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Chapter 254: Unlimited Revival

Lu Chen pondered for a moment, then he said, “He should be dead. He is only a projection after all. After we kill the remaining Blood Demons, this space will disappear.”

When the others heard this, they nodded. The strength of the Blood Demon General was indeed horrifying. However, it was only a projection in his space; he was not even a tenth as strong as he actually was.

Just as the group was about to heave a sigh of relief, countless droplets of blood suddenly appeared in the great hall. The droplets quickly gathered at a certain spot.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. When all the blood droplets gathered together, the figure of the Blood Demon General appeared behind a bladesman who executed the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique.

“Pu ci!”

There was a terrifying, miserable shriek and a bubbling sound came from that bladesman. The Blood Demon General absorbed all his blood; he became a husk of himself.

The dark red moon in the distant sky shone a red light on the Blood Demon General, strengthening his somewhat weak body.

All this happened in the time it took for a spark to fly. Everyone was unable to react. They wore shocked expressions on their faces.

The Blood Demon General casually tossed aside the bladesman. His pale lips dripped blood as he revealed a sinister smile, “Stupid humans, am I that easy to kill?”


As the silver warship drew nearer to the palace, the pressure from the horrifying killing Qi grew.

Yun Kexin said, “Even though it is just a projection, the strength of this Blood Demon General is probably the equivalent of a peak Medial Grade Martial King at the very least.”

Murong Chong, who was on the stern, suddenly opened his eyes. He stood up and said, “Probably not just that. When adding in his status as a Demon, his true fighting strength is probably at Superior Grade Martial King.”

Within the Great Qin Nation, a Martial Saint was an individual who had only begun the road of cultivation; they could be considered to be minor experts.

They could become a tyrant of a small place, such as Mohe City. The local powers would invite them and treat them well.

After one reached Martial Saint, every grade they advanced would bring about a qualitative change to their strength. However, it was difficult for them. For a cultivator to become a Martial Saint before they turned thirty was considered pretty good.

For one to become a true expert in the Great Qin Nation, one had to became a Martial King. After successfully becoming a Martial King, every big clan and power in the Great Qin Nation would fawn over one.

In general, the strength of a clan was determined by the number and quality of Martial Kings they had. Of course, the number referred to how many Martial Kings there were and quality referred to their grade.

At the Martial King realm, not to mention a grade, even a small advantage could immediately determine a victor. This was because it was too difficult to advance once one got to this cultivation realm.

Everyone clearly knew the difference between a peak Medial Grade Martial Saint and a Superior Grade Martial Saint. It was simply the difference between heaven and earth; it would not be an exaggeration to say that the difference was ten times.

After Xiao Chen heard Murong Chong, he maintained a calm expression on his face. However, he was extremely anxious; he could only pray Liu Ruyue would be fine.

Xiao Chen finally understood why Liu Tianyu left behind such a huge power in the Lunar Shadow Saber. This was because he had long anticipated the younger generations of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would be no match for the Blood Demon General.

Suddenly, the expression on Murong Chong’s face changed. He said in a confused manner, “What’s going on? The Blood Demon General’s aura suddenly vanished.”

Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin also felt it at the same time. The pressure from the surging aura disappeared; they could not feel it at all.

Yun Kexin was suspicious as she guessed, “Could the Blood Demon General have already died?”

When a person’s aura vanished, aside from that person hiding it on purpose, it was only the result of death.

Given the Blood Demon General’s style, hiding himself was definitely not the answer. That only left the explanation of death.


Under the full moon, a red light descended and once again, everyone felt the horrifying aura of the Blood Demon General.

Yun Kexin frowned and said, “This feeling…why does it feel like a revival after death? What exactly happened in that palace?”

The silhouette of the palace had already appeared before their vision. It did not look far away, but it would still require some time before they arrived.

Xiao Chen stayed silent as he stared at the scarlet moon above him. He had felt that something was wrong with this scarlet moon since a long time ago.

The red light that came from the scarlet moon verified Xiao Chen’s guess. The red light seemed to contain the energy of life; it carried a surging energy.

Murong Chong said, “This moon seems a little strange. I am sure the Blood Demon General was indeed killed on some level. However, the red light from the moon allowed him to revive.”

Immortality while the moon shines? Xiao Chen frowned as he thought suspiciously.

Xiao Chen stopped thinking; at this moment, the most important thing was to quickly arrive at the palace.

Xiao Chen took out an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone and absorbed its energy. The Qi whirlpool in Xiao Chen’s dantian spun quickly as he used his Essence unreservedly.

The silver warship increased its speed significantly. After ten minutes, the three of them finally arrived at the palace.

“Rumble…!” The intense sound of fighting penetrated through the palace’s barrier, echoing in their ears.

“Hu chi!”

Murong Chong jumped into the air, leaving the stern of the warship and descending to the top of the palace quickly. He sent out a palm strike and a large hole immediately appeared in the roof of the palace. Then, he jumped down the hole without hesitation.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate, either. He put the silver warship back into his right eye and entered the hole Murong Chong created with Yun Kexin.


Before they landed, they saw Murong Chong turn into a cool breeze and head for the Blood Demon General. He silently left a severe wound on the Blood Demon General’s body with his saber.

“Angry Azure River!”

In the great hall, the horrifying scarlet saber Qi gathered together again and formed a scarlet river. It carried a boundless aura as it rushed at the Blood Demon General.

The Angry Azure River was originally a peak Earth Ranked Martial Technique. When there were so many people executing it together, the might of this move reached the level of an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Martial Technique.

“Pu ci! Pu ci!”

An intense explosion came from the great hall. The entire great hall started to shake without stopping. With a loud bang, this move killed the Blood Demon General again. Then, he turned into countless blood droplets and vanished once more.

When Liu Ruyue saw Xiao Chen, she quickly leaped over. Her pretty face revealed an anxious expression. She quickly said, “Ye Chen, why are you here? Didn’t I give you a Divine Flame Talisman?”

Xiao Chen said quietly, “There is no need to worry; your father told me to come. He already anticipated that you all would not be a match for the Blood Demon General. He sealed a Martial Technique in the Lunar Shadow Saber. It can kill him.”

The group killed the Blood Demon General again. However, this time, no one showed any signs of relaxing. Instead, they became even more anxious.

“Senior Brother Lu, the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique effects are going to end. Everyone has already exhausted their strength. If we use the Angry Azure River again, its might will be significantly lower. If the Blood Demon General revives again, the situation would not be good.”

One of the Divine Saber Camp bladesman spoke to Lu Chen anxiously.

Lu Chen had a sullen expression; he was well aware of the situation. However, this was completely out of their expectations.

They originally thought, with the tenfold increase of strength from the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique and the combined Angry Azure River, they would be able to kill the projection of the Blood Demon General with the other Blood Demons gone. However, they did not expect the situation they were currently in, a situation where the Blood Demon General was undying.

When Murong Chong saw Liu Ruyue standing with Xiao Chen, a difficult-to-trace anger flashed in his eyes. He quickly walked to Lu Chen and said, “His true body should be the red moon in the sky. There is no such thing as an unlimited revival in the world. If we continue killing him, he will die eventually.”

Lu Chen smiled bitterly and pointed to the three human husks on the ground and said, “I’m afraid, before he dies, we will not be able to hold out. If he still does not die after we kill him one more time, we can only choose to retreat.”

“Pu ci! Pu ci!”

The countless blood droplets appeared in the great hall again. They quickly gathered to a spot and the Blood Demon General appeared.

However, this time, because they were more cautious, he could sneak-attack no one.

The scarlet moon shone a red light down and the Blood Demon General’s weak body became strong again.

A cruel grin appeared on his pale face as he looked at the three new arrivals, “Another three people bringing themselves to die?”


The amount of time they could maintain the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique was limited. Lu Chen did not want to waste any more time. The moment the Blood Demon General appeared, he led the team to attack him.

Liu Ruyue, who was beside Xiao Chen, only told Xiao Chen to be careful before she rushed onto the battlefield, fighting the Blood Demon General with the rest.

The seven people fighting had already experienced several big battles togethers; they were able to coordinate perfectly. Xiao Chen, Yun Kexin, and Murong Chong were not in a good position to enter the battle. Otherwise, they might disrupt their rhythm. They could only stay by the side and watch quietly, waiting for an opportunity.

“Blood Demon Death Spear!”

The Blood Demon General shouted and condensed a ball of blood in his hand. The ball of blood elongated and turned into a long spear. It left behind a scarlet afterimage in the air as it flew quickly at the group.

The speed of the spear was very fast. In the blink of an eye, it arrived before Lu Chen. There was a glint in Lu Chen’s eyes as he swung his saber in a full circle in the air.

A spinning air current generated in front of Lu Chen. When the scarlet spear came into contact with it, it changed direction and flew to the side.


The scarlet spear hit a huge stone pillar in the great hall. The stone pillar exploded and corroded.

In the next moment, there was a loud crash. The upper half of the pillar fell to the ground.

When the several-meter-tall stone pillar fell, everyone quickly dodged. The fall of the stone pillar kicked up a large amount of dust. Under such a heavy impact, the great hall shook relentlessly.

“Pu ci!”

The Blood Demon General took advantage of the moment everyone dodged. He laughed strangely and turned into a scarlet liquid, rushing at a bladesman who executed the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique.

When the bladesman was stable, he felt danger from behind him. However, it was too late.

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