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Chapter 266: Targeted

Yun Clan…Xiao Chen was deep in thought. A merchant who could take out ten thousand Spirit Stones on short notice…within the Xihe Province, it could only be that Yun Clan.

Xiao Chen put away the business card properly. When the merchant left far away, he said, “We can’t stay here tonight. When have to rush to the harbor while it is still dark. We have been targeted.”

Liu Suifeng nodded. A transaction of ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones was considered a huge transaction in this small village. Furthermore, they were only Inferior Grade Martial Saints. It would be strange if they were not targeted.

The two of them returned to the inn, did some simple tidying up, and replenished some food supplies. Then, they rode on the Dragon Blood Horses, leaving the nameless village quickly.

As the sun was setting, the sky was dyed red. Huge red clouds covered the entire western sky. A soft glow shone on Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng, leaving behind two long shadows.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The people coming to rob them were faster than they had thought. The two of them had only left for about ten minutes and the road in front was already blocked by cultivators carrying their weapons and surging with killing Qi.

Xiao Chen took a quick glance at them, counting eighteen people in total. The weakest of them was an Inferior Grade Martial Saint and there were two who had already advanced to Superior Grade Martial Saint.

Xiao Chen’s gaze lingered on the two people for a while. One of them was dressed in white. He was holding a sword with a cold light gleaming on its edge. It was especially dazzling under the light of the sunset.

The other person was wearing Battle Armor with a shirt on; his arms were uncovered. He was holding a two-meter-long spear and there was a fierce expression on his face.

Beside each of them was a group of cultivators, who seemed like they were together with the two of them.

The white swordsman slowly walked forward. When he saw Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng, he revealed a faint smile on his face. He said, “We are only seeking fortune and do not wish to hurt anyone. Leave your Spirit Stones behind and we will guarantee your safety.”

The blue-clothed person holding the spear was releasing a killing Qi without reserve. There was a fierce look in his eyes as he said, “I am not a patient person. Make up your mind quickly for the good of everyone. Otherwise, I will make you wish you could die.”

The aura from the two of them—Superior Grade Martial Saints—slowly extended out, pressuring Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng. When the two huge auras merged together, even the air seemed to turn solid. This made it difficult for people to breath. Liu Suifeng could not help but panic. He took out his identity token and said, “We are core disciples of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Scram aside and I will pretend nothing happened. Otherwise, even if you flee to the ends of the world, you will not escape the pursuit of the Divine Saber Camp.”

Xiao Chen shook his head and he subconsciously placed his hand on the saber hilt. This group of people already knew of their identities, otherwise, they would not waste so much time speaking nonsense.

If it were some Inferior Grade Martial Saint with no background, they would have charged over fearlessly long ago. There would be no need to use such tricks to threaten them.

They must be afraid of the revenge of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. However, since this group of people dared to chase after them, it proved that these were desperate criminals and were not particularly afraid of the revenge from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

If it was possible, they would like not to offend the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Even if they offended the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, they would simply take the large number of Spirit Stones and leave the Xihe Province, hiding in the vast ocean. By then, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would not be able to do anything to them.

Their auras rose slowly, contained and not unleashed. Unknowingly, the sky above them had turned dark. The dark clouds were rolling and the might of thunder was formed.

The blue-clothed spearman smiled and said coldly, “Do you think we scare easy? You are just two Inferior Grade Martial Saint core disciples, do you think the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would activate the Divine Saber Camp for you? I repeat, hand over all your Spirit Stones.”

The white-clothed man continued to reveal a faint smile. He looked incomparably calm as he said, “Both of you, we are just seeking fortune. Don’t mind him. Just leave the Spirit Stones behind, it will be good for everyone.”

These two people were playing good cop, bad cop. If a sect disciple with no experience were to encounter such a situation, they would have handed over all the Spirit Stones in their hands.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen could not be bothered about it. His right hand, which was grasping the saber hilt, swung out heavily. The strength he had been gathering for a long time was suddenly unleashed. He sent back the pressure back at them in an instant.


There was a crack of thunder in the silent sky. A resplendent saber light lit up and a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, lighting up the space in between the sky and ground as it met the saber.

Xiao Chen’s figure arrived before the white-clothed man. There was a flash of saber light and his aura surged to the sky.

The white-clothed swordsman felt fear in his heart. He had not expected Xiao Chen to make his move so suddenly.

Furthermore, his first move was such a thunderous move. His aura suppressed the both of us without mercy. His speed and strength are almost at the peak.

This is not a naive greenhorn. From the very start, he had not intended to flee or hand over the Spirit Stones. However, we all thought victory was assured and were not aware that the opponent was preparing such a shocking move.

Many thoughts flashed through the white-clothed swordsman in an instant. He did his best to retreat, losing the initiative. His aura dropped to a low point.

Even so, how could he have dodged the move Xiao Chen was storing up strength for so long for? 

“Pu ci!”

The saber light flashed and a horrifying wound appeared on his chest. Blood spurted out like a fountain. The blade of the saber carried the power of thunder, causing his body to be knocked flying and fall heavily on the ground.


The blue-clothed man reacted quickly. He swung his spear and a fire dragon circled the spear and roared relentlessly.

He was trying to disrupt Xiao Chen’s pace, causing him to give up chasing after the injured white-clothed swordsman.


The spear roared out and the fire dragon swallowed up Xiao Chen. The blue-clothed man felt joyful, To think I thought he was so powerful, he is merely just so-so.

However, before he could smile, he saw the figure struck by his spear suddenly shatter—it was simply an afterimage.

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip! Clear Wind Chop!”

Xiao Chen’s figure appeared from the side and moved in a purple arc. There was a cool breeze blowing as well. In an instant, he pierced through the crowd and headed for the white-clothed swordsman.

The white-clothed swordsman was startled. He started spinning his sword like a drill and rushed at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen clenched his left hand into a fist and circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art at the same time. The bones in his body were all giving off a crackling sound. When his fist punched out, even the air trembled non-stop.


The punch landed on the tip of the sword and the sword’s blade immediately shattered into countless pieces. Xiao Chen’s sent out a wave of Essence from his body and the shrapnel flew off into the surroundings without harming him.

However, Xiao Chen’s momentum was not diminished. When he was near the swordsman, the Lunar Shadow Saber vanished and his killing intent was withdrawn, resulting in one not being able to figure out what was going on.

In the face of the cool breeze, the swordsman lost all hope. He knew this was the famous Secret Technique of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, the Clear Wind Chop. Once it got near him, there was no way of dodging.

Furthermore, he was currently severely injured and far from his peak condition. There was no way for him to dodge. The other people were all hiding, the shrapnel from earlier was used by Xiao Chen to cause chaos. No one would be helping him.

“Even if I die, I will drag you down with me!” The white-clothed man revealed a savage look as he shouted. A light was shining from his dantian, he was using a Secret Technique to explode himself.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. Instead, his speed increased and he arrived before the white-clothed person. When that light was at its brightest, the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared from nowhere and pierced into his dantian. After that, Xiao Chen kicked him flying; these movements were continuous without a break.


The person’s corpse exploded in the air. His body no longer remained intact, leaving only a rain of blood scattered into the air.

This white-clothed man was actually not weak. Under normal circumstances, if Xiao Chen wanted to kill him, he would have had to exchange more than a hundred moves with him before he could do so.

Unfortunately, he was too careless at the start. He did not expect Xiao Chen to suddenly make a move. He also had not expected Xiao Chen’s attack to be so fierce. While he let his guard down, he was heavily injured. In the end, he completely lost all hope for himself.

After the death of the white-clothed man, a few of the cultivators fighting with Liu Suifeng immediately fled. These were the subordinates of the white-clothed man. Since he was dead already, there was no need for them to stay.

Now, only the blue-clothed spearman and his eight subordinates remained. After the white-clothed man died, the blue-clothed man was in a panic, and he did not have any motivation to make a move.

He knew Xiao Chen was not an ordinary Inferior Grade Martial Saint, there must be something special about him. In terms of pure combat prowess, he was already able to put other Superior Grade Martial Saints to shame.

His aura was currently already diminished; if he wanted to raise it up again, he would have to put in a lot of effort. Fighting the opponents soaring aura with his diminished one was not a very wise move.

“Flee!” The blue-clothed spearman shouted decisively. He was focused on Xiao Chen, keeping his guard up as he leaped toward the back.

This person had a rich combat experience, and he was also rather intelligent. When he was retreating he did not show his back at all.

After he had left very far and was sure Xiao Chen would not chase after him, the blue-clothed man immediately turned around and his speed increased explosively, disappearing from Xiao Chen’s view after a while.

Liu Suifeng felt it was strange. Given Xiao Chen’s character, he would not let this person off so easily.

Xiao Chen simply stood at his original spot muttering non-stop. The blue-clothed man had already left for a long time but he was still not moving. He did not relax his aura and stayed on guard.

When Xiao Chen had made a move to kill the white-clothed man, he had felt a horrible killing Qi from the sky. In that instant, he had even felt the threat of death.

Furthermore, this aura was very elusive. When he noticed it, it immediately vanished, becoming calm again.

Xiao Chen expended his Spiritual Sense to its maximum range but was not able to spot anything. However, this made Xiao Chen not dare to let down his guard even more, nor did he dare to relax his aura.

Liu Suifeng felt that something was wrong. He asked quietly, “Ye Chen, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Chen looked at a certain cloud in the sky. He said, “Along the way, I kept feeling that there was a pair of eyes watching us. I am now sure of it, he wants to kill me!

“This person’s strength is at the very least a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint with a flying Martial Technique. The worst case scenario is that this person is a Martial King.”

Liu Suifeng was startled, and he revealed a worried expression as he asked, “What should we do?”

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