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Chapter 376: The Result of Underestimating Xiao Chen

“Damn! How is this brat so fast? He is unexpectedly at Mach 3. I can’t catch up with him.”

“I can’t continue to chase him either. Cultivators who are not wind-attributed would find it difficult to maintain such speed for a long time.”

“Never mind; there will be other Secret Treasures. I won’t chase anymore!”

When Xiao Chen’s speed increased explosively again, the cultivators who could barely keep up with Xiao Chen decreased by half again. Now, only four or five people trailed behind.

Two Superior Grade Martial Kings and three peak Medial Grade Martial Kings, I still cannot deal with them. I should continue to run! Xiao Chen thought to himself.

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its limits on the surface of the sea. He did not care about the exhaustion of his Essence as he sped away.

After six hours, out of the five people behind him, there were only two wind-attributed cultivators left. The other three had lost their patience.

“That brat seems to have stopped.”

“He finally stopped. He must have run out of Essence. Even if he has a better Movement Technique, how can he compare with us Martial Kings regarding Quantity of Essence? Come!”

The two people chasing relentlessly after Xiao Chen had exhausted a large amount of their Essence. When they saw Xiao Chen slowing down and coming to a stop within a fog in the distance, they could not help but express their joy.

In the fog, Xiao Chen sat on the surface of the sea quietly. His clothes did not get wet at all.

The smiles on the two’s faces broadened. They laughed loudly, “Brat, you are still pretty wise. After you realized that you could not run anymore, you stopped. Hand over the Secret Treasure.”

“You are just a Superior Grade Martial Saint; why are you trying to join in the fun? Hand the Secret Treasure over, and you can scam. Otherwise, don’t blame me for bullying the weak.”

Xiao Chen slowly stood and turned around. Then, he tossed aside a completely exhausted Medial Grade Spirit Stone.

Xiao Chen looked at the two and smiled faintly, “Since when did I say I couldn’t run anymore? The two of you can forget about leaving.”


The middle-aged man on the left was a Medial Grade Martial King. He snorted coldly and stomped heavily on the water’s surface.


The surface exploded, and a dense, spinning pillar of water rose into the air. It tore through the air as it fired at Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen shouted and instantly drew the Lunar Shadow Saber with his right hand. The flickering purple saber light instantly chopped the spinning pillar of water in half.

Xiao Chen had broken this move easily in an instant.

Drawing the Saber?

When the two middle-aged cultivators saw the water pillar chopped in half, they thought suspiciously. Drawing the Saber was the most ordinary Martial Technique. How could it have such might? Furthermore, he performed it casually and moved as he willed.

The two immediately became cautious. This person might not be an ordinary Superior Grade Martial Saint. He might be one of those demonic geniuses who could defeat opponents of higher cultivation realms than them.

However, the two could not leave either. They were full-fledged Martial Kings. If they were frightened away by a Superior Grade Martial Saint, they would be too embarrassed.

Furthermore, the two still thought that victory was at hand. They just needed to be a little more cautious. The lure of the Secret Treasure was too strong.

The person on the left used swords. He was a wind-attributed Medial Grade Martial King who had not comprehended the state of wind.

The person on the right used fists and legs. He was a wind-attributed Superior Grade Martial King. He had not comprehended the state of wind either.

Earlier, when the two chased Xiao Chen, he had already used his Spiritual Sense to check their cultivations. Then, he confirmed it again with his own eyes.

To me, a cultivator that has not comprehended a state is nothing to fear, no matter how high their cultivation. My Essence has already been restored. I will deal with the person on the left first.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

The instant Xiao Chen brandished his saber, an ancient divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere. Then, it transformed into strands of purple saber Qi, flying at the swordsman on the left.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

The saber light danced and cut across the water, causing walls of water to rise. The sea became rough as a result.

“Can the saber Qi of a Martial Saint be denser than a Martial King’s sword Qi? Break!” The swordsman laughed coldly, and his sword trembled as he sent out countless dense sword Qi.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The saber Qi and sword Qi clashed. What surprised the middle-aged swordsman was that his sword Qi was not as dense as the saber Qi.

When the weapon Qi clashed, the saber Qi sliced a significant number of sword Qi in half.

“Qi Breaks Wukui!”

Xiao Chen shouted and did not give his opponent a chance to react. He gathered all the saber Qi and formed them into a resplendent 17-meters-long saber Qi.

The saber Qi dazzled and carried the might of thunder. The boundless electricity surged.

Thunder roared in the sky; the boundless clouds churned. When the resplendent saber Qi moved past the water, it created two walls of water on either side.

“Bai Muran, are you not going to make a move?” The middle-aged swordsman shouted at the Superior Grade Martial King in fear.

Bai Muran smiled gently and said, “I’m coming; don’t panic!”


As Xiao Chen controlled the boundless saber Qi and rushed forward, an intense fist wind came at him from his left.

A tornado formed in the fist wind. It then exploded. This fist could even make the air explode.

Xiao Chen did not bother to look. He continued to control his saber Qi without reducing its power. Just before the fist wind was about to strike him, he used his left fist to welcome it.

The images of a tiger and dragon circled Xiao Chen’s arm as he punched. The air tore apart like layers of white paper pierced through the middle.


The two fists clashed, and a huge force was transmitted. Bai Muran felt his arm go numb, and he was quickly knocked back.

The pure force made his entire arm feel like it was falling apart. If it were not for his exquisite arms and legs, this punch might have crippled his arm.

Damn it! That was at least fifty thousand kilograms of force. I underestimated his strength.

Bai Muran thought to himself in horror. He pushed off the water’s surface and quickly moved back. The huge force created ten-meter-high waves.

Bai Muran moved back nearly a thousand meters before he slowly came to a stop and completely dissipated the force.

When the middle-aged swordsman saw the punch knock Bai Muran back, he thought to himself, That shocking saber Qi is already right before me; it looks like I cannot rely on this person.

Unwavering determination appeared in the middle-aged swordsman’s eyes. He bellowed, and the Essence in his entire body surged forth. A wall of water, ten meters high, rode up from the sea under him.

“I don’t believe that you, a Martial Saint, can compete with me regarding Essence, even if you have comprehended a state. Break for me! Break! Break!”

A resplendent light lit up on the sword, raising the wind-attributed Essence to its peak. An intense storm of sword Qi appeared around the blade.

“Pu ci!”

The sword hacked forward, trying to block Xiao Chen’s Qi Breaks Wukui.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. Suddenly the purple saber Qi alternated between a red and purple light. He had infused the state of massacre from the scarlet throne.


The saber Qi was like ferocious lightning as he carried an overwhelming offense power. It broke the storm of sword Qi the middle-aged swordsman sent out like snapping dead branches on a tree.

Xiao Chen’s aura was like a gushing river. The might of his one saber strike completely shattered the middle-aged swordsman’s Sword Technique. The swordsman’s aura was spent; he had no hopes of turning things around!

Walls of water shot up from the sea. Xiao Chen pierced through the chain of waves and arrived before the middle-aged swordsman. He brandished his saber and sent out many strands of saber Qi.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The middle-aged swordsman swung his sword and could barely block. At this moment, he despaired. He abandoned his thoughts of snatching the Secret Treasure and just wanted to find a chance to escape.

One person’s momentum was strong; the longer the fight continued, the stronger it became. The other’s momentum diminished and only wanted to flee. The result was easy to imagine.

Soon, countless wounds of various sizes appeared on the swordsman’s body. Blood trickled from the wounds and dripped into the sea, turning the blue sea bloody red.


As the two fought, a shocking aura appeared on Xiao Chen’s left. The sound of wind exploded resounding in his ear non-stop.

Following the explosion of the wind, pillars of water rose up from the sea.

My move at full power contains 75,000 kilograms of force. Let’s see if you can block this, Bai Muran’s eyes were bloodshot as he thought to himself.

Xiao Chen’s Saber Technique paused, and his attacked slowed. The middle-aged swordsman rejoiced. He finally managed to hold out until Bai Muran made his move so he could take advantage of this opportunity to leave quickly.

When Xiao Chen saw the middle-aged swordsman fleeing, he shook his head. A mocking smile appeared on his face.

Xiao Chen relaxed his right hand, letting go of the saber. Then, he spun around and sent a punch, welcoming Bai Muran’s full-power attack. His physical strength merged with his Essence; this fist contained one hundred thousand kilograms of force!


Bai Muran vomited a mouthful of blood and flew back like a launched cannonball. His pale face had an extremely horrified expression. “One hundred thousand kilograms of force! How is that possible?!”

Xiao Chen turned and stretched his hand out, grabbing the Lunar Shadow Saber before it fell, grasping it firmly in his hand again.

Listening to the Sword! With a thought, the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber turned pitch-black, becoming the supreme Heavenly Weapon once again.

Comparing the attacks of a Heavenly Weapon against an Earth Ranked Spirit Weapon, there was an increase of twenty percent. Of course, the amount of energy exhausted would increase as well.

“Rushing Thunder Roars, Breaking a Thousand Soldiers!”

The boundless thunderclouds in the sky churned quickly. Xiao Chen did not wait for the electric whirlpool to form completely before making his move. To deal with this stray dog, there was no need for him to exhibit the full power of the Rushing Thunder Roars.

The middle-aged swordsman who quickly fled suddenly heard a startling crack of thunder behind him. He could not hold back his curiosity, and he turned around. What he saw was unforgettable.

Thunderclouds churned in the air. It looked like an opening to the void in the sky. A knight, flickering with golden, electric light, flew down from the void.

“Pu ci!”

Before the swordsman could turn back, the electric knight arrived before him like a flash of lightning. The knight pierced through the back of the swordsman, creating a large hole before the knight instantly exploded.

An intense shockwave caused a large water pillar to shoot up and toss the middle-aged swordsman into the sky.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed and grabbed the middle-aged swordsman the instant the pillar of water fell. Then, he slowly descended to the surface of the sea.

The middle-aged swordsman vomited a few mouthfuls of blood. Then, he smiled weakly, “This old man has wandered the continent for so many years. I really did not expect to find defeat at the hands of a Martial Saint.”

Xiao Chen said softly, “If the both of you did your best together, you would not have had to fear death and would still have a chance to retreat safely. Unfortunately, you could not accomplish that. You can’t blame others for your death.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he used a palm strike to end his misery. Then, he retrieved the spatial ring of the other party.

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