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Chapter 314: Oppressed Scarlet Flame Chief

States can actually be broken like this, this was an eye opener for Xiao Chen. It looked like he could borrow this method when he runs into cultivators with strong states in the future.

“Guo! Guo!”

The Scarlet Flame Chief laughed strangely, it completely recovered its ability to move. Without the suppression of the state, its wounded chest also began mending.


The Scarlet Flame Chief pulled out the sword and pushed off the ground. Its speed broke the sound barrier in an instant, completely breaking free of the area influenced by Duanmu Qing’s state.

The flames that surged up gathered back on the sword, leaving behind a trail of flames as it did so. The Scarlet Flame Chief then hacked down on Du Hao, who had not made any moves yet.

This sword carried surging heatwaves. WIth the Scarlet Flame Chief’s two-handed grip, its might was even more horrifying than earlier. It was likely that even an Inferior Grade Martial King would be smashed into mush by this sword.

It looks like this Scarlet Flame Chief knew how to make out soft persimmons. However, was Du Hao a soft persimmon?

[TL note: Soft persimmons refers to pushovers.]

The black-clothed Du Hao who did not carry any weapons had a grave expression when he saw the faster-than-the-speed-of-sound Scarlet Flame Chief. However, he did not panic. He did not have any intentions to retreat. If he retreated, even if he could dodge, he would be injured by the shockwaves.

With the Scarlet Flame Chief’s strength, even if it was only the shockwaves, Du Hao would be significantly injured.

“Hu chi!”

Right before the huge sword landed, Du Hao pushed off the ground and leaped up. Then, he kicked the Scarlet Flame Chief’s chest with his right foot.

However, the strength of this kick did not cause any harm to the Scarlet Flame Chief. It did not even feel any resistance. Its huge body still continued to fly toward the front quickly.

However, the strange thing was that Du Hao seems to be sticky. It had stuck onto the Scarlet Flame Chief’s chest. Then, he climbed up past its head to its back.


Without waiting for the Scarlet Flame Chief to land, Du Hao shouted. He spun quickly and swung his leg in the air. He created a very loud exploding sound in the air as he kicked the back of the Scarlet Flame Chief violently.

The force of this kick was very great, it even caused the air to tremble. Countless leaves fell off the trees before turning into fragments.

All this happen in the time for a spark to fly. From the time Du Hao turned around and kicked, it was merely a blink.

Du Hao’s movements were perfectly linked. He leaped up and stuck himself on the opponent’s chest, then he leaped over it and turned 180 degrees to deliver a spinning kick. It was very natural and smooth, there were no weak points in it.

The Scarlet Flame Chief moving faster than the speed of sound did not expect such a kick to be delivered to his back.

The Scarlet Flame Chief’s fast moving body could not stop. His center of balance was unstable and he shot forward quickly like a cannonball. 


The Scarlet Flame Chief fell on the ground head first. A huge deep pit was created, kicking up dust into the air. Countless black dirt particle flew in the air. 

Du Hao landed firmly on the ground, there were no fluctuations on his face. It was like he had only done something insignificant.

However, the group was all astonished. Even Duanmu Qing’s state was not able to control the Scarlet Flame Chief’s movement when it was exhibited to the limits. Yet, it was played around in the palm of his hands easily. 

This person is not simple, Xiao Chen thought to himself. This move was seemingly simple, yet it exhibited a wrestling technique to the extreme. Borrowing a force to counter, two hundred grams of force to counter five hundred kilograms of force.


The Scarlet Flame Chief was completely angered. It leaped out from the hole and brandished his huge sword as it hacked at Du Hao. Every time it slashed, a ripple appeared in space.

The Daos of the Holy Weapon was activated again. When everyone saw this scene, their eyes lit up.

A Holy Weapon that could be activated multiple times. This Holy Weapon was definitely not a severely damaged Holy Weapon. The Daos within it were definitely in a perfect state.

It was able to be used so many times in the hands of a Demonic Beast. If it were in their hands, it would be even more powerful.

When the natural laws changed, Du Hao’s expression changed. The Scarlet Flame Chief’s figure flickered left and right, near and far. There was no way to make out where it was. In a short moment, dangers sprung all around him.

Furthermore, Du hao discovered his Movement Technique to be limited. What felt like ten meters was only five meters. Moreover, the direction was not correct.

This was the might of a Holy Weapon. It contains a great Dao, using the power of Sages to change the laws, disrupting the fluctuations of heaven and earth. When used in combat, it would cause the opponent to be severely disoriented.

Du Hao’s expression was extremely grave. He knew if this continued on, he would be struck sooner or later. With his defenses, he had no chance of surviving the Scarlet Flame Chief’s attack.


When the sword was hacked down, Du Hao focused himself and slapped the tip of the sword with his palm. He used the force of the huge sword to help him move backward quickly.

Du Hao moved five hundred meters in an instant before landed on the ground firmly. His complexion seems somewhat pale and blood trickled out of the corner of his lips.

There was insufficient time, Du Hao did not manage to completely negate the force from the tip of the sword.

“This Scarlet Flame Chief cannot hold on for much longer. It had not received the acknowledgment of the Holy Weapon. It is simply presumptuously using the natural laws, it cannot withstand the formless pressure of the heavenly Daos for long.”

The Guiyi Marquis, who had a Holy Weapon as well, said with a pale face. He still had not recovered from the injuries he suffered from when he forcibly exchanged a move with the Scarlet Flame Chief earlier.

When the crowd heard this, they looked carefully. It was as the Guiyi Marquis had said. It was unknown when but the Scarlet Flame Chief’s enlarged body had slimmed down. 

Furthermore, its aura was much weaker than it was before. At this point in time, the wound left by Ji Changkong was not recovery. Instead, it became even more critical, the gushing of blood became even more horrifying.

“Bloody Death Below Heaven, bloody clothes on furious horse!”

“Setting Sun's Lonely Soul, hundred wars startling deities!”

“Earth Shattering Heaven Breaking Finger!”

Hua Yunfei and Shi Feng, who had not made a move yet, as well as Sun Wei who made an unsuccessful attack, had stored up strength for a long time. They finally made their move at this moment.

The inherited Martial Techniques were executed without hold back. Multicolored lights appeared in the forest, strong gales blew.

The shockwaves of the three inherited Martial Techniques merged together. As they reverberated through the air, trees snapped at their truck, shattering into tiny pieces.

The Scarlet Flame Chief revealed fear when it faced the three horrifying attacks. It looked at the Profound Ice Flower on the mound and revealed an expression of dissatisfaction in its eyes.

The Scarlet Flame Chief swung the sword up and changed the natural laws again. It was clear he wanted to block the three attacks.

However, this time, the huge sword refused to be controlled mid-swing and struggled out.

The laws shattered and the Scarlet Flame Chief received a huge backlash. It vomited mouthfuls of blood from its mouth. It turned extremely weak instantly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

There were three loud sounds. The three attacks landed on the Scarlet Flame Chief one after another. The incredibly weak Scarlet Flame Chief could not withstand the attacks of the three inherited Martial Techniques.

The Scarlet Flame Chief was injured and its body was messed up. Black Demonic Qi leaked out continuously. Its strong lifeforce quickly dissipated. 

“I, Hua Yunfei, want this Holy Weapon!”

“Scram! This Holy Weapon is mine, Sun Wei!”

“Only I, Shi Feng, have the qualifications to obtain a Holy Weapon!”

When they saw the Holy Weapon fly out, after they attacked, they did not bother about the severely injured Scarlet Flame Chief. Instead, they started to fight over the Holy Weapon, not allowing each other to grab it.

It had to be said that such a scene was very ironic.

The Guiyi Marquis and Yan Chixue were injured. Ji Changkong and Mu Yanxue had exhausted a lot of Essence. Duanmu Qing’s attention was completely focused on the Profound Ice Flower.

Amongst the group, only Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, who had not made a move yet, could continue to compete for the Holy Weapon.

However, the gazes of these two were not on the Holy Weapon. Instead, they were focused on the injured Scarlet Flame Chief on the ground.

The Demonic Core of a Demonic Beast like the Scarlet Flame Chief, which had started to comprehend demonic fire, was worth at least a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. The Holy Weapon was too eye-catching. Even if they got it, they might not be able to leave safely.

The Demonic Core was different, it was not a clear target. Furthermore, its uses were very direct, unlike the Hole Weapon. Even if they obtained the Holy Weapon, it would require a long time to comprehend the Daos within.

Otherwise, if they recklessly used the power of the Holy Weapon…the Scarlet Flame Chief was a very good example of that. How could the natural laws be so easily changed by man?

The two of them exchanged a look, their gazes met each other mid-air like sharp knives. Their auras did not give way to each other. This would determine who would obtain the Demonic Core.

“Hu chi!”

Suddenly, Chu Chaoyun made a move. He fired out two sharp sword Qi from his fingers. He quickly dug out the Demonic Core of the Scarlet Flame Chief in a moment. 

The Scarlet Flame Chief cried out painfully but it had no means to resist. When the Demonic Core left the body, the fire burning in its eyes were completely extinguished.

A scarlet flame burned on the purple Demonic Core as it flew out from the Scarlet Flame Chief rapidly. Chu Chaoyun stretched his hands and a suction force came from it, sucking the Demonic Core towards his hands.

However, Xiao Chen did not give him this opportunity. He circulated the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and his speed was raised to the limits. He chased after the flying Demonic Core.


Just as Xiao Chen caught the Demonic Core, Chu Chaoyun followed closely behind and used his palm as a sword to hack at Xiao Chen’s wrist. The purple Demonic Core immediately left Xiao Chen’s hand and was tossed into the sky.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two of them immediately leaped into the air, exchanging moves continuously in the air. Palm strikes were sent out continuously. Within a short period, they had exchanged several dozens of moves. The intense shockwaves caused the purple Demonic Core to be tossed even higher.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a golden light flashed in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes. A golden flame was immediately fired out at Xiao Chen’s head. 

Xiao Chen quickly used the Purple Thunder True Fire to resist. “Bang!” The purple flames were dispersed by the Heavenly Flame. The golden flames flew at Xiao Chen quickly, he had no choice but to land on the ground in order to dodge quickly.

“My apologies, this Demonic Core is mine.” Chu Chaoyun smiled gently and leaped higher into the air. It looked like he was about to grab hold of the Demonic Core.

After Xiao Chen landed, he was not in the least bit anxious. He instantly activated the Windwalk Shoes and his speed broke the sound barrier. 

Just as Chu Chaoyun was about to grab hold of the Demonic Core, Xiao Chen turned into a flash of purple light and brushed by Chu Chaoyun. By the time the purple light vanished, Chu Chaoyun clenched his fist and found that he grabbed empty air.

Without hesitation, Xiao Chen quickly tossed the Demonic Core burning with a black flame into his Universe Ring, not give Chu Chaoyun any opportunity to do anything.

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