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Chapter 275: Complete Secret Treasure

If Xiao Chen was able to grasp the method of refining Secret Treasures, then there would be no need to worry about Spirit Stones anymore in the future. Hence, Xiao Chen would do his best to obtain a Secret Treasure.

Not long later, Liu Suifeng rushed over with obvious excitement on his face.

Liu Suifeng said, “Ye Chen, the Yun Clan Head invited us to go to the auction together. Should we go?”

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “I’ve already rejected them. If you want to, you can go yourself. I prefer quiet.”

Liu Suifeng said, “Then never mind, I’ll come with you.”

The two of them stayed silent after that. After they left the Yun Residence’s gates, they asked around for the location of Linlang Pavilion and headed there immediately.

Along the way, they saw many rushing cultivators, they were all headed in the direction of Linlang Pavilion. There were people from various sects and places, it was extremely lively.

They two of them moved pretty fast, they arrived at the gates of Linlang Pavilion within ten minutes. However, they discovered that there were many cultivators gathered at the gates. They were prevented from entering by the guards.

After they asked around, they found out that this auction had a high entry requirement. If one was not a Martial Saint or had an invitation card, they would not be able to enter.

As a result, a large group of Martial Grand Masters were stopped at the gates. There was a large number of these cultivators, they all had dissatisfied expressions on their faces but they did not dare to mess around.

Liu Suifeng whispered, “Good thing I am already an Inferior Grade Martial Saint. Otherwise, I would not be qualified to enter. These requirements are extraordinarily high.”

As the space within Linlang Pavilion was limited, a high entry requirement was needed. If they let so many people in, there would not be enough space, resulting in the auction being unable to start.

The two of them parted the crowd and headed to the gate. When the guards saw their cultivation realm, they allowed them in without blocking them.

As the two of them entered, they noticed a simple counter at the side. There was a pretty girl behind the counter who said, “Sirs, please buy a ticket first.” 

Liu Suifeng was about to step forward and enquire about the price when Xiao Chen stopped him. Xiao Chen took out the VIP card that Yun Youji had given him and handed it over.

The girl received the VIP card and took a look. A smile immediately appeared on her face as she said, “The two of you have a VIP card, in that case, there is no need to buy tickets. You can go up to the second floor directly. After you find your booth number, you can enter.”

Xiao Chen took the VIP card back and headed to the second floor together with Liu Suifeng. The auction was conducted in a circular area with the stage in the center.

The central seats in the hall were almost filled up. There was a lot of people squeezed together, everyone was shoulder to shoulder.

Xiao Chen looked for a manservant and under his lead, they soon found their booth.

There was a lot of space in the booth. The window was wide open so they could clearly see everything in the hall.

Liu Suifeng felt it was strange. He asked, “I did not expect for us to be able to get a booth. When did you get a VIP card? Don’t tell me this Linlang Pavilion is opened by that damn fatty as well?”

Xiao Chen sat on the round stool comfortably and took a sip of tea. Then he said, “Of course not. The VIP card was given to me by Yun Youji this morning.”

Liu Suifeng felt dissatisfied and said, “How depressing. Why did he not give me one as well?”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “If you sold him a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, he would give you one as well. Alright, stop speaking. See, the auctioneer is going up.”

Liu Suifeng stopped asking questions and looked through the window. Indeed, he saw the auctioneer coming out with a smile filling his face.

Immediately after the auctioneer appeared, the sounds of discussions in the hall quieted down; it had become absolutely silent.

The auctioneer’s clear and resonant voice appeared in everyone’s ears, “Thank you, everyone, for participating in our Linlang Pavilion’s once-a-decade huge-scale auction. I shall keep things short. After I give a brief introduction of the auction, we will start immediately. We will not waste everyone’s time.

“This auction will be separated into ten rounds. As everyone has guessed, the things being auctioned will get more precious with every round.”

The auctioneer paused after this, then he raised his voice and said, “In each round, we will be auctioning a complete Secret Treasure. That’s right, an undamaged complete Secret Treasure. An ancient Secret Treasure that can be used immediately after winning the auction.”

After the enthusiastic voice of the auctioneer sounded out, the quiet hall immediately became noisy again. Everyone was discussing what they had just heard.

“There really are complete Secret Treasures, ten complete Secret Treasures. Linlang Pavilion is really going all out!”

“I heard that the Demon Battlefield has opened again. It looks like many cultivators will go there to try their luck after this auction.”

“Haha, you want to go to the Demon Battlefield without being a Martial King? Aside from death, there would be no other results.”

“Even a Martial King could not ensure their safety there. I have heard that this time, many famous Martial Kings have died in there.”

Demon Battlefield…this is the second time I heard of this, Xiao Chen thought to himself. What kind of place is this? Why did Secret Treasures appear there? If I have time in the future, I should go and check it out.

When the auctioneer heard the noises of discussions in the hall, he was very satisfied with the results. 

After the sounds became softer, his clear voice resounded out again, “The rules of the auction will be the same as the past. I believe everyone understands them already. There is only one change to the rules.

“That is, all transaction must be completed with Spirit Stones. A Medial Grade Spirit Stones is considered as one hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. I now declare the start of the auction.

“I shall now announce the first item on auction. A Superior Grade Spirit Stone! The starting price is ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. You may begin bidding now!”

The first item was actually a Superior Grade Spirit Stone. Not only was Xiao Chen surprised, everyone else in the hall was also feeling incomparably astonished.

One Superior Grade Spirit Stone was equivalent to a hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones, which would be worth one hundred thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. However, everyone knew that was not how the price was calculated.

Just like how no one would be foolish enough to use a Medial Grade Spirit Stone to exchange for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, no one would use a Superior Grade Spirit Stone to exchange for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

The value of a Superior Grade Spirit Stone could no longer be calculated easily using Inferior Grade Spirit Stones; it could already be considered as a natural treasure. The Spiritual Energy within was not only pure but also in large quantities while being very gentle.

Cultivators of any cultivation realm could use them. For cultivators below Martial Saint, they could even use it to increase their cultivation by one realm.

However, no one would use a Superior Grade Spirit Stone before they were a Martial Saint, it would only be a waste of a good item.

People would only use them when they were Martial Kings or Martial Monarchs. Only then could they completely absorb the energy in the Superior Grade Spirit Stone without wasting any of it.

Given the density of the Spiritual Energy in the Great Qin Nation and the limited Spirit Veins, there might not even be a single Superior Grade Spirit Stone appearing in ten years. This showed how rare Superior Grade Spirit Stones were.

Xiao Chen looked at the shiny Superior Grade Spirit Stone on the stage and could not help but feel tempted.

A Superior Grade Spirit Stone was something that could only be discovered and not sought. It carried a fatal attraction to almost all cultivators.

Liu Suifeng shook his head and sighed, “Haiz…a huge-scale auction is truly different. Just the first item and I cannot resist the desire to bid on it. 

Maybe because the Superior Grade Spirit Stone gave the crowd too big of a shock, but there was silence for a short period of time. No one immediately called out a bid.

“My final offer, twenty thousand!”

“How could you call twenty thousand your final offer? I offer thirty thousand!”

“Fifty thousand!”

After a while, the hall was filled with sounds of people calling out bids unceasingly. Every time the price increased, it increased by ten thousand. Soon, the bid had risen to fifty thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

After the price passed fifty thousand, the pace of people calling out bids slowed down. After all, although a Superior Grade Spirit Stone was a good item, there was a limit to its value.

Within a year, by means of effort and all sorts of missions, the most a Martial Saint could obtain was no more than ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones if there were no miraculous encounters.

Furthermore, this was when the conditions were good. If the conditions were poor, they would be glad if they could even get five thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

If that was so, fifty thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones would require five years to accumulate. If they only purchased one Superior Grade Spirit Stone, the gains would not make up for the losses.

After all, Superior Grade Spirit Stones could only be used in the most efficient manner when one became a Martial King. Not being able to use it immediately after they brought it was a problem as well.

“Sixty thousand!”

“Seventy thousand!”

“Seventy five thousand!”

“Eighty Thousand!”

After that, the crowd went silent for a while and an endless string of biddings started again. The ones bidding were the Martial Kings or cultivators with big clans or sects supporting them.

The auctioneer revealed a joyful expression. He originally thought he would be able to only get fifty thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones for this item. He did not expect the bids to increase to eighty thousand.

“Eighty thousand going once! Eighty thousand going twice! Is there anyone who wants to bid more than eighty thousand? If there is none, then this Superior Grade Spirit Stones will belong to the people in booth eight!”

Up in booth eight on the second floor, two old men looked down at the auction with calm expressions. They were independent Martial Kings who had become famous in Xihe City long ago.

However, when their gazes were examined carefully, one would discover that under their calm expressions, there was a hidden evil aura, it was incomparably malicious.

If someone below saw them, they would be able to recognize them. One was Ge Yuntian and the other was Ge Yunfei.

The two of them were blood brothers and they had a famous nickname in the Xihe Province. They were often called the Xihe Twin Menaces. They were very vicious, killing people for their treasures was a norm for them.

Ge Yunfei smiled and said, “Big Brother, it looks like this Superior Grade Spirit Stone will be yours.”

Ge Yuntian smiled and said, “I have been stuck at early Inferior Grade Martial King for ten years already. With this Superior Grade Spirit Stone, it should be enough to propel me to peak Inferior Grade Martial King.”

One should not underestimate the difference between early Inferior Grade Martial King and peak Inferior Grade Martial King. Every rise in grade after Martial Saint would be very difficult. However, every time they advanced by a grade, there would be a great rise in strength.

This would be more apparent in the Martial King realm. Cultivators with insufficient talents would be stuck at early Inferior Grade Martial King forever.

If one’s talent was insufficient, they could only think of other methods to advance. Using a Superior Grade Spirit Stone was one such method.

In booth nine, besides booth eight, there was a group of Night Spirit Palace disciples seated together. One of them said, “Senior Brother Mu, are you not going to compete for this Superior Grade Spirit Stone?”

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