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Chapter 262: Unfortunate Bandits

All this happened within the time it took to blink a few times. The First Leader could not react at all. By the time he had realized it, the Lunar Shadow Saber was already near his head.

The First Leader was startled and quickly drew his cavalry saber to block it, protecting his head.


The hurried move was not able to block Xiao Chen’s lightning-fast strike. Hence, the First Leader was knocked off the horse with a loud bang.

The First Leader crashed into several bandits before landing heavily on the ground. His right arm went numb and fear filled his heart.

The First Leader got up and shouted, “This opponent is not easy to deal with, kill this brat first before we do anything else.”

The other Martial Saint bandits quickly gave up on chasing Liu Suifeng and headed for Xiao Chen. As for Liu Suifeng, he was sending out saber Qi everywhere. By relying on his advantage of having a higher cultivation realm, the group of bandits were temporarily unable to get near to him.

Within a short period of time, there should not be any danger.

Xiao Chen landed and a Martial Saint bandit immediately came rushing over. The bandit ferociously attacked in the direction of Xiao Chen’s head.

Cultivators who use huge weapons tend to have a very straightforward fighting style. Hence, the might of their Martial Techniques are extremely huge. The strength of their full power strikes is rather impressive.

Xiao Chen swung his saber up, meeting the attack from the bandit, blocking it from moving any further. Regardless of how much force was put in, it was unable to advance any further.

“Pu ci! Pu ci!”

The other bandits fired saber Qi and sword Qi at Xiao Chen continuously. Xiao Chen simply smiled and applied some force with his right hand.

The bandit using the cavalry saber immediately felt a strong force, resulting in the saber in his hand to be sent flying and him stumbling a few steps back.

“Spinning Mountain Destroys Clouds!”

Xiao Chen shouted and the image of a mountain merged into the Lunar Shadow Saber. A strong wind blew in front of him, causing all the saber Qi and Sword Qi flying at him to all scatter.

“Lonely Peak's Fatal Blow!”

Xiao Chen quickly took a step forward and he hacked at a cultivator using a cudgel. A lone peak appeared above him and the saber carried a huge force as it hacked the bandit into half.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations! Clear Wind Chop!”

Xiao Chen’s aura was bright like a rainbow as it soared. Suddenly, nine cool breezes appeared. In each of the cool breezes, there was a figure hiding within it.

“Pu ci! Pu ci!”

Only seeing the cool breeze and not the saber. The nine figures were illusory, completely void of killing intent. Even the saber lights could not be seen; it was impossible to dodge.

Nine spurts of blood immediately appeared in the air, filling the sky. Huge wounds appeared on the chests of nine bandits.

The First Leader, who had already rushed to within a hundred meters of Xiao Chen, saw what happened and knew that the situation was bad. He quickly stopped and shouted, “Hold him back!”

After he said that, he immediately turned around and fled. Immediately, some fearless bandits rushed at Xiao Chen, blocking him.

“Seeking death!”

Xiao Chen shouted coldly and the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber lit up with an electric light, leaving behind a purple arc in its wake. Electricity flickered on the arc, giving off a non-stop ‘zi zi’ sound.

This was the second move of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique—Arclight Chop.

The surrounding bandits were only Martial Grand Masters. Their bodies were immediately chopped in half by the arclight. The electricity lingered on their wounds, burning it black.

Immediately after that, no one dared to get near Xiao Chen. While all of this happened, the First Leader leaped onto a horse and had already dashed over about a thousand meters away.

Xiao Chen took out the Soul Slayer Bow and an Essence Light Arrow from the Universe Ring. Then he nocked the arrow, drew it back, and released!


A piercing sonic boom came from the air. The Essence Light Arrow became like a meteor and caught up with the fleeing First Leader instantly, piercing through his chest.

After the Essence Light Arrow killed the First Leader, it continued flying for several hundred meters before it slowed down and landed.

Seeing their leader die, the remaining bandits all lost their confidence. They did not wish to continue a pointless battle, so they scattered and fled.

The two of them casually killed a few bandits but did not chase after them. Xiao Chen headed for the First Leader’s body as Liu Suifeng stayed where he was and searched the bodies of the Martial Saint bandits.

Since long ago, Xiao Chen had felt that the Soul Slayer Bow had unlimited potential. Back in the past, he was already able to kill the Jiang Clan’s First Elder with one arrow.

Now that his physical strength had reached six thousand kilograms of force, the might of the Soul Slayer Bow would definitely experience a significant increase. However, Xiao Chen was still surprised at it being able to kill a Superior Grade Martial Saint that was not on guard.

It seems like the might of the Soul Slayer Bow is not just limited to this. It is unknown what kind of might it would display when attacking cultivators who trained their body to the sage level.

Perhaps it might even be able to shoot down the stars in the sky.

Carrying such thoughts, Xiao Chen slowly made his way to the First Leader’s body. Then he removed the First Leader’s Spatial Ring and poured out several tens of thousands of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen was greatly startled; he had not expected the business of banditry to be so lucrative. No wonder there were so many bandits in the Devil Savanna.

Xiao Chen smiled and placed away all of the Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Then, he started to search for other things. There were some trashy Spirit Weapons and Martial Technique manuals that were useless. Even so, Xiao Chen simply tossed them into the Universe Ring.

Suddenly, a map gleaming with a spiritual light appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision. He picked it up and took a closer look.

There were mountains and rivers on the map, and there was a trail indicated by arrows on it. The endpoint was at the end of a river; it was indicated by a very eye-catching red dot.

The end of the river seemed like a vast ocean, and the place the red dot indicated was an island.

Xiao Chen was not very familiar with the geography of the Great Qin Nation. Hence, he did not know where the red dot was.

The map was made out of an extraordinary material, it was giving off a dense Spiritual Energy. This should have been made using the beast skin of a high ranked Spirit Beast.

After he put the map away properly, Xiao Chen muttered, “It looks like this map is not simple. If I have time in the future, I should look for an opportunity to find the endpoint of this map. Who knows, maybe I would be able to find a fortuitous encounter.”

To cultivators, fortuitous encounters were things that everyone sought. In reality, all the experts who were famous had all had fortuitous encounters in some ways.

In today’s times, it was still the same. Many ordinary cultivators experienced an explosive increase in strength after experiencing a fortuitous encounter; this was a pretty common occurrence.

Under similar conditions, like talent, comprehension ability, Martial Techniques, or Cultivation Techniques, every genius would be at the same level. If they wanted to stand out from the group and stand at the top, it would depend on what kind of fortuitous encounters they had.

The events in the Savage Forest could be considered a fortuitous encounter for Xiao Chen. However, the benefits of this fortuitous encounter were too little.

Now that he thought about it, in that fortuitous encounter, all he had obtained were some Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and a broken sword. The true benefit was probably taken by Chu Chaoyun.

“Ye Chen, what did you obtain? I managed to get four thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones from those people. They also had several Medicinal Pills and Spirit Cores. Adding everything together, it would be worth more than eight thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Just as Xiao Chen was deep in thought, Liu Suifeng’s excited voice came from behind.

Xiao Chen got up and smiled, “I had a pretty good harvest, there are several tens of thousands of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones in this fellow’s Spiritual Ring.”

Liu Suifeng bit his tongue when he heard this. Then he said, “This group of bandits are extraordinarily rich!”

Xiao Chen looked around his surroundings. Vast grass plains filled his vision. As a breeze blew, the withering yellow grass moved as if they were waves.

“This place is a good place for ambushes. When merchants or lone cultivators go past this place, these bandits would rob them. When there are no merchants, they would kill Spirit Beasts. As long as they worked hard, it would be hard for them to be poor.”

Liu Suifeng laughed, “Then, according to what you said, if we killed off all the bandits, we would be rich!”

Xiao Chen shook his head, “That is not realistic. If we can think of this, others can as well. Yet, the bandits in the savanna are still as active. There must be something that we are not aware of.”

Liu Suifeng nodded, “Indeed. I have heard that the three great clans of the Xihe Province once encircled the bandits of the Devil Savanna. However, it resulted in failure. It must be as you have said.”

After that, the two of them stopped discussing the matter. They got onto their Dragon Blood Horses and quickly continued on their journey.


Five thousand meters in the sky, an old man was hidden in the white clouds moving around. He saw everything that had happened on the ground.

After a while, he revealed a cautious smile and said, “It looks like this request of Song Que’s is not easy to complete. I knew that one thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones would not be so easy to obtain.

“This fellow still has not revealed all of his trump cards. I should keep observing him for a few days. Even Song Que found it hard to deal with him. As a mere Inferior Grade Martial King, I should be even more cautious.”

This old man was called Yue Mingshan. He was an Inferior Grade Martial King who was an independent cultivator. He had a cautious nature and had some fame within the Xihe Province. In his early days, he had once had some dealings with Song Que.

After Yue Mingshan had promised Song Que to help kill Xiao Chen, he had kept an eye out.

Song Que had actually offered a price of a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones for an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial Saint. After Yue Mingshan verified that Xiao Chen was indeed just an Inferior Grade Martial Saint, he became even more cautious.

Everything out of the norm had a reason behind it. Yue Mingshan was very clear on what kind of person Song Que was. If it was something that even he found difficult to deal with, then it was definitely not going to be easy.

Indeed, after observing for many days, today’s battle verified Yue Mingshan’s guess. Although Xiao Chen was only an Inferior Grade Martial Saint, his combat prowess was sufficient for him to easily kill a regular Superior Grade Martial Saint.

His horrifying combat prowess probably had exceeded that of a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint. Yue Mingshan muttered, “If that was all to him, I would not be afraid. However, if he has an inherited Martial Spirit, then I will not involve myself in this business.” 


Up until now, Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng were unaware that they were being watched by someone. They simply traversed across the vast Devil Savanna.

In the blink of an eye, five days went by. The two of them continued to meet a few groups of bandits. The end results were the bandits all being killed and robbed instead.

Within five days, the number of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones they obtained exceeded more than twenty thousand.

Of course, along the way, there were some very strong groups of bandits. Their leaders were Martial Kings and had thousands of men.

Xiao Chen always maintained a state of high alert. He kept his Spiritual Sense extended out. Whenever he sensed such groups, he would avoid them, keeping a distance of two kilometers. He would definitely not overestimate his own strength.

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