, Xiao Chen carefully measured her up before smiling. He said in a soft voice, “Miss Yue Chenxi, can you not address me as such every time? Just call me Xiao Chen.”

Yue Chenxi smiled, it was like flowers blossoming; a definite femme fatale.

Xiao Chen had seen many smiles that would infatuate men and was resistant to them already. However, Xiao Chen still could not help but be entranced.

“I think that calling you in that manner would draw us closer slightly. I feel that you seem to be avoiding me on purpose. Am I that scary?” Yue Chenxi explained as she continued her smile.

How can a person who can make the scarred man vomit blood with a few punches be not scary? Xiao Chen thought speechlessly.

Furthermore, given her sensitive status, Xiao Chen was really not willing to get too close to this girl.

Xiao Chen was afraid of the situation Jin Dabao mentioned: The moment he entered into the Great Jin Nation, countless people would come and challenge him.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts. He said in a sullen voice, “Cut to the chase, why are you looking for me? Do you want me to split the burial items with me? He who sees it gets to partake in it, that is not unreasonable.”

Yue Chenxi pouted and said, “Who cares about the items of the dead? I am looking for you to get help from you, to help me obtain the Daybreak Flower!”

Xiao Chen said, “Are there any benefits?”

Yue Chenxi answered, “None!”

“Xiao Bai, let’s go.” Xiao Chen led Xiao Bai in walking away without bothering to turn his head around.

“...” Yue Chenxi was speechless, and somewhat disappointed.

Xiao Bai asked somewhat suspiciously, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, why are you not helping that sister? She looks very pretty, she should not be a bad person.”

Xiao Chen lectured Xiao Bai seriously, “You cannot judge people by how they look. She may seem pretty, but she is brainless. Hence, helping her will not result in anything good.

“In the future, if you meet a handsome man, you cannot make this mistake. Otherwise, you might end up getting taken advantage of.”

Xiao Bai pretended to understand and nodded, “Alright, Xiao Bai understands. That sister wants to take advantage of Elder Brother Xiao Chen. Xiao Bai will not let other people take advantage of her, only Elder Brother Xiao Chen can.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he almost laughed. He wanted to explain, but decided against it. The more he explained, the more confused Xiao Bai would get.

Yue Chenxi’s pretty face was stunned for a long time when she heard Xiao Chen telling Xiao Bai to leave and turned away without a care.

When Yue Chenxi heard the conversation between Xiao Chen and Xiao Bai, she was completely angered. This fellow is too shameless. How did it end up as me taking advantage of him?!

“Morning Sun Fist!” Yue Chenxi punched out in anger. A tyrannical fist wind was fired at Xiao Chen. a dazzling light appearing in it.


Xiao Chen turned around and drew his saber at lightning speed, executing Drawing the Saber. His speed instantly reached Mach 3 and hacked the fist wind in half.

After the tyrannical fist wind was hacked into half, it did not dissipate. Instead, it brushed by both sides of Xiao Chen and only dissipated after some distance.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and looked at the angry Yue Chenxi. He remained calm and smiled gently, “Miss Chenxi, why so angry?”

Yue Chenxi frowned tightly. When she arrived before Xiao Chen, she said angrily, “Make it clear, how did this lady take advantage of you?!”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Wanting me to help without giving me any benefits… If that is not taking advantage, then what is?”

“That is true… but… but…”

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