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Chapter 353: Order to Kill

A youth in green clothes, about seventeen or eighteen years old, sat beside Feng Xuanyi.

This youth was handsome and looked young. However, he had an extremely calm aura. When he heard the seniors discussing him, his expression did not fluctuate. He was like a silent sword.

Ling Chen laughed lightly and glanced at the silent youth ignoring him. He only felt it was unfortunate. This youth’s talent was only slightly lower than Chu Chaoyun’s.


At the tea table slightly behind, Duanmu Qing’s cold, expressionless gaze scanned the tea tables of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion as if she searched for someone.

When Ji Changkong saw Duanmu QIng’s gaze, he laughed softly and said, “Miss Duanmu, are you looking for someone?”

Duanmu QIng retracted her gaze and said indifferently, “Shouldn’t you be more clear on who I am looking for?”

Hua Yunfei, sitting to the side, joined the conversation, “That person has not arrived yet. The last time we met him, he did not reveal his moves. Perhaps we can verify his identity this time.”

In the past year, these clans had many outer disciples who died, beheaded.

It was clear that their heads had been taken to the Flying Snow Manor to redeem a reward. The deaths of these outer disciples did not significantly damage these clans. However, they resulted in the fall of these clans’ credibility.

This alarmed people. Furthermore, in the past year, the few noble clans did not even manage to find a trace of Xiao Chen. This made them look like a joke to the rest of the world.

Duanmu Qing said sullenly, “Does anyone have any questions regarding the agreement we made before arriving?”

A trace of killing intent flashed in Hua Yunfei’s eyes. He said viciously, “Relax; this fellow has killed several elders of my clan. If we verified his identity, I, Hua Yunfei, will be the first to make a move.”

Ji Changkong’s gaze was calm. He said indifferently, “He killed my uncle. My mother has ordered me to kill him.”

Chu Chaoyun, at the very front, saw all this. A hint of mockery appeared in his eyes. However, he hid it very well; no one realized it.

Beside the Misty Sword Sect’s table, where the Night Spirit Palace’s people were, Mu Chengxue gently picked up a teacup. Occasionally, he glanced at the empty tea table to the left. That table was reserved for Qingyun Peak.

Mu Chengxue sat quietly beside Mu Yanxue and Shi Feng. Because the Night Spirit Palace was closer to the front than the Shi Clan’s table, Shi Feng did not sit with them. Instead, he chose to enjoy the privileges of the Night Spirit Palace, sitting at the second table on the right side.

“First Senior Brother, it seems like that fellow has not arrived yet. You promised to teach him a lesson on my behalf. You won’t go back on your word, right?” Shi Feng asked with a sullen voice and a hazy gaze.

Mu Chengxue smiled faintly, and the copper mirror in the depths of his eye spun unceasingly. He placed the teacup on the table and said, “Relax. You have given me a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. I will not take your things for nothing.”

The person leading the Night Spirit Palace was also their first elder. He sat in the frontmost position at their tea table. When he heard Mu Chengxue’s words, he frowned slightly, “Chengxue, whether the Night Spirit Palace is allowed ride the Holy Land’s coattails depends on you and Mu Yanxue. Do not spoil this good thing over a personal vendetta.”

Mu Chengxue replied respectfully, “I agree with First Elder. However, I am merely helping Junior Brother Shi vent his frustration out of convenience. At the same time, we can teach the Heavenly Saber Pavilion that our Night Spirit Palace is not easily bullied.”

The First Elder nodded and said, “I have heard about Shi Feng’s matter. It does indeed damage the Night Spirit Palace’s reputation. It is beneficial to teach this person a lesson.”

On the roads of the Heaven Viewing Platform, Xiao Chen moved through the crowd with determination. He did not know that, before he had even arrived, multiple people had painted a target on his back.

Liu Ruyue looked at the packed crowd and said, “Ye Chen, there are too many people here. We will waste too much time at this rate. Let’s work together to carve a path through.”

Xiao Chen had already intended to do so. This packed crowd started to get on his nerves.

The pair released their energy and shaped it into a conical shape. Then, they merged their ferocious energies, and a wide passage appeared in the crowd.

They ignored the curses and quickly advanced. In an instant, their speed increased by several times.

Liu Suifeng smiled and said, “We should have done that long ago. After Ye Chen and I fight for Qingyun Peak and obtain a good result, we should ask the Elders’ Assembly for a flying warship. In the future, we won’t have to go through all this trouble.”

Ten minutes later, the group of six finally arrived outside the gates of the drill ground. Liu Ruyue flashed her golden identity token, and the disciples guarding the gates immediately led the six to a secret passage. Furthermore, it did not seem like the disciple led them to the spectator stands like everyone else.

The exit of the secret passage led to the back of the platform. That disciple said respectfully, “Martial Aunt Liu, you should go down quickly; the elders have long awaited your arrival.”

After Liu Ruyue thanked the disciple, she led the five towards the steps of the platform. Before they climbed onto the platform, Xiao Chen immediately felt strong auras. Furthermore, there were a few familiar auras that he recognized.

After they climbed the long flight of steps, the group finally arrived on the platform. Xiao Chen felt gazes filled with dangerous intentions directed at him.

Xiao Chen focused, maintaining his calm and ignoring these gazes.

“Ruyue is late. First Elder, please forgive me,” Liu Ruyue said as the cupped her hands in respect to Jiang Chi.

Jiang Chi smiled and said, “You are not really late. The Holy Land’s people have not arrived yet. You should take a seat. I fully anticipate Ye Chen’s performance.

The group took their seats, and servants immediately brought fruits and filled their teacups.

Xiao Chen saw a murderous intent flash in the eyes of the Biyun peak’s Peak Master, Song Que. Song Que gave Xiao Chen a meaningful glance before withdrawing his gaze.

Now is not the time to deal with this person. Before I gain the elders’ support, killing this person will only offend the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

When Song Que’s back faced Xiao Chen, it felt like someone poked him with a sharp saber; it was very painful.

It must be that brat’s killing intent. It has grown so horrifying, Song Que thought as he clenched his remaining hand; hatred filled his heart.

When Xiao Chen walked onto the platform, the handsome youth beside Feng Xuanyi frowned slightly. A sharp look appeared in his calm gaze. His sword intent unexpectedly and uncontrollably erupted.

“What’s going on? I can’t control my Sword Intent.” the youth was shaken. Caution now filled his gaze towards Xiao Chen.

Sword intent would only react like that when it felt danger or a strong killing intent. This ensured that its master did not suffer any harm.

However, this youth could not feel any killing intent from Xiao Chen. As he stared at the white-robed youth, his expression was calm; there were no fluctuations in his emotions.

The youth frowned; he could not understand the reason. Hence, he whispered to Feng Xuanyi, telling him about it.

After Feng Xuanyi heard this, he felt it was strange as well. He examined Xiao Chen carefully as if his gaze were a sharp sword piercing through space, trying to see through Xiao Chen’s secrets.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense immediately registered a strong mental energy scanning him. The strong Spiritual Sense turned into a sharp saber and cut off this mental energy.

Then the Spiritual Strength quickly transformed into a protective shield, preventing this mental energy from scanning him a second time. At the same time, the Spiritual Sense extended out in the direction where the mental energy came from, trying to discover who spied on him.

This all happened in the time a spark flew. A single thought accomplished it; it was shockingly fast.

However, the other party had abandoned this strand of mental energy, making it impossible for him to be tracked down. Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense circled through the air for a while before returning helplessly. However, the shield was maintained.

Xiao Chen gazed across the crowd. He felt suspicious; who scanned him?

The strong mental energy from earlier was on a different level from that of a regular Martial King. Only a half step Martial Monarch or above could have such ability.

Half step Martial Monarchs and above were existences Xiao Chen could not afford to offend at the moment; there was no point to finding out who it was.

I will just be careful, thinking this, Xiao Chen retracted his gaze and ignored it.

On the other end, when Feng Xuanyi saw Xiao Chen’s quick reactions and strong mental energy, he was startled speechless.

Feng Xuanyi did not expect the other party’s reaction to be so fast. However, he knew why his grandson’s Sword Intent uncontrollably erupted.

“Feng Cen, use caution if you face him. This person hides a strong state of massacre. Your will of sword has reached Small Perfection. It felt threatened by him; that’s why it automatically protected you.”

Feng Xuanyi explained to Feng Cen everything he witnessed in detail.

Originally, he planned to observe for a little longer. However, Xiao Chen’s reaction was too fast. Furthermore, his mental energy was strangely fast. This only resulted in Feng Xuanyi’s discovery of something about the state of massacre.

As they waited for the Holy Land’s people to arrive, the crowd at the tea tables started chatting.

After all, it was rare for so many geniuses to gather like this. Discussing their problems regarding cultivation was beneficial to everyone.

After about an hour, an extra red sun suddenly appeared about ten thousand meters in the sky.

When the crowd looked up and observed carefully, they discovered it was not a sun. Rather, it was a huge, fiery-red bird.

All of the bird’s feathers carried a red flame; they were hot and boundlessly resplendent. With a brief glance, it looked like a sun.

The temperature in the drill ground immediately increased. It was as if the air had been burned dry. This made breathing uncomfortable.


A melodious cry resounded in the sky. A Vermilion Bird spread its wings, and the might of an ancient Holy Beast spread throughout the drill ground.

All the strong cultivators in the crowd felt a pressure. The Martial Spirits in their body were all restless. They felt fear deep within their hearts.

Their Essence turned chaotic and smashed around uncontrollably, creating pain in their meridians.

All the cultivators hurriedly tried to suppress the chaotic Essence in their bodies and calm themselves, trying to control their restless and berserk Martial Spirits.


The fiery-red Vermilion Bird gently flapped its wings and withdrew its aura. Immediately; the crowd felt the pressure lessen, and the discomfort disappeared. They relaxed after that.

“This is the Holy Beast, the Vermilion Bird. What a horrifying pressure. Fortunately, it only lasted for an instant. Otherwise, if it were longer, I would not be able to control my own Martial Spirit.”

“Even before fighting, our Essence turned chaotic, and Martial Spirits went out of control. If we fight the Holy Land’s people, they will defeat us within one move.”

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