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Chapter 312: Terror of the Rank 7 Demonic Beast

Duanmu Qing said calmly, “I did not lie to you. This is still the periphery of the Ink Forest. I had never guaranteed that there were no Rank 7 Demonic Beast in the periphery.”

Indeed, Duanmu Qing had only said that the Profound Ice Flower was in the periphery of the Ink Forest. She had never guaranteed that there were no Rank 7 Demonic Beasts.

There was no contradiction in what she said, causing the others to not have a reason to retort. The person who asked the questions was depressed but he was helpless to do anything.

Ji Changkong said indifferently, “Duanmu Qing, just tell us what Demonic Beast it is and what kind of combat prowess does it have. With so many of us, we should have a pretty good chance of victory against a regular Rank 7 Demonic Beast.

When Duanmu Qing heard it, she said, “Then I will say it directly. The Demonic Beast protecting the Profound Ice Flower is a peak Rank 7 Demonic Beast, Scarlet Flame Chief. It is stronger than a regular Medial Grade Martial King. the Duanmu Clan had sent people here several times but has never succeeded.”

Hua YUnfei frowned and said, “If that is the case, did you make any preparations for this trip? Don’t tell me that you placed all your hopes on us?”

Duanmu Qing nodded, “The previous few times the Duanmu Clan sent people, half of them died on the way here. The remaining people had also suffered a decrease in their combat prowess. Naturally, they were not a match for the Scarlet Flame Chief.”

“However, it is different this time. Within our group, there are at least ten people who have not suffered any damage. Hence, I only need the help of these ten people. The remaining people can help to chase away the Demonic Beasts coming from the surroundings.

Hua Yunfei said, “You said it with such confidence. You still have not told us what the trump card to deal with the Scarlet Flame Chief is.”

A calm expression appeared on Duanmu Qing’s frosty face. She said softly, “Trump card…I am the trump card for this operation. Any other questions?” 

What bold words! Everyone thought. However, when they thought about it, it was as she had said. The Duanmu Clan could use a secret technique to merge their strength into one person. This was something only their queen could use, this was indeed a trump card.

A strange look flashed in Hua Yunfei’s eyes. He said, “Very well, I have no more question. Now, tell us which ten people you need help from.”

When the crowd heard this, they were curious as well. Who exactly were the ten people who were not injured at all and still had their complete combat prowess?

Duanmu Qing said softly, “I hope the people I call out would not reject my invitation. I will only open the Fire Li Sect’s remnant if we can kill the Scarlet Flame Chief. Otherwise, you all would have made a wasted trip.”

After Duanmu Qing said that, she started to gaze at the crowd with her eyes. Then, she slowly called out, “Chu Chaoyun, you have no reason to reject me right?”

Chu Chaoyun did not have any trace of surprise on his face. He smiled faintly and said, “Naturally not.”

“Ji Changkong, Mu Yanxue, Hua Yunfei, Ying Xiao, Yan Chixue, Shi Feng, and Sun Wei. All of you have no reason to reject me right?”

The seven people who were called out did not say anything, it was considered that they had accepted the invitation. These seven people were either the favored disciples of the three great sects or noble clan heirs with inherited Martial Spirits. The crowd was not very surprised at the choices.

That is already eight people, there is two more remaining. The crowd started to try and figure out who was not called out yet.

Suddenly, Duanmu Qing’s gaze stopped at a hidden corner. Everyone looked in the direction of her gaze and discovered she was looking at Du Hao.

The Nanling Province’s Du Clan is considered a clan with some power. However, they were far from being comparable to the two inherited Martial Spirit noble clans.

Furthermore, along the way, Du Hao did not display any outstanding abilities. The crowd was surprised as Duanmu Qing’s choice.

Du Hao felt Duanmu Qing’s gaze and he said softly, “Miss Duanmu, Are you including me in one of the ten?”

Duanmu Qing’s gaze was very bright like she could see through all of Du Hao’s pretenses. She retorted with a question, “What do you think?”

Du Hao shook his head internally, he did not wish to reveal himself at this moment. However, if he rejected, it would be easy to incur the ire of the crowd.

The Scarlet Flame Chief had to die, otherwise, the crowd would not be able to enter the Fire Li Sec remnant. If he was not willing, she could use it as an excuse to exclude him.

The people who were chosen earlier were definitely not willing. However, after weighing the pros and cons, they were forced to agree.

After thinking about that, Du Hao could only agree to the other party’s decision. “Since Miss Duanmu thinks so highly of me, then I shall do so reluctantly.” 

Out of the ten people, there was one left. The crowd once again looked at the direction of Duanmu Qing’s gaze. Her gaze landed on Xiao Chen, who was in a corner.

Xiao Chen was not surprised at this. Without needing Duanmu Qing to say anything, he directly stepped out.

No one else was surprised about Xiao Chen being chosen. After all, Sun Wei was chosen as well. Given that Xiao Chen could easily knock back Sun Wei, this choice was easy.

Seeing the ten people all agree, Duanmu Qing said to the remaining fifty people, “Split into groups of five, forming ten groups and spread yourself out in the area within a thousand meters. Just make sure Demonic Beasts don’t come near us.”

Such an arrangement was also to prevent these people from taking advantage of the chaos to snatch the Profound Ice Flower. The Profound Ice Flower must absolutely be obtained, there cannot be any room for errors.

Although the fifty people were not willing, facing other Demonic Beasts was better than the Rank 7 Demonic Beast; there was less danger. Furthermore, the Fire Li Sect remnants were not opened yet. They could only obey Duanmu Qing’s instruction for now.

After a while, after the fifty people left, Duanmu Qing said, “There is a Profound Ice Flower growing on a mound behind that huge tree. The Scarlet Flame Chief never leaves the vicinity of the Profound Ice Flower.”

Xiao Chen looked in the direction Duanmu Qing pointed. The huge tree was about a thousand meters from the group. The tree trunk would require five people linking their hands together in order to wrap around it. It was several hundred meters tall, full of branches and leaves. The lofty tree had twisted roots and intertwined joints, completely blocking their vision.

“Let me see what exactly kind of Demonic Beast this Scarlet Flame Chief is.” Hua Yunfei shouted. The scarlet sword in his hand abruptly sent out a blazing scarlet light.


A sharp and surging scarlet sword Qi flew quickly at the huge tree. The scarlet sword Qi was very sharp, it easily broke the tree trunk.


The huge tree fell heavily on the ground. Everyone could finally see what the Scarlet Flame Chief looked like.

It was very similar to the apes from Earth. It stood up straight on the ground and was eight meters tall. It had broad shoulders and was very stout. The muscles on its chest were bulging out, like they were small meant mountains.

It was covered in black fur and there was a scarlet flame burning in its eyes. The strangest thing was that it had a two meters long sword hanging on its shoulder.

There was a crystalline white flower strangely sitting on the mound behind the Scarlet Flame Chief. That should be the Profound Ice Flower.

The scarlet sword Qi did not lose any strength as it continued to fly forward quickly. When the Scarlet Flame Chief saw the sword Qi, the corner of its lips curled up, revealing a sinister and horrifying smile.

The Scarlet Flame Chief used its left hand to smash the sword Qi away with a bang. This incredibly sharp sword Qi immediately scattered and turned into strands of scarlet lights before disappearing into nothing.

Hua Yunfei’s expression changed slightly. He said in shock, “It is indeed powerful. One slap from it was able to smash apart my bloody sword Qi. I wonder how mighty is its full power strike.”

“Go!” Duanmu Qing shouted. She immediately led the four Duanmu Clan cultivators forward.

The rest of their group followed behind Duanmu Qing. A thousand meters was merely a few breaths of time for Xiao Chen and the others. Soon, they arrived before the Scarlet Flame Chief.

When they were close, the ten of them clearly felt the overwhelming aura of the Scarlet Flame Chief surging at them.

However, this aura was far from being able to be compared to Bing Hou’s aura. Although everything felt some pressure, it did not affect their movements by much.

“Secret technique, Gathering of Ice!”

Duanmu Qing snorted coldly and her fine black hair suddenly turned completely white. Her cold exquisite face completely lost the expressions of humans, it made her look very cold and unfeeling. Everything her gaze landed on was covered in frost, even the air.

The four women behind Duanmu Qing transmitted their Essence to Duanmu Qing at a fast pace. In an instant, Duanmu Qing’s aura forced back the Scarlet Flame Chief’s aura.

“Ice Fury!”

From the very start, Duanmu Qing did not hold back any of her strength. A boundless cold wind blew at the Scarlet Flame Chief.

As the cold wind blew, the temperature quickly dropped. After a moment, countless visible white cold Qi appeared in the wind.

The cold Qi started spinning, turning into a huge whirlpool. The Scarlet Flame Chief was in the middle of the whirlpool. It struggled as his huge body moved with difficulty.

However, the temperature in the surroundings was simply too low. In addition, there were the fierce winds as well. Both of these resulting in the Scarlet Flame Chief not being able to escape the center of the whirlpool.


Duanmu Qing’s expression turned grave and she clenched her fist. Boundless cold Qi started gathering together and fell on the Scarlet Flame Chief like pieces of ice.

After a while, the Scarlet Flame Chief’s exterior was covered in ice, turning into a huge ice sculpture.

Everyone felt it was surprising for the Scarlet Flame Chief to be instantly frozen by Duanmu Qing. No one thought that it would die so easily.

The Guiyi Marquis, Ying Xiao, took out the Sky Splitting Sword on his back. Then, he leaped into the air and hacked at the Scarlet Flame Chief’s head.

Everywhere the sword passed, fluctuations appeared in the air. The Guiyi Marquis’ figure became blurred in everyone’s vision.

The Guiyi Marquis became like the reflection on water, it was wavy and unstable.

The Sky Splitting Sword is indeed a complete Holy Weapon, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He had seen a similar scene from Mu Chengxue’s Beauty Under the Moon. Naturally, he knew what was going on.

The instant the Daos in the Holy Weapon was used, it would change the laws of heaven and earth in the area around him. This will confuse the sense of people, causing them to lose their five senses.

You might think he was very far away. Actually, he was right before you. You might think he is before you but no matter how many times you attack, you cannot reach him.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

Strands of scarlet fire slowly came from below the Scarlet Flame Chief. The ice on it started to melt quickly. In the blink of an ice, it recovered the ability to move.

“Guo guo!”

The Scarlet Flame Chief laughed strangely. Then it drew the huge sword it carried. A similar blurry fluctuation appeared around it.

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