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Chapter 296: Broken Undefeatable Legend

The state of thunder infused into the Wukui Shakes the Heavens significantly reduced instantly, its might also significantly reducing.

When Murong Chong looked at the Wukui Tree and Xiao Chen, he revealed a cold, expressionless smile.

Xiao Chen was startled and thought to himself, Oh no! Murong Chong’s actually cultivated two states, wind and clouds combined. The wind lends strength to the clouds; he’s completely suppressed my state of thunder.

Murong Chong slowly stood up from the ground. Purple lightning flashed in the clouds above, tearing through the dark arena.


A strong wind blew, and the lighting merged into it. Then, it transformed into a horrifying purple hurricane.

Murong Chong used his saber and pointed. The purple hurricane immediately headed for Xiao Chen in the sky and the divine Wukui Tree. 

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” 

The energy of the wind and lightning infused in the berserk purple hurricane. With the character of lightning and the berserk nature of lightning, its might was comparable to a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique.

It crashed into the Wukui Tree. They were both lightning-attributed Martial Techniques, and when they crashed into each other, it gave off a horrifying electrical current, moving wildly through the air. Many ‘snakes’ made of electricity swam in the air.

They crashed with each other for a total of five times. Each time they crashed, they gave off a loud ‘pi li pa la’ sound. The color of Xiao Chen’s Wukui Tree significantly diminished.

The fifth time, Xiao Chen’s Wukui Tree completely vanished. Now that the Wukui Tree no longer obstructed it, the horrifying hurricane containing a berserk Qi headed for Xiao Chen.


After Xiao Chen’s state of thunder was suppressed, Xiao Chen did not dare face head-on against it. He could only dodge it. He activated the Windwalk Shoes and retreated at the speed of sound.

“Hu Chi!”

Murong Chong appeared next to the purple hurricane. He was casually drifting about. He possessed both the berserk character of the wind and the etherealness of clouds. When both added together, he became very elusive.


A saber light came from a strange angle and hacked at Xiao Chen. He wielded his saber to try blocking, and a berserk force came from it. The state of thunder infused in his saber was immediately defeated.

“Retreat again!”

Borrowing this force, Xiao Chen retreated again. His right hand was numb from the jolt, and he almost could no longer hang on to his saber.

Following that, Xiao Chen continued retreating backwards. The opponent’s state of wind clouds continuously suppressed the thunderclouds. This carried on for a while; Murong Chong’s aura flourished and the situation turned around in a moment.

“Give up; although your state of thunder is incredibly pure, it does not stand a chance again my combined state of wind clouds.”

Murong Chong’s voice rang out, and like Murong Chong’s body, the direction of the voice’s origin was unknown; it seemed to come from all directions. The direction of the voice could not be determined and lingered in the air for a long time.


“Murong Chong is indeed Murong Chong; he had hidden his skills so deeply. Aside from the Great Perfection state of wind, I did not expect him to have a Great Perfection state of cloud as well. The most important thing is that he has merged them perfectly. He lives up to his title as the first ranked person on the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Wind Cloud List.”

“With the state of thunder suppressed, Ye Chen’s true combat prowess is simply that of an ordinary Medial Grade Martial Saint. His defeat is just a matter of time.”

“It looks like Murong Chong’s undefeatable legend will continue. Within the younger generation, at least within the Xihe Province, no one can defeat him. Even when the scope expands to the entire Great Qin Nation, he would still be in the top three.

The situation in the arena was very clear. Murong Chong, who revealed his state of clouds, had completely turned the situation around, eliminating the advantage Xiao Chen had created.

Xiao Chen could only passively defend. The crowd was of the opinion that when his state of thunder was completely gone, he would be defeated.

A lonely expression appeared on Liu Ruyue’s face. She was no longer worried about whether Xiao Chen could win and protect Qingyun Peak. She was simply hoping he could survive.

Furthermore, she also wished Xiao Chen would not to lose his edge as a cultivator because of this fight, especially the edge of a bladesman. She was most worried about this.


Even though the fight had reached such a state, Xiao Chen’s heart remained very calm. It was like a miraculous feeling appeared in his heart. Neither the discussions in the surroundings nor Murong Chong’s words affected his heart at all.

 Xiao Chen’s mind was completely clear; he relentlessly thought of ways to break out of the situation.

The reason Xiao Chen became so passive was undoubtedly the suppression of his state. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Although Xiao Chen knew that the state was very important, he did not expect it to be that important. The Wukui Shakes the Heavens had actually lost to the opponent’s purple hurricane when it lost the support of the strong state.

At this moment, even if he executed the sure-kill techniques of the Wukui Saber Techniques, he could achieve the might he expected. It would be difficult to proceed without the support of a state.

In the past seven days, he placed importance on the wrong thing. He should not have spent too much time practicing new Martial Techniques. Instead, he should have strengthened his own states.

Xiao Chen’s state was actually not very strong. It was only because of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation; his state was much purer than other cultivators. The peak Small Perfection state was the equivalent to the opponents Great Perfection.

From the moment the fight began, he was able to hold his ground against Murong Chong, who had a higher cultivation realm and did not suffer a huge disadvantage because of this.

However, it was not too late for Xiao Chen. Even if he lost today, he had already learned a lot. His future training direction had become clearer.

“Bang! Bang!”

As Xiao Chen pondered, his hands did not cease movement. He extended out his Spiritual Sense and did his best to capture Murong Chong’s elusive figure, blocking all the moves sent at him.

Up, in the sky, the suppression of Xiao Chen’s state of thunder reached its final stages. Only a small patch of thunderclouds struggled bitterly to stay. White clouds, infused with the state of wind cloud, covered the surroundings.

The white clouds churned boundlessly, raising Murong Chong’s aura to the peak. When he saw Xiao Chen backed into a corner, he said indifferently, “It’s time to end this. Three Weather Styles, Chasing Cloud Pursuing Lightning!”

Murong Chong shouted, and the horrifying purple hurricane turned into a hundred-meters-long flood dragon. One could see dense dragon scales on the body of the flood dragon as if it were real.

Clumps of clouds drifted around in the flood dragon’s surroundings. With a ‘shua’ sound, it flew out of the clouds and spat out a green smoke as it roared at Xiao Chen.

The speed of the berserk flood dragon already surpassed the sound barrier. It was extremely close to being two times the speed of sound. There was no time for Xiao Chen to think; it was already before Xiao Chen.

When the crowd saw the roaring flood dragon rush at Xiao Chen, everyone took a deep breath of cold air. Liu Ruyue could not help but stand from her seat. Her mouth was slightly ajar like she was going to say something.

“Bang! Bang!

The instant the flood dragon swallowed Xiao Chen, there was an intense explosion. An Azure Dragon circled Xiao Chen’s right arm.

Although the Azure Dragon was small, it was an ancient Holy Beast; it was the real deal. The flood dragon attacking him was merely a fake dragon.

How could it be a match for a real dragon? The Azure Dragon blasted it apart, and it turned into shockwaves scattering in all directions.

The Azure Dragon that broke the Chasing Cloud Pursuing Lightning still had not used up all its energy. It let out a mighty dragon-roar. The might of a Holy Beast reverberated in the entire arena.

All the cultivators in the spectator stands felt fear from their hearts. This dragon-roar actually contained a holy might.

Murong Chong frowned and condensed a strong wall of wind to block his front. He intended to block this attack.

There was an Azure Dragon Martial Spirit hidden in more than three hundred acupoints of his body. This was Xiao Chen’s true trump card. However, unless Xiao Chen was left with no choice, he would not use this trump card.

The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit was something that had been lost for a thousand years. If his status as the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit’s inheritor spread, he might draw unnecessary attention.

However, Murong Chong’s move was simply too treacherous. Xiao Chen, with his state suppressed, had no other ways to block or dodge it. Hence, he had no choice but to use this trump card. Otherwise, he might die here.

In the sky, the churning white clouds, which had been suppressing Xiao Chen’s state of thunder, started to shrink. The holy might of the dragon-roar actually forced back Murong Chong’s state.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Azure Dragon broke through the wall of wind and gave off a piercing sonic boom. When Murong Chong saw that the wind wall could not block the Azure Dragon, he decisively retreated.

The elusive figure flickered through the air. Every step Murong Chong took, he laid down a wall of wind. The Azure Dragon chased after him tightly, as though it was alive.

After chasing for a thousand meters, because it ran out of energy, it vanished into thin air.

That Azure Dragon actually contained holy might! What is going on? Could his Martial Spirit be passed down from the ancient times? After Murong Chong landed, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, his heart was full of doubt.


Just at this moment, the rumbling thunder that had stopped started ringing out again. Xiao Chen’s state of thunder had risen back to its peak.

Murong Chong’s expression changed when he looked at the sky. The sky, originally covered with white clouds with only a tiny patch of dark clouds remaining, was now completely covered with dark clouds.

It was time for the deciding move. Xiao Chen did not wish to allow his opponent another opportunity to suppress his state.

“Wukui Breaks the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen shouted, and a loud crash of thunder crackled in the sky. The ancient divine Wukui Tree above him quickly grew as the thunder crackled.

The instant the Wukui Tree completed its growth, a resplendent saber light lit up on the saber blade. It rushed to the sky, quickly growing longer. It was as though it was going to break apart the sky and shatter the earth.

Damn it! Murong Chong’s face turned sullen. He did not expect Xiao Chen to turn his advantageous position back into an evenly matched situation.

However, there was no time for Murong Chong to think. There resplendent saber light containing the horrifying state of thunder sped towards him.

“Three Weather Styles, Parting Clouds Revealing Sky!”

Murong Chong shouted, and his hair and clothes fluttered about. The strong wind blew around him, and the white clouds in the sky scattered.

A resplendent saber light lit up on Murong Chong’s saber as well. It contained the state of wind cloud as it headed for Xiao Chen’s Wukui Breaks the Heavens.

The two saber lights, one white and one purple, extended quickly. After a while, they crashed into each other.


When they crashed, a huge chaotic whirlpool formed. It blasted a deep, bottomless into the ground.

Copious amounts of dirt rushed up into the sky from the hole. A visible shockwave extended out in all directions. This blasted away all the dirt on the arena.

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