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Chapter 255: Failure?

There was a crunch and the Blood Demon General pierced through the bladesman. There were bubbling sounds as that person cried out miserably. After a while, he was just a husk that was sucked dry and tossed aside.

The Blood Demon General took human form again as he chuckled, “Human blood is always so exquisite. It leaves behind a rich aftertaste.”

Lu Chen’s expression turned cold. Several bladesmen who executed the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique had already died; there were only a few left to execute the Angry Azure River. Its might would significantly diminish.

“Senior Sister Ruyue, we can’t drag this on for much longer. Quickly create an opening to execute the Angry Azure River.” Lu Chen called out in a loud voice as he hacked at the Blood Demon General.

The Blood Demon General was also aware of the might of the Angry Azure River. Hence, it kept executing the Blood Demon Death Spear, not giving them an opportunity. The long corrosive spear flew quickly at the group through the air.

Everyone had seen the might of the Blood Demon Death Spear earlier. They did not take to take head on and all dodged.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Soon, only eleven stone pillars were left standing in the great hall. A number of them had already been destroyed by the Blood Demon Death Spear. Pillar after pillar fell over, kicking up a large amount of dust. The battlefield immediately turned chaotic. Amidst the chaos, the Blood Demon General transformed into a red liquid, attacking them endlessly.

Lu Chen and the others had to dodge the falling pillars and be wary of the Blood Demon General’s sneak attacks at the same time. They did not have an opportunity to make a move on him. Their hands were already full.

Murong Chong looked up at the roof of the palace. His expression changed as he said, “It’s not good; the palace is going to collapse.

The palace, that had lost twelve of its pillars, shook unceasingly. Rocks crumbled and fell from above.

Just as Murong Chong spoke, there was a loud sound. The entire roof collapsed and countless rocks fell.

Lu Chen shouted, “Get out, now!”


The remaining people condensed boundless saber lights with their sabers and made a move, smashing the rocks falling on them.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. He flashed through the air and executed the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. Everytime he punched, it contained six thousand kilograms of force, smashing the rocks to bits.

Yun Kexin turned into a leaf and drifted about the dust, moving with the wind. Soon, she drifted out.

When the dust settled, the huge majestic palace had become ruins.

In the midst of the rubble, a red light exploded out. Dust was kicked up again and under the illumination of the moon, he reappeared.

The Blood Demon General’s weak voice revealed anger. He said in a cold voice, “Ignorant children. How dare you wreck my palace! No one will walk out of here today.”


There was a cool breeze blowing in the battlefield; Liu Ruyue’s figure suddenly vanished in the cool breeze. In the next moment, a wound appeared on the Blood Demon General’s chest; blood sprayed everywhere.

As Liu Ruyue flashed by the Blood Demon General, he cried out in pain. He stretched his hands out to grab her, but he grabbed nothing but thin air. Instead, another wound appeared on his back.

Lu Chen quickly said, “It’s a good opportunity; prepare to attack!”

Streams of cool breeze blew around the Blood Demon General incessantly. Liu Ruyue appeared and disappeared around him, leaving wounds behind.

The Blood Demon General circulated his energies and moved around quickly, turning into flashes of red light. However, the cool breeze followed very tightly. No matter where the Blood Demon General hid, or what he turned into, saber lights left wounds on his body.

“Damn it!”

The Blood Demon General clapped his hands vigorously, creating an explosion. His body emitted a surging red light.

Under the illumination of the red light, Liu Ruyue, who was hidden in the cool breeze, was revealed as a red figure. The Blood Demon General gave a sinister smile as he said, “I found you. Go die! Blood Demon Death Punch!”

“Lightning Evasion!”

There was a bolt of lightning and Xiao Chen appeared before Liu Ruyue. The bones in his body cracked as he took the dragon stance with his left hand and the tiger stance with his right.

The dragon and tiger merged into him as the illusion of the dragon and tiger intertwined together.

“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!”


The Blood Demon General’s horrifying punch struck both Xiao Chen’s arms. The horrifying force gave off a loud sound. Cracks appeared on the ground below Xiao Chen.

There was a strong wind blowing from the cracks. The huge rocks around Xiao Chen flew up and spun.

However, Xiao Chen did not move; he continued to circulate the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art, quickly storing up energy. The dragon did not roar and the tiger did not howl. Crouching tiger hidden dragon...letting the opponent be arrogant first.

The next instant, Xiao Chen roared angrily and his body tilted back slightly as he punched. The roars of the dragon and the howls of the tiger sounded out continuously.

Crackles of thunder could be heard in the dark red sky; the layers of clouds churned, countless strikes of lightning danced among them.

The illusion of the tiger and dragon behind Xiao Chen merged into his body. The energy the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon stored up was unleashed with this punch.

This was the third move of the Great Dragon Tiger Fist. Using the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to store up energy and unleash it with the Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars!

The Blood Demon General did not expect Xiao Chen to withstand his Blood Demon Death Punch. Even more, he did not expect Xiao Chen to make a quick counter attack after the Blood Demon Death Punch struck him.

Such a horrifying punch contained 7,500 kilograms of force. It struck the Blood Demon General in the chest.

After the punch struck, there was a scarlet light. A hole the size of a head appeared in the Blood Demon General’s chest. On the sides of the wound, arcs of electricity flickered, stopping the wound from healing.

Xiao Chen endured the surging Qi and blood in his body. He pushed his feet off the ground and turned into a purple flash, retreating at least a hundred meters.

Liu Ruyue rushed over and asked worriedly, “Ye Chen, are you alright?!”

The might of the Blood Demon Death Punch was stronger than the Blood Demon Death Spear. Xiao Chen received this punch head on; he was definitely not as fine as he looked.

Xiao Chen swallowed a Blood Replenishing Pill and said, “I suffered some internal injuries; I still can hold on. You don’t have to bother about me.”

“Angry Azure River!”

A surging scarlet river gushed at the Blood Demon General, who planned to make a counter attack on Xiao Chen, stopping him from doing so. The river surged and splashed up, containing a boundless energy.

“Damn it!” The Blood Demon General stopped and placed his hands before him. A moving scarlet ball completely enveloped his body.

Lu Chen had a sullen expression as he threw out his saber. The saber transformed into an eagle and flew at the scarlet ball. He shouted, “Break for me!”


The eagle pecked the surface of the scarlet ball and there was a flash of saber light. A tiny crack appeared on the surface of the scarlet ball.

However, before Lu Chen had time to rejoice, the surging blood immediately moved and sealed the crack.

In the next moment, the scarlet river crashed violently against the scarlet ball. The scarlet ball did not last long; under the relentless attacks from the scarlet rivers, it quickly broke.

Although the Blood Demon General’s defenses broke, the might of the scarlet river had reduced significantly. When it struck the Blood Demon General’s body, it created an intense explosion. There was a rain of blood and a red light shining.

When the red light faded away, it revealed that the Blood Demon General did not die like the previous times. There was a pool of blood moving on the ground, trying to reform the body.

“Peerless Lunar Shadow!”

Murong Chong decisively made a move and drew his saber. The two crescent moons on his saber criss-crossed. The two crescent moons spun and eventually turned into a scarlet moon behind Murong Chong.

Two scarlet moons strangely appeared in the sky. Under the full moon, a red light lit on Murong Chong’s saber.

Murong Chong sent out an arclight with his saber, shaped like a scarlet crescent moon, at the Blood Demon General.

“Eagle Flock Gathers!”

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and the saber flew back. At the same time, countless eagles formed by his aura flew over, filling the air.

He waved his saber and all the eagles in the sky quickly gathered and merged into a single eagle glowing with a golden light.

The eagle spread its wings and cried out. It tore through the air and created shockwaves as it rushed at the blood on the ground.

“Bang! Bang!”

The eagle and crescent moon struck the blood together and exploded. A huge, deep pit appeared in the ground; countless cracks extended out everywhere.

The aura of the Blood Demon General disappeared from their perception again. Lu Chen withdrew his saber and sheathed it.

When Lu Chen saw the remaining bladesmen turn into dry corpses as a result of the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique’s effect ending, his expression turned frosty.


He took out a Divine Flame Talisman at threw it to Liu Ruyue. Then he took out another one, intending to leave this place.

Liu Ruyue stretched her hand out to catch the Divine Flame Talisman. Then she said, “Lu Chen, the Blood Demon General is definitely not dead yet.”

Lu Chen said indifferently, “I know. However, we are out of cards to play. The First Elder, Jiang Chi, has already informed the Royal Clan’s Imperial Dragon Legion. This is as far as we go.”

After he spoke, the Divine Flame Talisman started burning and he turned into a ball of fire, disappearing slowly from everyone’s sight.


Heaven Viewing Platform, Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Lingyun Mountain Range:

The Elders’ Assembly’s people anxiously waited for the results.


A ball of fire appeared before everyone’s eyes. When the fire completed burned out, Lu Chen appeared, wearing a frosty expression.

When they saw Lu Chen’s expression, the Elders’ Assembly’s hearts sank and a dark look appeared on their faces.

The Second Elder carried a hopeful attitude as he asked, “Lu Chen, how did the mission go?”

Lu Chen shook his head, “Failed. The Blood Demon General should be severely injured. The seal breaking should be delayed.”

“Failed?” the people at the side asked in disbelief. “How could this be? Although the strength of the Blood Demon General is immense and is the equivalent of a Medial Grade Martial Sage, he is only a projection in that sub-space.

“His strength should be lowered to the equivalent of Martial King. In addition, there are the other disciples to help you distract the remaining Blood Demons.”

“Relying on the tenfold increase of strength by executing the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique, combined with Angry Azure River, is equivalent to an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Martial Technique; there should be no problems.”

Le Chen explained, “It is not that simple. Within that space, there is a strange scarlet moon in the sky. Every time we kill the Blood Demon General, the scarlet moon revives the Blood Demon General.

“After the third time, the disciples executing the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique burned up their lifeforce. I had no other choice but to retreat.”

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