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Chapter 385: Numerous Treasures

The chance that Xiao Chen had been waiting for finally appeared. There was a flash of lightning, and Xiao Chen disappeared from Yue Chenxi’s side.

The scarred man in black directly made his move without hesitation, snatching out the half-step Martial Emperor’s corpse.

When the scarred man was about to take away the burial items, a bolt of lightning and an extremely sharp scarlet saber light appeared at his side.

The boundless Saber Technique surged over with a flickering electric light.

The scarred man avoided the attack and retreated decisively. He carried the half-step Martial Emperor corpse and rushed into the sky.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. The extremely sharp saber light from earlier vanished into nothing. He had gambled on the man not daring to clash head-on with him. He was obviously afraid that if he got delayed by Xiao Chen, he would not be able to leave.

Without hesitation, Xiao Chen made his move at lightning speed, sweeping all the burial items in the Platinum-Colored Glazed Jade coffin into his Universe Ring.

Xiao Chen did not even bother to look at what he had obtained. He quickly and quietly left the small herb garden, which was now shrouded in a cloud of dust.


The six peak Martial Kings used their full power and smashed the spinning coffin lid into dust.

However, the force bound inside the coffin lid was too strong. When it shattered, it generated an intense shockwave.

The six were forced back a step by the force of the wave. When the shockwave vanished, they quickly headed for the Sage Coffin.

“Damn! Everything is gone!”

“Not to mention the Sage Treasure, there is not even a single burial item left!”

The six peak Martial Kings looked at the empty Sage Coffin and felt a pain in their hearts; their expressions changed.

“He has not fled far yet. He is in the sky.”

The Bloody Bladesman looked up into the sky. He tossed his Dragon Tooth Saber in the direction the scarred man had fled in.

The black Dragon Tooth Saber turned into a flash of light and completely disappeared. In the next instant, a berserk dragon appeared behind the scarred man and crashed into him.

The scarred man fell to the ground and the six immediately surrounded him.

The six did not say anything or even give the scarred man a chance to speak. They simply sent out overwhelming blade attacks.

At this moment, Xiao Chen already reappeared beside Yue Chenxi. He had a calm expression, smiling faintly while looking at the seven people fighting frantically.

Yue Chenxi, who had seen everything happen, had an extremely incredulous expression. How in the world did this fellow manage to do that?

He managed to easily snatch all the burial items without stirring up any of the dust.

The black-clothed scarred man’s Martial Technique was very strange. When he attacked, there was a black Qi within his palm wind. This was accompanied by an extremely corrosive gas.

Xiao Chen felt that this person’s aura was somewhat familiar. However, he could not recall where he had seen it before.

In terms of strength, aside from the Bloody Bladesman Sun Guangquan, the other peak Martial Kings were not his match.

However, the six peak Martial Kings had the advantage of numbers. Furthermore, they were each individually not much weaker than the scarred man. The black-clothed man also carried the half-step Martial Emperor’s corpse on him. He was slowly being placed at a disadvantage.

When a cultivator reached the Martial Sage realm, they would be able to seize a trace of the Heavenly Daos. The Savanna King was only a step away from becoming a Martial Emperor. He had definitely seized a larger amount of Heavenly Daos.

The power of the Heavenly Daos did not scatter after a thousand years. Such a corpse could not be placed in a spatial ring.

If the corpse was forcefully placed inside, the Heavenly Daos will destroy that weak spatial energy. Hence, this black-clothed cultivator could only carry the corpse, resulting in him only being able to defend passively.

Given the strength of the black-clothed cultivator, Xiao Chen estimated that if he let go of the corpse of the Savanna King, he should be able to flee.

The sudden change in the situation within the small herb garden stunned the cultivators who had been forced to leave for a time. They only recovered their wits slowly.

The lights in their eyes grew brighter. They all lingered outside the small herb garden, not willing to leave.

They were hoping to see a scene where both parties were severely injured. That way, they would be able to take advantage of it.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and could not be bothered to watch. Regardless of the result, it was not related to him.

There was no need for Xiao Chen to remain here. He might even encounter trouble if he did. He turned around and returned to the large herb garden to start picking high ranked herbs again.

When Yue Chenxi saw this, she quickly followed Xiao Chen.

“This is the Dog-Ant Grass. It can resolve many different types of poison and is particularly effective on snake poison. Pick it.”

“Baihui Grass…this is the main ingredient in refining the treatment type medicine, Cool Breeze Dew Pill. It is also two hundred years old. Pick it!”

“Five-hundred-year-old Snow Ginseng. Although it is only five hundred years old, it is still pretty good. I missed out on the thousand-year-old one earlier. Still, this is seven or eight years worth of cultivation. Pick it!”

Xiao Chen had already wrapped up all he needed to get done. Now, he could not even be bothered to extend out his Spiritual Sense. He merely walked through the large herb garden leisurely and picked any good herbs that he saw.

Even so, after a while, there were several dozen more herbs in Xiao Chen’s Universe Ring. It was a large harvest.

As for the people lingering outside the small herb garden, hoping for both sides to be injured, they did not gain anything. They could only watch as Xiao Chen obtained the herbs.

Even so, they were still hoping to be able to catch a big fish. After the other sides were injured, they would be able to split the burial items in the Sage Coffin. They were not aware that Xiao Chen had already taken them.

Yue Chenxi, who knew everything, only felt that these people were foolish as she watched those people anxiously waiting outside the small herb garden with eyes full of anticipation.

Yue Chenxi, who was still following Xiao Chen, saw that he was incredibly calm. She finally could not resist and asked, “White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen, I really do not understand. Why are you still so calm at this moment?

“If the six peak Martial Kings find out that you have taken away the burial items, you would not even be able to run. Unexpectedly, you are still in the mood to stay here and continue picking Spirit Herbs.”

Xiao Chen stood back up and carefully placed the Spirit Herb he had just picked into his Universe Ring. He smiled gently and said, “Unlike you, I do not have the support of a large sect like the Supreme Sky Sect. You never lacked for natural treasures for miraculous pills.

“Since this opportunity is hard to come by, naturally, I should pick more. Who knows, maybe this large herb garden might be emptied out soon. So, I have to make full use of the time.”

When Yue Chenxi heard this, she was rather stunned. The Supreme Sky Sect had its own herb field, and it was larger than this herb field.

Furthermore, the Supreme Sky Sect had people to specially care for the herb garden. It had existed for close to ten thousand years. They had even an Alchemy Hall with all the necessary tools, and the continent’s peak Alchemists.

Hence, Yue Chenxi did indeed not lack for natural treasures or miraculous pills. That was also why she was not too interested in this herb garden.

However, when Yue Chenxi heard Xiao Chen say that this herb garden might disappear, she found it funny. She said softly, “Ha ha. You are very funny. How can such a large herb field suddenly disappear? That is impossible.”

“Chi! Chi!”

Immediately after Yue Chenxi spoke, all the herbs in the large herb garden started withering at a visible pace.

A three-hundred-year-old Green Light Grass withered in Xiao Chen’s hand before he could pick it. It was completely drained of medicinal energy and had no trace of lifeforce left in it.

Such a large herb garden filled with herbs and plants withered quickly in front of the two of them.

It felt like time was being accelerated. It turned from spring to summer, to autumn, and then to winter. Everything in this large herb garden withered away.

Yue Chenxi’s expression changed greatly, her face filled with disbelief. She said somewhat nervously, “You… you knew about this?”

A similar expression of shock appeared on Xiao Chen’s face as well. He shook his head and smiled bitterly, “I really did not know about this. I merely made a casual remark earlier. Let’s go to the small herb garden and take a look. All the medicinal energy is flowing toward there.”

The two circulated their Movement Techniques and arrived at the edge of the small herb garden after a moment. They only saw that all the cultivators who were waiting previously were joining in the fight.

Strange… these people are all very crafty. How could it be that they joined the fight before it ended? 

Xiao Chen looked into the small herb garden and his expression immediately changed. All the blossoming dark brown flowers in there were withered as well, all of their lifeforce was drained.

Earlier, there would be a black gas when the black-clothed scarred man attacked. Now, a black gas covered his entire body.

The black gas made sizzling sounds in the air, like the air was very corroded. It was extremely strange. No one dared to get near him. The way the cultivators attacked seemed like they were afraid.

A thought struck Xiao Chen. He finally understood why he found the aura of this black-clothed scarred man seemed to be so familiar. This person had a Demonic Beast Martial Spirit.

The black gas was the demonic Qi from the Demonic World. It was exactly the same as that person Ying Yue killed in the Demonic Beast Forest.

In the small herb garden, there were six dark coffins standing upright behind the scarred man. The coffin lids were already lying on the ground.

Within the coffins were six corpses with their eyes tightly shut. There were three red spots on their foreheads, like a mark.

The corpses were wearing thick armor made from Profound Iron. Their exposed skin was a metallic gray, like they were metal.

As the boundless lifeforce of the countless Spirit Herbs poured into the coffins, the six corpses suddenly opened their eyes. They slowly walked out with heavy footsteps.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The six corpses came to life just like that. It was unknown how heavy the Profound Iron armors on their bodies were, but with every step they took, the ground trembled.

Yue Chenxi’s expression turned grave as she said, “This is the Rank 3 Black-Blooded Demonic Corpse. It is created by the Dark Church’s unique corpse refining methods. This person is a remnant of the Dark Church. No wonder he wanted the Sage Body of the Savanna King. He wants to refine the Sage Body into a Demonic Corpse. How horrifying, we cannot let him get away.”

Xiao Chen had heard of the Dark Church before, they were enemies of mankind. They willingly worshiped the Demon Gods and became evil cultivators. The reason for their existence was to help the Demonic World conquer the Tianwu Continent.

However, many years ago, the Three Holy Lands worked together with all the sects in the continent and chased them out from the continent. They had even killed most of the core members of the Dark Church.

The Three Holy Land’s Masters even worked together to kill the Church Master. The Dark Church could be said to have been disbanded, there were only some minor remnant forces remaining.

When cultivators of the continent saw the remnants of the Dark Church, they would have to work together to kill them, no matter who they were. This was an ancient rule that no one disobeyed.

When the six Black-Blooded Demonic Corpses appeared, they immediately smashed their way through the crowd. Their huge bodies carried enormous force, like tanks driving into the crowd.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

When the crowd’s attacks struck the Black-Blooded Demonic Corpses, they gave off dull metallic sounds. These Black-Blooded Demonic Corpses did not seem to have a weakness.

The Black-Blooded Demonic Corpses’ heads and eyes were not their weak points. They had no emotions or sense of pain.

They were indifferent to the attacks launched at them. Instead, they were able to pierce through their opponents with one move.

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