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Chapter 377: Strong Inner Vest

“Chi! Chi!”

The instant the swordsman died, a large strand of scarlet light headed for the mark on Xiao Chen’s forehead. The scarlet throne in his sea of consciousness trembled continuously; it seemed extremely excited.

What a strong killing intent. Killing just him gives me about as much as ten Demonic Beasts of similar strength. This person must have killed a lot of people.

As the throne trembled, the cells in Xiao Chen’s entire body could not help but grow excited. He felt as though he would sink into depravity.

No, I have to control this feeling. Otherwise, I will end up becoming a slave to this throne.

A determined look flashed in Xiao Chen’s gaze. He decisively cut off the sense of exhilaration that he should not have. Then, he quickly made his way to Bai Muran.

Bai Muran’s right arm had withstood a combined total of 175,000 kilograms of force. It was now completely crippled. All of the bones around the joints had been crushed into powder.

Even with miraculous medicine, without half a year to recuperate, his arm would remain crippled and useless.

In fact, even if it were Xiao Chen or someone with similar accomplishments of his physical body, he would find suffering two strikes of over 75,000 kilograms difficult to deal with.

This was why Xiao Chen had used different hands to deal with his opponent’s earlier attack.

Bai Muran ran for his life on the unstable sea. Occasionally, he would turn his head to see Xiao Chen chasing after him.

Xiao Chen was not in a rush. He summoned the scarlet throne and sat on it leisurely. The scarlet throne moved at Mach 2, allowing him to chase after Bai Muran comfortably.

After six hours, Bai Muran’s Essence started to drain. His speed looked like it was slowing down.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen had only exhausted a little of the pool of blood in the scarlet throne. The purple Qi whirlpool in his dantian slowly refilled itself.

“It is time to end this!”

The sun was setting; dusk approached. Xiao Chen completely lost the patience to continue playing with him. He got up and pushed off the scarlet clouds.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations, Clear Wind Chop!”

Suddenly, nine cool breezes blew across the surface of the sea. When the cool breezes brushed the surface of the sea, they did not cause any ripples. They were incredibly gentle.

Xiao Chen hid within the nine cool breezes and divided himself into nine. It was difficult to differentiate the real from the fakes.

The spent Bai Muran who was in desperate straits, rejoiced when he felt the killing Qi behind him disappear. Could that person have run out of Essence before I did?

However, when Bai Muran turned back, he saw nine Xiao Chen’s moving forward, surrounding him. There was no killing Qi, not even killing intent.

Suddenly, Bai Muran’s expression changed. He was startled, Clear Wind Chop! This is the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s secret technique, Clear Wind Chop!

Bai Muran was aware of what end awaited him. Now that his Essence was exhausted, he had no more strength left to flee.


Nine figures moved past Bai Muran before merging. Xiao Chen returned his saber to its scabbard and stood quietly before Bai Muran.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Nine bleeding holes appeared on nine important acupoints on Bai Muran’s chest. Blood spurted from the holes. He wanted to say something but could not speak.

Not long later, there were no signs of life, and he fell into the sea.

Immediately, another large strand of invisible red light headed for the scarlet throne floating above the sea. This killing intent was more than double the swordsman’s.

“Ti da! Ti da!”

The amount of blood in the pool inside the throne instantly restored and even grew larger.

Xiao Chen rid himself of that rush of depravity before extracting the spatial ring from Bai Muran’s hand.

Xiao Chen had finally got rid of the two Martial Kings. He could finally breathe easy. First, he checked the spatial ring of the swordsman.

There were five hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones and several ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Xiao Chen took them out without a word.

As for the treatment medicines, food, and other trivial things in there…Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him. He simply tossed the spatial ring into a corner of his Universe Ring.

“Five hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones is sufficient for me to cultivate for a period. Let’s see what is inside Bai Muran’s spatial ring. He was a Superior Grade Martial King; he should not disappoint me.”

Xiao Chen inserted his Spiritual Sense into the spatial ring. Instantly, visions of piles of Medial Grade Spirit Stones appeared in his mind. When he counted them, there was no less than two thousand.

Xiao Chen could not help but smile gently, “No wonder the cultivators in this world like to kill others for their treasure. This harvest is too tempting. I wonder how many people died at his hand for him to accumulate so much wealth.”

Aside from the Medial Grade Spirit Stones, there were several hundred thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Xiao Chen took them out like before, as well as some secret manuals and items.

As for the rest, they did not catch Xiao Chen’s interest. He simply tossed the rest, spatial ring included, into a corner of the Universe Ring like before.

Unfortunately, these two Martial Kings had not comprehended states. If one of them had comprehended a state, Xiao Chen would not be as relaxed as he was now.


Xiao Chen shouted, and the scarlet throne instantly turned into a beam of light and headed for Xiao Chen’s forehead before entering his sea of consciousness.

Within the sea of consciousness, there were four strands of white flames moving back and forth. These were the Lunar True Flames that lacked an origin flame.

They were simply too little. It was a pity to toss them, but it was useless to keep them. Xiao Chen could only wait until they accumulated a certain amount before he could use them.

Xiao Chen took out the top quality Inferior Grade Secret Treasure and carefully examined it. It was only at this moment that Xiao Chen was truly free enough to take a look.

The inner vest was made of soft leather. When Xiao Chen touched it, it felt very supple. This should be the skin of a Spirit Beast.

There were countless talisman scripts on the inside. When Xiao Chen slid his finger across them, he could feel a strong energy fluctuating under his fingertips; it was rhythmic like the strings of a zither.

Xiao Chen sent his Spiritual Sense into the Secret Treasure and erased the mark of the previous owner. Then, he branded his own mark onto it. After that, Xiao Chen removed the Clear Wind Robes to try on this Secret Treasure.

Although the Clear Wind Robes were only an ordinary Inferior Grade Secret Treasure, their effects would always be active. It would increase the amount of speed boosted as Xiao Chen grew stronger.

Movement Techniques, moving, attacking, they would all improve. He would never outgrow this Secret Treasure. It patched up all of Xiao Chen’s deficiencies;, he was very fond of it.

When Xiao Chen put on the inner vest, he instantly felt the soft armor project dense lines of energy, piercing through his chest and connecting with his internal organs.

The lines of energy quickly formed a membrane and wrapped around Xiao Chen’s internal organs, adding a layer of defense to them.

Xiao Chen wore a happy expression. He smiled gently and said, “This inner vest does not only increase the defense on the outside, but it also protects the internal organs. My overall defense has increased by twenty percent.”

Given this, in addition to the physical body that Xiao Chen had obtained with the Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone, his defense was, more or less, similar to that of a peak Martial King.

Initially, Xiao Chen felt a little uncomfortable having his organs wrapped up in this membrane. However, after wearing the Secret Treasure for a while, he slowly got used to it.

After a while, Xiao Chen looked toward the direction of Qianren Island. Multicolored lights stopped showing up. Evidently, Secret Treasures had stopped emerging.

“I have been gone for about half a day. The waves surrounding Qianren Island should have weakened by now. I have to rush over.”

A silver warship appeared from Xiao Chen’s right eye, and he leaped onto the bow. They turned into a silver flash of light and rushed into the sky.

After flying at full speed for more than two hours, Xiao Chen finally saw the silhouette of the huge waves. They endlessly gushed into the clouds, rushing into the sky; it was as shocking as before.

Xiao Chen put away his silver warship and slowly descended, reducing his speed.

The many cultivators of Green Wind Island had heard about the Secret Treasures flying out. Now, a large number of cultivators surrounded the huge wave.

Occasionally, someone would break through the huge waves, entering Qianren Island. It looked like the huge waves had indeed weakened.

“It’s still not enough. Our strength is insufficient. We have to wait until tomorrow when the huge waves completely weaken before we enter.”

“Indeed, the ones entering now are some Superior Grade Martial Kings and peak Superior Grade Martial Kings. It is too difficult for us to break through at the moment.”

The surrounding cultivators looked at the huge waves and sighed. They were very anxious but could not do anything about it.

Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to feel the strength of the huge waves. He had a pretty good understanding of them. He parted his way through the crowd and flew over.

“He actually wants to break through these waves with his Superior Grade Martial Saint strength. This fellow is too naive. Be careful of the waves reflecting your attacks and injuring you!”

“The youths of today do not understand the gravity of the situation. As a Superior Grade Martial Saint, even if he has comprehended a state, he cannot break through these huge waves.

“Indeed. Even we, Martial Kings, cannot break through and have to wait until tomorrow. This fellow will only fail.”

When the crowd saw Xiao Chen heading to the massive wall of water with only the strength of a Superior Grade Martial Saint, they all laughed.

Xiao Chen had already cultivated his state of mind to a certain degree. He simply ignored these mockeries.

“Ka ca!”

When Xiao Chen arrived before the huge waves, he did not stop. He drew the Lunar Shadow Saber with lightning speed, like a bolt of lightning.

A dense saber light flashed across the huge wave. A hole instantly opened. Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he went in before the hole mended.

The whole process only took a breath. He chained the acts together very naturally. It took no longer than three seconds.

“Hey, he really managed to enter. Even I, a peak Medial Grade Martial King, failed three times. Instead, I incurred significant internal injuries.”

When the crowd who had mocked Xiao Chen saw him vanish through the wall of water, they were all astonished. They felt it was incredulous.

“Xiu! Xiu!”

Not long later, there were two flashes of light from the horizon. It was two young cultivators, one male, and one female. They rushed at the huge waves without slowing.

They barged into the huge wave without stopping.

“It’s Jin Wuji and Yue Chenxi. They are here already,” someone who recognized the two said softly.

Following that, several young cultivators flew over. These people paused before the huge waves for a while before breaking through, one by one.

They were the outstanding talents of the various nations that Jin Wuji had gathered. When these people learned of the news, they all quickly rushed over.

A group of middle-aged Martial Kings was silent. After a long time, someone sighed, “Times have changed. It is now a world of the youths. How old are these people? Yet, their cultivations are so deep; their strength is completely different from ours.”

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