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Chapter 274: Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique

For example, Xiao Chen’s silver warship had been obtained in the Ancient Remnants. However, it was severely damaged.

It was only after Xiao Chen had spent a lot of effort to repair it using the Spirit Gathering Formation that it could barely fly. Of which, if he wanted to repair the offensive formations, it would take months or years in order to completely repair it.

There was also the other Secret Treasure—the Eastern Emperor Bell, it was also damaged beyond recognition. Only after repairing it with the Astral Iron could he use it for a while. However, problems with it occurred again.

The degree of damage of a Secret Treasure had a great effect on the value of a Secret Treasure. However, it was a different story if it was a complete Secret Treasure.

Yun Kexin continued, “I believe you should know the importance of Secret Treasures to a cultivator. In this auction, you are sure to see some Secret Treasures. By then, you will be in great need of Spirit Stones.”

After beating around the bush, Yun Kexin finally brought the topic back. Xiao Chen could not help but laugh.

If it was truly as Yun Kexin said, and that there were many complete Secret Treasures appearing, it would attract strong cultivators from all over to compete for them.

With so many people bidding for it, the price of Secret Treasures would be increased. Even with Xiao Chen’s five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones, he might not be able to obtain a Secret Treasure he was satisfied with.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen smiled, “Very well, give me an offer. I will sell the Roaming Dragon Saber.”

A trace of a faint smile appeared on Yun Kexin’s delicate face. She said, “You should have guessed that there are some other secrets about the Roaming Dragon Saber. That is why I would be willing to purchase this. Aren’t you afraid of being taken advantage of?”

The Roaming Dragon Saber had been an unexpected stroke of good fortune to Xiao Chen in the first place; it was something that did not cost him anything to obtain. To him, he would not suffer from any disadvantage, regardless of the price.

Furthermore, he had once examined this Roaming Dragon Saber for a long time but could not find anything special about it. He only knew that it was a very sharp treasured saber.

If Yun Kexin could find the secret of this Saber, then it was her fate, and it had nothing to do with Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen laughed and said, “There is no disadvantage to me. I cannot use this saber at all. Furthermore, since you said you won’t take advantage of me, I believe in what you said and your ability to achieve it.”

Yun Kexin felt somewhat surprised, she had not expected Xiao Chen to be so open-minded about it. After hesitating for a while, she said, “Actually, there is an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique—the Roaming Dragon Incantation—hidden within it. My Yun Clan has collected an accompanying Movement Technique, the Roaming Dragon Steps. When used together, its might would increase by multiple folds.”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed when he heard this. Among all the manuals, Cultivation Techniques were the most valuable. This was because Martial Techniques and Movement Techniques were not able to raise a cultivator’s cultivation realm.

A Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique was the true peak of Cultivation Techniques in the Tianwu Continent. Even if it was only Inferior Grade, it was a priceless treasure.

As far as Xiao Chen knew, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion only had three Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques. Only the bloodline of the Pavilion Master could practice them; they were the true treasures.

Yun Kexin said, “However, the Cultivation Technique within it requires a special extraction method to take out. I promise to make a copy for you after I have obtained it.”

Xiao Chen took out the Roaming Dragon Saber from the Universe Ring and handed it to Yun Kexin. He said, “If you can really do that, then I can give this Roaming Dragon Saber to you.”

Yun Kexin received the saber and revealed a faint smile. She said, “This is merely the agreement between you and me. The ones who decided to buy the Roaming Dragon Saber is the clan. I will give you five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while; he knew what Yun Kexin meant. If the Yun Clan obtained the Roaming Dragon Incantation, they would not allow for it to be leaked out.

Yun Kexin was very brave to want to make a copy for him. If the clan knew about it, they would surely not agree.

“In three days’ time, I will pass the Spirit Stones to you. You should rest first.” After Yun Kexin spoke, she took her leave.


Later that night, within a secret room in the Yun Clan, the Yun Clan head and a group of elders were gathered together with grave expressions.

One of the elders said to Yun Youji, “Clan Head, we still have not discovered the identity of this Ye Chen. He seems to have appeared out of nowhere. We only knew that he used Feng Feixue’s recommendation letter to enter the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

When Yun Youji heard this, he revealed a sullen expression. After a while, he said, “Never mind, let’s just give him the five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones and forget about having other thoughts.”

One of the elders was not convinced, who said, “Clan Head, five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones is the accumulation of our Yun Clan for at least a hundred years.

Yun Youji waved it off and said, “Spirit Stones are dead objects in the end. With this Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique, we can nurture at least ten loyal Martial Kings. It would be sufficient for the Yun Clan to suppress the other two noble clans in Xihe City.

“Furthermore, it is clear he has a relationship with the Feng Clan. If we made a move against him, we might offend the Feng Clan. I also do not want to upset Kexin. Don’t mention the matter of silencing him again.”

There were three more days until the start of the auction. During these three days, Xiao Chen did not stay idle. He spent every moment he could cultivating, consolidating his strength as a peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint.

Xiao Chen was currently making preparations to advance to Medial Grade Martial Saint. Once he reached Medial Grade Martial Saint, Xiao Chen would be able to use the large number of Medial Grade Spirit Stones in his Universe Ring.

The Spiritual Energy in Medial Grade Spirit Stones was not only pure, but they were vast in amount as well. Cultivating with the Medial Grade Spirit Stone for one day was like cultivating normally for a week.

Furthermore, this calculation was made based on the density of Spirit Energy on the Lingyun Mountain Range. If it was according to the Spirit Energy found below, it was like cultivating for half a month.

This was why the value of Medial Grade Spirit Stones was so high. To a cultivator, his life would end some day. They had to absorb as much Spiritual Energy and raise their cultivation realm as high as they could within this limited time.

To Xiao Chen, saving time was very important. He had only started cultivating at 15. As for those geniuses, they had already been cultivating since they were born.

Their starting point was much higher than Xiao Chen’s. Hence, he had never dared to relax for a moment. Even so, his cultivation realm was still lower than those geniuses.

Hence, he had to think of other methods. Using Medial Grade Spirit Stones was one such method to allow him to catch up to those geniuses.

This was also one of the important reasons why Xiao Chen agreed to sell the Roaming Dragon Saber. It was because he was urgently in need of Medial Grade Spirit Stones.


Three days passed very quickly. On this particular morning, Xiao Chen felt a strong aura slowly headed toward his courtyard when he opened his eyes.

Xiao Chen got up and quickly came out. He discovered that it was the Yun Clan Head, Yun Youji. He cupped his hands respectfully and said, “Senior Yun, is there something you need to look for me for?”

Yun Youji scanned Xiao Chen with a sharp gaze. He nodded silently to himself. Although Xiao Chen’s cultivation realm was not high, his Essence was withdrawn and calm. There was no feeling of restlessness at all, and it was clear he had spent a lot of time cultivating.

Furthermore, based on the news he had received over these three days, Yun Youji had a deep understanding of Xiao Chen.

Yun Youji knew that although Xiao Chen was only an Inferior Grade Martial Saint, his true combat prowess was not inferior to that of a Superior Grade Martial Saint. He was able to have such a cultivation at such a young age, so his future would be very bright.

Hence, Yun Youji gave up on the idea of killing Xiao Chen to save five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. If they were careless and let him escape while doing so, the Yun Clan would be in trouble when he grew up.

Instead, he might as well establish good relations with him before he matured. In the future, the Yun Clan might be able to obtain a strong helper.

Yun Youji collected his thoughts. He smiled and said, “Five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones is quite a large sum for the Yun Clan. It took us some time to gather it and bring it to you.”

Yun Youji waved his hand and a large pile of sparkling Medial Grade Spirit Stones stumbled onto the ground with a loud sound. Under the bright sunlight, it was somewhat dazzling.

This was not the first time Xiao Chen had seen so many Medial Grade Spirit Stones. However, he still felt somewhat excited in his heart. However, he maintained a calm expression on his face.

“That’s right, our Yun Clan will be participating in the auction today. Do you want to come with us?” Yun Youji invited warmly.

Xiao Chen preferred quiet. Furthermore, he did not want to let others know of some of the things he would be buying. So he could only reject politely.

Yun Youji smiled and did not push the matter. After that, he took out a VIP card and handed it to Xiao Chen. “This VIP card will let you get a VIP booth in the auction. You should keep it, consider it as a token of kind intentions from my humble self.”

Xiao Chen had always been a straightforward person. This VIP card was very useful to him, as it would save a lot of unnecessary trouble for him.

Xiao Chen did not reject the VIP card and gave thanks to Yun Youji, “Many thanks to Senior Yun’s kind intentions. I will remember this favor.”

Yun Youji laughed and said, “It is just a VIP card, it is not much of a favor. I shall take my leave first.”

After Yun Youji left, Xiao Chen did some calculations in his heart. In addition to the five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stone, he had the five thousand Spirit Stones from the underground world and the two hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones from the mission reward.

That was a total of 10,200 Medial Grade Spirit Stones. This was an extremely large sum. 

Such a large sum was equivalent to several hundred years of accumulation for some noble clans. If he used it all on cultivation, it would last him a very long time.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen had many Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. These Inferior Grade Spirit Stones came from various sources. Some were obtained by using gold, some were by selling Spirit Cores, and there were many obtained from the bandits in the Devil Savanna.

When they were all added together, there were about 100,000 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. These were now not very useful to Xiao Chen anymore, as he could only use them to purchase things.

Aside from these, he had also obtained some Demonic Cores from the sub-space. If he exchanged them for Spirit Stones, he would obtain a large sum as well.

After finishing his calculations, Xiao Chen said, “No matter how good the items at the auction are, I can only spend three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. I have to keep the remainder for cultivation.”

Originally, Xiao Chen’s aim at the auction was only a lightning-attributed high ranked Martial Technique. At most, he would only spend 100,000 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

However, Yun Kexin told him that there would be a large number of Secret Treasures in this auction. So that was another target added to his list.

To regular cultivators, Secret Treasures could only augment their combat prowess. However, to Xiao Chen, with the aid of the Compendium of Cultivation, he might be able to understand what was inside the Secret Treasure—he might be able to refine his own Secret Treasure in the future.

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