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Chapter 248: Horrifying Battle

Mu Heng managed to catch a breather. After that, he stood, and his entire body glowed with a purple light. He was like a treasured saber as he attacked again.

While they were fighting this early Rank 6 Demonic Beast, the three of them did not dare make any probing attacks. They put in their full effort in every attack, executing all sorts of Martial Techniques.

The three of them did not care about the exhaustion of their Essence at all; they threw everything they had into their attacks. The horrifying Rank 6 Scarlet Demonic Snake was unable to do anything to the three of them in that short period.

The aftermath of the intense fight extended throughout the forest. Flames rushed towards the sky; shockwaves surged; the sounds of the fight were like thunder.

As a result of the fight, the tall trees within a thousand meters all burned down to nothing. The ground trembled non-stop as deep pits appeared.

Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin were in no rush to make a move. The two of them raised their auras with their hands placed on the saber hilts. They watched the battlefield intently, preparing to make a fatal blow.

The two of them knew that, while it seemed like the three of them were putting the Scarlet Demonic Snake into a miserable state, it was not severely injured at all.

When the three of them exhausted their Essence, the situation would turn around. Thus, the two of them waited for the most opportune time to make a move. When they attacked, they had to end the fight in one saber strike.


Within the forest, when the three people who stayed behind as the flames rushed to the sky and the shockwaves surged, they felt fear in their hearts; they were terrified.

“What a horrifying battle! Could they have run into a Rank 6 Demonic Beast?” a female Gangyu Peak disciple asked with a face full of worry.

One of the others also had a face full of worry. He continued, “That sounds about right. With Yun Kexin’s strength, she should be able to hold her ground against a peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast. Adding in the rest, they should have a fifty percent chance of killing one. Only a Rank 6 Demonic Beast would result in such great activity.”

The last person said, “An early Rank 6 Demonic Beast is the equivalent of a Medial Grade Martial King. I’m not sure if Yun Kexin and the others can survive.”

“I hope they survive. Otherwise, with our strength, it would be difficult for us to walk out of this forest. Death would be the only path remaining for us.”

The female Gangyu Peak disciple thought for a while and said, “Should we go and take a look? If something happened, we can help them out.”

The person to the side said, “Don’t be foolish. If it were an ordinary Rank 5 Demonic Beast, it would naturally be better for there to be more people. However, when dealing with peak Rank 5 or Rank 6 Demonic Beast, we would only cause trouble. We should wait here for their good news.”

The group of three stopped speaking. They simply waited there anxiously. This fight was a fight that concerned their lives and deaths.

“Senior Sister Bai!”

Suddenly, there a sound came from behind them. The female Gangyu Peak disciple felt it was strange; she turned around and discovered the two companions who had died earlier were standing there, smiling.

“Junior Brother Wang… Senior Brother Liu… didn’t you two die earlier?” a look of confusion flashed in their eyes.

The two people walked closer by a few steps and explained, “Our luck was pretty good. We are not sure what happened, either. We suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. The ground where you buried us was quite soft, so we dug ourselves up.”

“That’s right; where are Senior Sister Yun and the rest?” the two of them asked suspiciously.

This scene was incredibly strange. They had clearly died. However, they suddenly appeared before them. This made them wonder what was happening.

The three people exchanged a glance, and they understood each other’s thoughts. Then, they began asking some questions. In the end, the two of them were able to answer every question without hesitation.

After testing them for a long time, the three finally believed that these two people were the same two who died.

The female Gangyu Peak disciple revealed a joyful expression as she said, “That’s great! The both of you are alive. Senior Sister Yun and the rest are in front…”  

“Pu ci!”

Before this female disciple could finish speaking, a short saber appeared in her chest. The smile on her face froze. A life vanished, just like that.

“Junior Brother Wang! What are you doing?” one of the others exclaimed as he stepped forward. However, before he took more than a few steps, the other person stabbed him through the back.

Before the last, remaining person could react, four Shadow Demons appeared behind him. Each struck once, killing this person without a sound.

“Hu Hu!”

Three of the Shadow Demons entered their corpses. After they stretched the bodies, they smiled and said, “Humans are really stupid creatures.”

The head of the Shadow Demons looked at the scene of battle in front. He said, “No wonder Master wanted us to make our move while they fought the Scarlet Demonic Snake. The strengths of those people are too strong.”

“Indeed. It is likely the Scarlet Demonic Snake will not be able to deal with them. However, with these new corpses, it should be much easier to deal with them.”



Gao Xiang’s huge saber carried a boundless flame as he hacked violently on the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s huge tail flying at him. There was an exploding sound. Gao Xiang vomited a mouthful of blood and was knocked back.

Gao Xiang fell to the ground, revealing a pained expression. He could not stand when he tried to do so.

Zhang Lie, who was to the side, was also helpless. He simply sat there cross-legged. In the beginning, when his mysterious phenomenon broke, he received a significant amount of injuries. After that, he forcibly carried on fighting, increasing the severity of his injuries. Of the three of them, he was the first to lose his ability to fight.

“Seven Stars Transposition, Meandering Big Dipper!”

Mu Heng shouted and drew a circle in the air with his left hand, forming a strange area of Qi before him. This caused the black fire the Scarlet Demonic Snake spat at him to bounce back.

The Scarlet Demonic Snake was unable to dodge in time. The horrifying black flames struck it and burned its body. Its huge form thrashed on the ground.

After Mu Heng used this move, the purple light on his body disappeared completely. His face was incredibly pale; blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. He only managed to slowly stabilize himself after taking a few steps back.

Now! Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin exchanged a look. They did not hesitate as the strength they been gathering surged up and exploded out.

Bellowing Heavenly Melody, Piercing the sky!

Yun Kexin shouted and drew her saber. The slender saber started trembling, giving off a long and drawn out trill.

“Ding ding! Dang dang!” The sound was like thunder, chained together unceasingly before they gathered and formed a heaven-piercing melody. She pointed the saber at the Scarlet Demonic Snake, which had just put out the black fire burning it.

A soundwave-like saber Qi descended from the sky and entered the Scarlet Demonic Snake. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” Sounds similar to thunder came from within the Scarlet Demonic Snake.

There were explosions going on inside its huge body, bouncing it up and down on the ground, making the ground tremble. The three who had exhausted their Essence were tossed about on the ground; they had to spend a lot of effort stabilizing themselves.

“Nine Skies of Lingyun, Twisting Road Around Peak!”

Xiao Chen gently pushed his feet off the ground and soared into the sky, going higher and higher. The layers of white clouds suddenly began to churn non-stop.

Within the white clouds, Xiao Chen was partly hidden. “Dang!” Suddenly, a crack of thunder came from the churning white clouds. Then, the white clouds all scattered.

Xiao Chen moved in an arc, down from the sky. As he descended, the outline of a mountain was being drawn out, starting from the top to bottom, slowly appearing.

Clouds shrouded the summit of the mountain. There were all sorts of plants and pavilions. It was like a real mountain had appeared above them.

Zhang Lie looked thoughtfully at the mysterious phenomenon Xiao Chen executed. There was a strange light in his eyes as he muttered, “There is a mountain, and there are clouds. Isn’t this the real state of mountain and state of clouds?

“Clouds must be accompanied by thunder; the mountain should have birds, trees, and other plants. They all cannot lack. Nine Skies of Lingyun, Twisting Road Around Peak… so this is the true seventh move of the Lingyun Saber Technique.”


As Zhang Lie muttered in awe, the Great Perfection mountain suddenly vanished, merging into Xiao Chen’s body.

In that instant, Xiao Chen’s aura suddenly changed. He had the majesty of the mountain and the whimsical air of the clouds. His saber also became strangely swift.

Zhang Lie was stunned for a long time. Then, he suddenly said excitedly, “Twisting Road Around Peak… Twisting Road Around Peak… how laughable. I thought I understood. In the end, I was played.”

The Scarlet Demonic Snake writhing in pain on the ground felt a dangerous aura. It endured the pain in its body and struck upwards with its huge tail, creating a loud thunderous sound.

In the instant its huge tail swung, there were explosions in the air.

The shockwaves generated by the explosions caused the Qi and blood of the Essence-depleted, helpless trio on the ground to churn, making them vomit another mouthful of blood.


The saber and snake tail met in the air. A visible shockwave exploded out, spreading like ripples on the surface of the water.

Xiao Chen’s body was like a mountain. Despite the huge force of the Scarlet Demonic Snake, he did not move at all; there were no signs of him moving back.

As a result of the huge force, Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood churned. He did his best to circulate his Essence, his mind remaining clear. He unleashed the mysterious phenomenon that merged into his body via his saber.

“Pu ci!”

Wounds appeared all over the tail of the huge serpent. Under the saber, infused with the state of a mountain, the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s huge body was knocked into the air.

Its black blood fell from the sky like rain, spraying relentlessly with ‘zi zi’ sounds. Xiao Chen’s Essence trembled and blocked the corrosive black blood.


The huge Scarlet Demonic Snake fell like a heavy sandbag after Xiao Chen knocked it far away. Then, it rolled for a distance. Its huge hill-sized body made the ground tremble.


Xiao Chena and Yun Kexin did not stop moving; they did not wish to lose this window of opportunity. The lifeforce and recovery of the Scarlet Demonic Snake were astonishing; they could not give it any time to catch a breather.

The Scarlet Demonic Snake had already suffered from the relentless attacks from Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, and Gao Xiang. However, it did not suffer from any severe injuries. Now that they had heavily injured it after the sneak-attack, they naturally had to grab this opportunity and not give it the chance to turn things around.

The two of them arrived at the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s side instantly and unceasingly launched all sorts of Martial Techniques. Every saber strike from Xiao Chen would leave a deep wound on the Scarlet Demonic Snake, inflicting incomparable pain.

However, when Yun Kexin’s slender saber struck its surface, it was only created a shallow wound. It seemed her saber was only a Superior Grand Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon and was unable to break through the defenses of the Scarlet Demonic Snake.

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