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Chapter 313: One Sword Light Freezing Nineteen Prefectures

The weapon on the Scarlet Flame Chief’s shoulder was actually a Holy Weapon as well. Everyone could not help but be astonished. A Demonic Beast carrying a huge weapon was very strange as it is already. Yet, this huge weapon was actually a Holy Weapon.

A look of desire appeared in everyone’s eyes. Sun Wei smiled coldly, “I want this Holy Weapon. No one is to fight over it with me.”

Sun Wei drew his sword and a sun appeared behind him. When the light from it shone on his sword, it reflected a dazzling light. This was the Sun Clan’s inherited Martial Spirit, Setting Sun's Lonely Soul.


Sun Wei shouted. He did not even wait for the results of the Guiyi Marquis and the Scarlet Flame Chief to be revealed. He simply leaped into the air and joined the fray.

The natural laws created by the two Holy Weapon clashed against each other. The entire space could be visible seen swaying quickly. Everyone felt a strange energy.

By the time this feeling faded, their bodies had already unknowingly shifted by a few hundred meters. Their formation was now disrupted.

Before Sun Wei, who was in the air, could react, his attack meant for the Scarlet Flame Chief headed for Chu Chaoyun. Fortunately, Chu Chaoyun had dodged in advance.

Otherwise, if Chu Chaoyun was caught off guard, he would not be in a good shape when this sword strike infused with the inherited Martial Spirit struck him.

With a short amount of time after the Holy Weapons clashed, the spatial laws turned chaotic. Fortunately, the area of influence was not big.

If it were true Sages attacking, everyone there might have been moved nine thousand kilometers away. It would be unknown if they would survive that.

“Keng Qiang!”

The Guiyi Marquis’s Sky Splitting Sword and the Scarlet Flame Chief’s huge weapon seemed like they had traveled through a boundless space before exchanging blows with each other. There was a loud explosion and the Guiyi Marquis was bounced back into the air like it was a cannonball.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Guiyi Marquis smashed into numerous trees as he was blasted more than five hundred meters back. Then, he fell on the ground heavily.

The large stout Scarlet Flame Chief’s feets shifted backward on the ground, not lifting them up to take a step. He transmitted the huge force on the ground and it started trembling unceasingly.

The Scarlet Flame Chief skidded until he was in front of the mound. Only then did its huge body slowly came to a stop.

Duanmu Qing said, “Don’t clash head-on with it. The Scarlet Flame Chief is a Demonic Beast that relies on strength. Even a Superior Grade Martial King would not be able to withstand its true strength.

When they heard this, the group was startled at the Guiyi Marquis’ strength. How strong did he have to be to push the Scarlet Flame Chief back by a hundred meters?

“Hu chi!”

The Scarlet Flame Chief stabilized himself. Then its huge feets stomped on the ground. The entire forest started to shake. It leaped through the air, hacking at Mu Yanxue with its swords at lightning speed.

It seems like this Scarlet Flame Chief has astonishing judgment and intelligence as well. It could tell that Duanmu Qing was difficult to deal with, so it did not attack her first. Instead, it chose to attack the weaker Mu Yanxue first.

Mu Yanxue’s expression did not change. She simply leaped into the air and drew her sword. Her speed was faster than the Scarlet Flame Chief. Even though she made her move later, in an instant, she attacked at least a hundred times.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

When Mu Yanxue’s sword hacked at the Scarlet Flame Chief, it gave off a metallic sound. Her attacks were unable to break her opponent’s defense.

“Dragon Seizing Hand!”

With Yan Chixue, the heir of Xihe Province’s Yan Clan, saw the situation, he shouted. He used the inherited Martial Technique of the Yan Clan, making a huge black hand appeared from nowhere.

The huge black hand clenched and grabbed the Scarlet Flame Chief’s huge body tightly, not allowing it to move.

Mu Yanxue took advantage of this moment. A sword light appeared and pierced at the Scarlet Flame Chief’s right eye quickly.

“Guo! Guo!”

The Scarlet Flame Chief laughed strangely again. An incredibly sinister smile was revealed on its face. Two streams of berserk flames poured out from its scarlet eyes.

The fierce flames burned off most of the oxygen in the surroundings. This made everyone find breathing difficult.

Mu Yanxue was caught off guard. She did not expect the Scarlet Flame Chief to make such a move. Her expression suddenly changed as she quickly moved back.

However, the two flames merged and its speed strangely increased. Soon, it surpassed Mu Yanxue’s speed.


At a critical moment, Duanmu Qing shouted. She appeared in front of Mu Yanxue, her clothes and white hair fluttering. 

A look of pride appeared on Duanmu Qing’s frosty face. There was a trace of Bing Hou’s elegant demeanor on it. She pushed her right palm forward and a boundless cold wind blew; the temperature lowered.

The flames the Scarlet Flame Chief shot out was instantly frozen. Duanmu Qing clenched her hands and the frozen fire fell to the ground and shattered.

“Many thanks!”

Mu Yanxue expressed her gratitude and then took the opportunity to quickly leave, landing on the ground.

The Scarlet Flame Chief roared angrily, it reverberated everywhere, causing the surrounding leaves to fall to the ground. A strong wind blew and the fallen leaves danced in the air.


Black veins bulged on the Scarlet Flame Chief’s body, it was trying to pry open the black hand holding it. Yan Chixue had a grave expression as he held on bitterly.

However, when the Scarlet Flame Chief shouted, there were exploding sounds coming from its bones. Its body had actually larger. Its shoulders trembled and pushed apart the black hand in a moment.

Yan Chixue immediately vomited a mouthful of blood; he was frighteningly pale. He quickly ate a Medicinal Pill and retreated to the back.

“Guo! Guo!:

The Scarlet Flame Chief who struggle free of its constraints was like a wild stallion which threw off the reins. Its feets moved on the ground quickly, every step it took would could a mild tremor. 

With its earlier strength, the Scarlet Flame Chief was able to send the Guiyi Marquis flying with one sword strike. Now that its strength had increased, probably no one would be able to block an attack from it.

With a thought from Duanmu Qing, the state of ice was exhibited. Suddenly, snowflakes fell from the sky. 

Ice walls rose up from the ground, blocking the Scarlet Flame Chief. This brought the others time to create opportunities to attack.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Scarlet Flame Chief’s huge body was like a small mountain. The thick ice wall, that was previously able to simultaneously block Xiao Chen’s and Sun Wei’s attack, was like a dead branch on a tree in front of the Scarlet Flame Chief charge; they all shattered into tiny shards.

The snowfall became even more intense. The soft snowflakes already became the size of a goose feather. The ground in the forest was covered with a thick layer of snow. It was like winter had arrived.

When Duanmu Qing’s state of ice was exhibited to the limits, boundless wind and snow gathers. Ice walls stronger than before rose up.

The Scarlet Flame Chief’s unstoppable change final halted. When its huge body smashed into the large ice wall, it bounced back with a bang.

However, before the group could be happy, the Scarlet Flame Chief sent out a sword strike as it flew back. The ice wall was chop into half. However, Duanmu Qing had already accomplished her purpose, she had succeeded in delaying the Scarlet Flame Chief.

“Astral Swordplay, Eternal Light!”

Ji Changkong shouted and the entire forest turned pitch dark. Countless stars appeared above them, a star that represented him in the boundless river of stars suddenly shone brightly. 

A resplendent light descended, falling through the nine heavens. The instant the light landed, Ji Changkong’s right hand pointed his sword at the air. The light immediately elongated into a sword light.


The moment the sword light was revealed, the stars in the sky dimmed. In the presence of this Eternal Light, no other light sources dared to shine their light, breaking their radiance.

The moment the sword was revealed, its shine illuminated the nine heavens, the stars dimmed. Only this sword’s light existed. This was the Ji Clan inherited Sword Technique, the Astral Swordplay.

One year ago, Xiao Chen was stunned by when he saw Ji Changkong execute this move. This time, Xiao Chen saw something even deeper.

With Ji Changkong’s Morning Star Martial Spirit, arousing the mysterious of the Morning Star, and then using this power to execute an outstanding Sword Technique.

The Ji Clan senior who created this Sword Technique had to be a genius. The scene of this is very big, it encompassed the entire universe.

In Xiao Chen’s opinion, although this Sword Technique had a startling might, it was not necessarily complete. The might of the universe should not be limited to this.


As Xiao Chen was thinking, the pillar-like sword light struck the Scarlet Flame Chief’s chest. A horrifying gush of blood from its chest, its black blood poured out like a fountain.

Everyone rejoiced in their hearts, they had finally truly injured the Scarlet Flame Chief; they saw hope of victory.

“Ice Break!”

Duanmu Qing took advantage of this opportunity and shouted. All the snow in the air gathered together. After a while, it turned into a huge ice bird. The ice bird spread its wings and cried. It looked very vivid and lifelike as it flew at the Scarlet Flame Chief together with a cold wind.

The baptism of the Eternal Light caused the Scarlet Flame Chief significant injuries. Its originally swift body started to slow.

A glint flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he looked carefully. He realized that was not the case. It was not Ji Changkong’s sword light that slowed the Scarlet Flame Chief.

Instead, it was the result of Duanmu Qing’s state of ice. Initially, there was not much impact. However, as time passed, its effects piled up. This was especially so after the Scarlet Flame Chief got injured, the effects were very obvious.

Xiao Chen saw the four woman following Duanmu Qing all standing far away, each in a corner. There were formations of ice under their feet.

They were combining all sorts of mysterious secret techniques. Energy poured out continuously onto Duanmu Qing. This allowed the power of his state of ice to be raised to a horrifying level.

Furthermore, Duanmu Qing’s control of this state had reached the realm of controlling it freely. She focused all the pressure on the Scarlet Flame Chief.

The others did not feel any pressure coming from her state at all. If it were not for Xiao Chen’s deep comprehension towards states, it would be difficult for him to see through the mysteries behind this.

The Scarlet Flame Chief was very intelligent. It soon realized the mysteries within it. It roared angrily and a fierce flame raged in its eyes.


The Scarlet Flame Chief swung its huge sword and it was lit up with a blazing flame. The flame was very bright and had some black fire circling it. The Scarlet Flame Chief’s flame had actually shown signs of turning into demonic flames. 

The Scarlet Flame Chief did its best to leap forward. He changed his grip to a two-handed grip and the flames shot out. The huge ice bird was shattered into countless shards of ice.

The instant the ice bird was shattered, the Scarlet Flame Chief stuck its sword into the ground. Scarlet flames arose in the area ten meter around it, giving off a black smoke.

Xiao Chen was standing in the distance when he saw all this. He muttered to himself, “The flames had blocked Duanmu Qing’s state of ice. No, wait…it is not blocked, it was burned up.” 

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