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Chapter 297: One Move to Decide Victory

The ground of the arena cracked into many pieces. Countless huge pieces of dirt flew through the air, and a huge cloud of dust covered the sky. The top ten meters of the ground was flattened. All of this showed how horrifying those two moves were.

When Xiao Chen saw the shockwave charging toward him, he shouted. He pierced out with his saber and broke apart the surging attack. His Spiritual Sense locked onto Murong Chong and he quickly rushed over.

The dirt and rocks blocking Xiao Chen’s way were all hacked apart. Nothing could stop him from moving forward.

Murong Chong’s expression was sullen. He sent out a few strands of sharp saber Qi and shattered the rocks and shockwaves flying at him. He could feel Xiao Chen’s figure in the winds.

Murong Chong snorted coldly and pushed his feet off the ground, leaping forward.


Amidst the strong winds howling and the cloud of dust, the two of them saw each other leaping into the air at the same time. Their killing intent clashed midair as they attacked without hesitation.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The entire arena was soon covered in lingering electrical and wind cloud energy. There were also huge pieces of dirt flung into the air. Together with the cloud of dust, it all seemed very chaotic.

All the spectators in the stands were standing up and squinting, trying to see what was going on more clearly.

“Why can I not see what is happening to the two of them? I can only hear sounds.”

“I can see a little, but they are simply too fast. I can only see two blurry figures.”

“There is too much dust. The electricity and strong wind is also obstructing my vision. However, their fight is very intense! It’s crazy!”

The cultivators did what they could to help them see better, but there were many weak cultivators who were unable to see what was happening. Only a portion of the core disciples with deeper cultivations were able to faintly catch their movements.

Even so, they were unable to completely understand what was going on. Aside from the Elders’ Assembly, only Liu Ruyue was able to see the situation clearly.

“Sis, what is the situation like?” Liu Suifeng asked Liu Ruyue anxiously.

Liu Ruyue had a complicated expression. Her normally resolute eyes was now filled with confusion and pain. She said in a quavering voice, “Are they both mad? How could it be like this?”

Dust flew everywhere, electricity scattered through the air, and strong winds howled. Murong Chong and Xiao Chen were both covered in bloody wounds. Both their clothes were tattered and no longer complete. 

The two of them were moving around on the ground. Their speeds were very similar. It was difficult for them to dodge their opponent’s move while trying to inflict a wound on them.

Basically, the situation was: if you injure me, I will immediately deal you a strike in retaliation.

Their eyes were red. They ignored all the wounds on their bodies and circulated their Essences to the limit. If you are vicious, I will be more vicious than you! It was only a matter of who could last longer.

Both sides held their own advantages. Xiao Chen’s advantage was a stronger physical body. Hee could physically endure more than Murong Chong. Murong Chong had a deeper cultivation, he had more Essence than Xiao Chen. He had  more Essence that he could draw on to use.

If the two of then continued on without stopping, both of them would end up severely injured and dying together.

“Pu ci!”

A bolt of lightning descended and shattered a piece of dirt into countless dust particles. Xiao Chen merged the state of thunder into his saber strike and welcomed Murong Chong’s saber strike, which was infused with the state of clouds.

The two weapons clashed and there was a piercing metallic clang. The two states clashed together and gave off an intense shockwave. All the dust within a hundred meters was instantly cleared out.

The two of them each retreated a hundred meters. Drops of blood dripped down, “Ti da! Ti da!”

Murong Chong said coldly, “One move to decide victory.”

“Very well!” Xiao Chen replied indifferently and grasped his saber tightly. The blood on the saber hilt connected with his hand, it was like the saber was a part of his flesh and blood. 

They had both fought to the a point where they understood that if they kept this up, there would not be any result. The best way to deal with this stalemate was to decide victory with one move.

The moment Xiao Chen spoke, Murong Chong started gathering countless strong winds behind him. In that instant, all the dust, dirt,and the scattered electric currents behind him were completely cleared out.

Only the purest state of wind remained behind him. The clouds churned in the sky, forming an endless chain. They quickly moved, the sky changed colors, there were rising winds and scudding clouds.

Murong Chong’s aura also rose quickly. He emitted the aura of a king..

Although there was only a trace of this ruler’s will, it still filled the air with a boundless might. It extended out to the spectator stands in the surrounding area. When everyone felt his ruler’s aura, there was a feeling that came from their hearts, making them want to prostrate themselves in veneration.

Xiao Chen was somewhat startled. Murong Chong had actually skipped past the comprehension of states and had touched a trace of an existence higher than that of states. Furthermore, it was the high ranked Ruler’s Will.

Since you are using the Ruler’s Will to suppress me, then I will use the Deity’s Might to suppress you, Xiao Chen thought to himself with a calm expression.

Thunder clouds started gathering in the sky continuously. Eventually, they formed into a huge whirlpool of thunder clouds. The whirlpool was several hundreds of meters tall.

Each it spun around, a countless amount of lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy poured into it. Lightning tore through the sky in his surroundings, hovering above the arena. A supreme deity’s might extended out from it.

“Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!”

A huge army of cavalry came out from the whirlpool. They were howling angrily and shouting. In the end, they merged together and formed a resplendent figure of electrical light. A knight covered in golden electricity and holding a golden spear revealed half his body as he rose from the whirlpool.

This was the altered Rushing Thunder Roars. It had merged all the knights together into one and fused a divine might into it, turning it into a true single-target Martial Technique.

The golden spear was pointed at Murong Chong on the ground. The might of the thunder god extended down, trying to suppress the Ruler’s Aura that Murong Chong had raised to his peak.

The two formless auras clashed in the air, and tangled with each other, causing ripples in the air.

“Rushing Thunder Roars!”

“Rebuking Heaven and Earth!”

The two of them shouted simultaneously. The golden knight shifted his spear down and was riding fast golden war horse. He carried a divine might as he pierced through space, charging directly at Murong Chong.

The strong wind behind Murong Chong stopped blowing, the clouds above him stopped churning; silence remained. Only the Rebuking Heaven and Earth that could tear through the nine heavens was launched violently.

The resplendent saber light rushed up into the sky, racing towards the golden electric knight and crashing into it. It became a strand of saber Qi containing the Ruler’s Will. It was a forward-looking aura that showed disdain for the world, an aura that could move the heavens and earth.


However, Xiao Chen’s golden knight was formed by divine might. Xiao Chen formed this strand of Deity’s Might, copying the divine might left behind on the silver warship by the Sage.

Although it was not a true divine might, it was able to easily defeat the Ruler’s Will that Murong Chong had just comprehended.

How could a ruler of men surpass a deity in heaven? Unless what Murong Chong comprehended was the Divine Ruler’s Will, there was no chance of victory for him.

The golden electric knight moved his spear and resplendent golden lightning gathered behind him. He turned into a radiant spear light which crashed into the saber Qi Murong Chong infused with the Ruler’s Will.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The air exploded. When the two Wills met in the air, they gave off a series of intense explosions. It was like fireworks were released into the calm sky. The entire space turned blurry.


The golden knight broke Murong Chong’s saber Qi with his spear. Then he rode on his golden war horse and descended from the sky, leaving behind a trail of golden light.

Murong Chong’s handsome face seemed to have lost its spirit. Just as the speak tip was about to strike his chest, he quickly moved his saber. A thin saber blocked the tip of the golden spear.


Under Xiao Chen’s control, the knight exploded. A horrifying energy gathered on the spear tip, causing Murong Chong to vomit a mouthful of blood and blasting him backward.

Xiao Chen felt giddy; aside from exhausting a large amount of Essence, this move had also exhausted his spirit. Imitating a strand of divine might had taken nearly all he had.

Xiao Chen placed his tongue between his teeth and bit down. He felt a strong pain and his giddiness seemed to clear up.

Xiao Chen leaped into the air. He wielded his saber and pierced toward Murong Chong’s chest.

Murong Chong fell from the sky. Aside from being burnt by electricity, his spirit was being suppressed by the divine might that flowed in. He had completely lost his ability to resist.

Xiao Chen moved his wrist slightly and made the saber that was about to pierce through Murong Chong’s heart deviate by five centimeters.

As Murong Chong fell from the air, the pain from his chest helped him recover his senses. At this moment, his hair was messy, blood leaked out from his mouth, and he was covered in wounds everywhere.

The two of them had completely used up the might of their states. The wind stopped howling, the clouds stopped churning, the electricity vanished, and the dust landed. At this moment, it was incredibly silent, only the sound of their blood dripping to the ground remained.

“Murong Chong was actually defeated by Ye Chen. How could this be?”

Dazzling sunlight shone down from the sky again. When all the spectators saw the scene on the arena, they were all incredibly shocked.

Xiao Chen, who was originally not favored by the crowd, actually defeated the first ranker on the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Wind Cloud List—Murong Chong!

Murong Chong looked at the expressionless Xiao Chen, who was not in a much better state than he was. He revealed a bitter smile and muttered, “Why didn’t you kill me?”

“I do not have a grudge with you. You saved my live once before. We can call it even now,” Xiao Chen replied calmly.

Suddenly, a somewhat angry expression appeared on Murong Chong’s handsome face. He said, “Your heart is clearly not with Qingyun Peak. Why are you snatching this from me?”

Xiao Chen remained calm, there were no fluctuations. He said indifferently, “Are you sure that it is yours? In this world, not everything you think is yours, is yours. It is only yours if it has already fallen into your hands.”

“Ka ca!”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he pulled out his saber and sheathed it.

Immediately blood spurted out from Murong Chong’s chest. He wobbled and fell to the ground. In the end, he landed on one knee and stuck his saber into the ground to maintain his balance.

“Murong Chong’s challenge is a failure. The Peak Master of Qingyun Peak will not change.” After Murong Chong fell down, the old man from earlier reappeared and announced the results.

The moment the old man spoke, a group of Jade Maiden Peak disciples immediately came out and carried Xiao Chen and Murong Chong away, helping treat their wounds.

The crowd all started to discuss the fight in loud voices. There were still many people who could not accept the result; they did not want to believe that Murong Chong would fall.

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