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Chapter 249: Surrounded by Shadow Demons

Xiao Chen took some time to take out the Roaming Dragon Saber and tossed it to Yun Kexin. He said, “Use my saber first!”

Yun Kexin nodded thanks, then received the Roaming Dragon Saber. The instant she grasped the saber hilt, a ripple appeared on her calm face. She said in shock, “This is a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon!”

Yun Kexin’s firm mental state was temporarily shaken. She was wondering if Xiao Chen had thrown the wrong Spirit Weapon to her. To think he casually tossed a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon over.


A strong wind blew in their faces, and there was a dangerous aura. Yun Kexin recovered her wits and quickly moved to the side, dodging an attack from the Scarlet Demonic Snake.

Ever since the Scarlet Demonic Snake had been struck by the two sneak-attacks, it was attacked relentlessly by the two of them; it was now thoroughly angered.

Its hundred-meter-long upper body was drawn upright and it swung its tail in a circle. Its tail actually started to grow longer; it grew longer and longer, as well as sharper and sharper.

The sharp snake tail tore through the air, creating a piercing sonic boom as it stabbed at Xiao Chen. Its speed was as fast as lightning, startling Xiao Chen as he quickly retreated backward.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The place where Xiao Chen had been standing exploded. A bottomless pit appeared on the ground. Xiao Chen kept retreating backward continuously, but the nail-like tail was chasing him relentlessly.

Very quickly, several bottomless pits had appeared on the ground. Each successive strike of the tail was faster than the one before. Xiao Chen did not even have the time to turn his head around.

While the snake’s tail was attacking Xiao Chen, the Scarlet Demonic Snake did not wait idly, either. It was launching black fire at Yun Kexin unceasingly.

However, Yun Kexin’s situation was slightly better than Xiao Chen’s. After she obtained the Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Roaming Dragon Saber, she was able to sweep away the black flames with a full-power strike if she was unable to dodge them.


A dragon’s roar was heard. Suddenly Yun Kexin stopped dodging and grasped the Roaming Dragon Saber tightly. There was a cold light gleaming on the saber and then it burst out with a boundless radiance.

Amidst the radiance, there seemed to be a roaming dragon moving around, circling the saber blade.


There was a flash of saber light and it hacked apart a long black flame into half. Then, she rushed at the Scarlet Demonic Snake without hesitation and with no care for her body.

Next to the huge body of the Scarlet Demonic Snake, Yun Kexin was like a baby.

The Scarlet Demonic Snake’s red eyes were shining like lanterns as it watched Yun Kexin rushing over. A cruel gaze appeared in its eyes as it stopped spitting out black flames. Then, it lunged towards Yun Kexin and tried to swallow her.

Yun Kexin nimbly dodged, it was like she had eyes in the back of her head. She turned the saber in her hand and the sharp saber blade severed the incoming forked tongue.

When the Scarlet Demonic Snake felt the pain hit, the tail attacking Xiao Chen could not help but slow down. Xiao Chen senses were very sharp, and he instantly grabbed the opportunity.

“Flight On Wings, One Line Chop!”

The light on the snow-white saber blade withdrew. A cold gleam flashed on it, and it chopped off three meters of the long tail.

After it fell, Yun Kexin’s and Xiao Chen’s gazes met by chance; exchanging a smile with each other.

Even though it was a strong early Rank 6 Demonic Beast, after it suffered two full-powered strikes from peak Earth Rank Martial Techniques, it would still suffer from severe internal injuries.

After that, it suffered from the relentless attacks from the two of them. Every strike they threw at it drew blood, they were not simply for show.

When the Scarlet Demonic Snake was attacking relentlessly earlier, that was actually a last ditch effort. If the two of them could have held their ground, the Scarlet Demonic Snake was bound to lose; it was simply a matter of time.

If they were not able to hold up under its fierce attacks, then the Scarlet Demonic Snake would be the one to obtain the final victory. Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, and Gao Xiang were already no threat to it anymore.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen brandished his saber and exhibited the state of mountain from the Lingyun Saber Technique to its extreme. He was as stable as a mountain, blocking every attack from the Scarlet Demonic Snake.

As for Yun Kexin, who was holding a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, she was creating opportunities to attack without stopping. One person focused on attacking, the other defense; this was a perfect combination.

The advantage of the fight was slowly tilting to Xiao Chen’s group. The defeat of the Scarlet Demonic Snake was getting closer.


“Senior Brother Mu! Senior Brother Zhang! Are you two fine?!” The three Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples being controlled by the Shadow Demons suddenly walked over from the side of the battlefield. They had anxious expressions on their faces as they walked up to the three of them.

Zhang Lie felt it was strange, so he asked, “Why are you here? Did we not tell you to wait over there for us?”

“We saw that the activity here was intense, so we were worried. That’s why we rushed over here.” The female Gangyu Peak disciple helped up Gao Xiang, who was on the ground. Then, she asked, “How is the situation now?”

Gao Xiang thanked her first, then said, “More or less finished, the Scarlet Demonic Snake is at the end of its ropes. Ye Chen and Yun Kexin should be ending the fight soon.”


“Pu ci!”

Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin patiently waited for an opportunity. Then they moved together in the air. The streaks of saber lights lit up in the sky and a large amount of black blood spurted out.

The huge body of the Scarlet Demonic Snake was attacked at the same spot by both of them, instantly chopped in twain

“Heavenly Melody Explosion!” Yun Kexin shouted and the Roaming Dragon Saber trembled in her hand. A formless soundwave-type saber Qi entered the wound in the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s  front half.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sound waves spread throughout the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s upper body, creating explosions. The hundred meters of its upper body was badly mutilated. Its main body was dripping with blood now, as dead as it could be.

Yun Kexin stretched her hand out and retrieved the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s Rank 6 Demonic Core. Then, she casually tossed it to Xiao Chen and said, “This is for you, I don’t need this.”

Xiao Chen stretched his hand out and received it. He was in a little disbelief. This was a Demonic Core worth ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Yet, Yun Kexin tossed it over so casually, as though it was a valueless rock.

Yun Kexin explained, “I am not lacking in Spirit Stones. You can just split it with the rest. As for how to do it, I will leave it up to you.”

Xiao Chen was not a pretentious person; he nodded and thanked her before putting it away. Yun Kexin was not lacking Spirit Stones, but Xiao Chen was not either. However, Spirit Stones were like money.

The more there was, the better things would be. Xiao Chen would not tire of having too much.

The two of them each consumed a Medicinal Pill and took out an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone before sitting down to recover their energy. They could be considered to have killed this Rank 6 Demonic Beast blocking their way unscathed. So, they relaxed slightly in their hearts.

After a short time, they completely drained all the Spiritual Energy in the Spirit Stones. Both of them stood up simultaneously.

With their current cultivation realms, an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone could only recover about half their Essence. However, the two of them knew that there was not enough time for them to continue recovering their Essence. So, they did not have any intention to take up more time recovering their Essence.

When they saw Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin get up, Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, Gao Xiang and the three people controlled by the Shadow Demons followed suit. Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, and Gao Xiang suffered significant internal injuries. After they had rested for a while, they had only barely suppressed their injuries.

Yun Kexin saw that the other three people had a strange look in their eyes. Hence, she secretly gave Xiao Chen a look.

Xiao Chen was somewhat astonished and used his Spiritual Sense to scan them. After a while, he understood the situation.

“Why did the three of you come over? Didn’t I say for you to stay there and wait for us?” Yun Kexin asked the three people calmly.

The female Gangyu Peak Disciple answered, “The activity of the fight was too big. We were worried, so we came over.”

Yun Kexin did not continue to pursue the matter. She said, “Never mind, there is no more danger. However, we cannot continue traveling. We should make a retreat and rest.”

The three people did not suspect her at all. They turned around and headed back the way they came from with Mu Heng and the rest.

“Pu ci!”

Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin moved at the same time. The Roaming Dragon Saber in Yun Kexin hand gleamed with a cold light as it stabbed the heart of a Shadow Demon from the back.

Xiao Chen’s figure appeared from nowhere and punched a Shadow Demon with a huge force. Then the two of them continued to attack. One person with a saber and the other with a fist, striking the final Shadow Demon.

All this happened within the time it took for a spark to fly. The three Shadow Demons simply could not react at all and got hit. Mu Heng and the others could not understand what they were seeing.

“Senior Sister Yun! Ye Chen! What are you doing!”

Yun Kexin did not answer their question. Instead, she said indifferently, “You will understand in a while!”

The three people on the ground let out painful hoarse cries. Then, right under Zhang Lie’s astonished gaze, three columns of smoke came out from them. The three Shadow Demons had pained expressions on their faces as they collapsed to the ground; it was clear they had been severely injured.

“Hu chi!”

Seeing their comrades being exposed, the other Shadow Demons no longer hid themselves and came out from the ground. Seven pale-faced Shadow Demons appeared suddenly before everyone.

Three Shadow Demons did not hesitate to launch themselves at Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, and Gao Xiang. The remaining four started to surround Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin. The two Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples who became blood corpses also appeared slowly, launching themselves at Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin.

A big fight had just finished and they have not rested properly yet. However, they were in danger once again. Especially Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, and Gao Xiang, they had not even recovered a quarter of their strength yet. When the three Shadow Demons attacked, they were immediately in danger.

Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin were not in a very good situation either. They both had to deal with two Shadow Demons each and a blood corpse. Furthermore, they had only recovered half their strength. They could not take out some time to help Mu Heng and the others.

The Shadow Demons’ attacks were extremely weird. They were different from the Martial Techniques of the Tianwu Continent. They relied on their bodies to attack and were very direct; they were not fancy at all, more like a Demonic Beast.

However, if it was only so, Xiao Chen would not find it difficult to deal with. The thing that gave him a headache was their Movement Techniques. They were strangely swift, and there were no weak points to exploit.

Occasionally, they would strike one with their sabers, only to discover what they attacked was a clump of formless black smoke.

If Xiao Chen could hit them, he was confident of killing them in one strike. Unfortunately, they were everywhere; around him, below him, and above him. It was hard to differentiate the real from the fake. It was extremely troublesome.

Then, there were the two Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples who had been altered into blood corpses. Their strength had increased by twenty percent. When they were attacked, they could not feel pain, so they continued to attack.

I can’t hold back anymore. Otherwise, even if I can save myself, Mu Heng and the others will die, Xiao Chen thought anxiously.

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